Masturbation Monday: Dead B.O.B.

Ever have the batteries die and all you want to do is get off? Manual stimulation doesn’t always help either, but if you’re lucky, you have a massaging shower head that can answer all those woes.

Warning: Don’t go overboard with the shower head if you have to pay for water.

The screen flickered and went dark. With my free hand, I swiped my finger along the touchpad. Once again I reminded myself that I hadn’t changed the screen settings. The sounds of a cock plunging into a wet pussy and a woman moaning somewhere off-screen filled my ears. The slapslapslap of their skin meeting gave me a reason to plunge my fingers deeper, reaching for that special spot.

The batteries for my battery operated boyfriend had died and they had been the last two in the package. The guy in the video started grunting with each hard thrust and I knew the video was almost over. It was just one of those five minute freebies. Now and then all I needed was a little skin-slapping sound to get myself drenched and over the edge into bliss.

Today was proving to be a little more difficult. I started the video over once the guy shot his load all over the woman’s stomach. White thick strands coated her at the end. I missed that happening to me. Going through the short clip one more time, I tried again to reach orgasm, but to no avail. Giving up, I headed for a hot shower.

Other freebie clips hadn’t helped and I wasn’t able to afford anything longer. The hot spray hit me and I felt a little better. That’s when it hit me, not the water, but an idea. I looked at the tubing between the shower head and the pipe. It was a good length. Somewhere in the myriad I had seen a clip about a woman using her shower head to get off. I hadn’t watched it and now I was intrigued.

Grabbing the shower head out of the slot that held it, I wondered which setting to use. I turned the temperature down so as not to scald my naughty bits. Biting my lip, I spread my thighs and pointed the water at my pussy. I had never felt so sensitive before. The individual streams of water hit the nerve-endings all at once and I shivered uncontrollably.

All it did was drive me even further into madness with desire. I needed to get off. There had to be a way. I changed the setting so that all the water would spurt out the center hole. I never used it in the past, I had no need. But now… now it would hopefully take me where I wanted to go.

Placing one foot up on the little shelf, I opened my pussy lips further. I pointed that stream of water directly at my clit. With a surge of overwhelming pleasure, I shot up over the edge of bliss and kept on going. I felt like a billion dollars had just been handed to me. I leaned against the wall of the shower to stabilize my wobbling. The moan that escaped my throat had started in my chest and roared itself out of my mouth. Eyes clenched shut tightly, I thrust my hips at the shower head, uncaring who heard me.

Never before I had experienced multiple orgasms. I dropped the shower head and slumped into the corner. The water sprayed me but I was too far gone. When I finally came back, I felt more relaxed than I had ever been in my life.

I wondered if my battery operated boyfriend would become jealous of my water operated boyfriend. When I finally regained control of my senses, I smiled and finished my shower.

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  1. The right shower head – with the right water pressure – is AH-MAY-ZING!

    1. Damn straight it is!

  2. Loved this. I like the shower for edging but then my shower isn’t particularly powerful. 🙁 Great scene though. 🙂

    1. The showerhead I have now is nothing compared to the showerhead I had previously. I will find that one again someday. lol

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