Masturbation Monday: Stolen Moments

Dedicated to mommas that take a few moments for themselves when they need it most.

Fingers gliding, slippery and sliding, I press harder, tilting my hips up. A rush sizzles through me as the sultry voice in my earbuds urges me further. I bite my lower lip to keep from making too much noise. It was rare I had a quiet moment alone and I needed this. I earned this.

Delving down, fingers pushing passed the folds into warm, sticky depths. My free hand roams the rest of my body from the hips up. Light touches along my ribs, nails sinking into my side, pinching nipples at just the right moment.

Clenching and gaping, my fingers cocooned in damp silk, hips thrusting faster, harder, a gasp leaves my lips as they open in a silent scream.

I pant, eyes closed, allowing the flutters of release extend to the rest of me. To all of me. My racing heart calms its frantic pitter-patter. My overheated skin starts to cool. I blow out a breath between my lips and laugh oh so quietly behind my hand.

I stood on shaky legs to pull my panties and yoga pants back on just in time as elephants come barreling down the hallway yelling, “mom” at the top of their lungs. The kids were up from their nap and I had promised we’d go out and build a snowman.

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  1. Sometimes that’s the only way you’re gonna get what you need.

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