Masturbation Monday: Orgasmic Awakening

Normally, I wouldn’t post two of the same type of content back to back. However, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, the holiday, and writing a story for the Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 3, I’m a little behind. Enjoy this super short hot story for Masturbation Monday! Lucid Dream or Astral Projection? You decide.



The weight on top of me felt divine. Most people might feel claustrophobic or trapped, but not me. I felt safe and secure. A loan moan escaped me, muffled by the pillow and darkness. Stubble and soft kisses brushed along my shoulder, neck, and back again. I moaned again, intentionally.

Hands slipped beneath me, pinching nipples and squeezing breasts, back and forth, pinch and squeeze, pinch and squeeze. I couldn’t squirm, couldn’t move, could barely breathe from the overwhelming need to climax. The edge was right there. He was teasing me, holding me on the edge, moving in a rhythm that defied the gravitational pull of the climactic edge. Digging my nails into the sheets, my moans begged and pleaded for release.

A chuckle, a brush of fingertips along my side, down my thigh. There was another person in the bed. I turned my head and shock ran down my spine. A man I could barely see in the sliver of light was stroking his cock. My mouth watered. I tried to shift but a quick change in rhythm had me caught in a web of orgasmic bliss.

The man beside me moaned as he clutched his length, speeding up his strokes, until streamers launched from the head of his cock. One thick glob hit my cheek which caused me to soak the thick cock inside me as my cunt sucked hard and fast, pulling him deeper inside.

Hot breath engulfed my neck as my partner panted, then began moaning as he plunged into my heated, soaked pussy. I came again, almost screaming, with pleasure.

Moments later, I woke, one hand sticky and wet between my legs, the other clutching my breast with nails. The dream was vivid that I could almost smell the sweat and ejaculate from the men. I rolled over, flipping the dim light on that wouldn’t hurt my eyes. I saw claw marks dotting my left breast from my own nails. I grabbed my dream journal and started scribbling the details I remembered.

I was a skeptic and had never believed in lucid dreaming or astral projection before. I needed to confer with the two guys who had been training me over the past two months to see if they had the same experience I just woke up from. If so, it was a whole new realm of sexual exploration open to the three of us.

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  1. I’m not much into astral projection or any of that kind of stuff, but if this is the result, I could be converted. 😉

    1. I’ve done some reading over the years regarding lucid dreaming, which leads into astral projection, to help me remember dreams better. I don’t keep a dream journal, so I’m very lucky if I remember…

  2. I loved the story! Also, I remember well an experience I had very similar to this when I was in my late teens, a dream so vivid that I was convinced it was real: flesh, sweat, looking down at a body that wasn’t my own. I’ll tell you all about it sometime! xxx

    1. I can’t wait! I’ve had sex dreams, woken in full blown orgasm. It just hit me for this story. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one… I should poke the sandman. lol

      1. “Poke the Sandman” sounds like a whole erotic story of its own…

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