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Masturbation Monday: Friday the 13th

I wanted to post this on Friday, but I’m sure it was worth the wait. Enjoy! Rolling my eyes as my coffee companion tossed a pinch of salt over his shoulder before cleaning up the mess, I continued our chat. “So yeah, you still haven’t answered my question.” I stirred my coffee, even though it …

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Masturbation Monday: Possession – Episode One

Good evening, folks. I am (kind of) cheating this week. I am so far behind in my writing, it’s ridiculous. And I’m hungry. A starving artist is just that – hungry for actual food. “Kendrick, this is Maryann over at Possession. We’d like to discuss your starting date and a time to fill out employee …

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Masturbation Monday: Audio Porn

  Listening to your lover can be one of the hottest things ever. But what if your lover wasn’t in the room while you were listening? Almost scraping the side of my beloved Maserati, I hit the brakes. Being late was the worst thing ever for me and tonight was date night! He was on …

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Masturbation Monday: Scent-sations

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – and sometimes it spawns over 1200. Enjoy this naughty story and make sure to click the link below to read more from other incredibly talented authors. I shoved my face into his pillow and breathed deep, which was stupid because then I ended up sneezing a …

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Masturbation Monday: Traffic Jam – Part Two

Sometimes when you think you have privacy, you don’t. Someone might be watching and enjoying everything that you’re doing. ā€œIā€™m bored.ā€ I craned my neck looking at the line of traffic before and after us. Everyone, stopped, most people had put their vehicles in park. Some had even shut them off. Being stuck on the …

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