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Mischa Eliot

A Penny for your Thoughts: Sex is not Dirty

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

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On a serious note, though, it seems that sex is more in the news now than ever… and a lot of it is bad news. People coming forth about molestation and/or rape years (sometimes decades) after the horrific experience. I hurt for the people in the world that have gone through such a traumatizing event in their life. You are never ever the same after something like that happens to you. It doesn’t matter what gender you are (yes, men can be raped, too). Having this happen to you does not make you less than human. It does not invalidate your being. However, more often than not, it ruins the person it happens to because they don’t know how to live after. And they shouldn’t have to learn how to live after because it should not happen in the first place.

I feel that if we were more open about sex and sexuality, instead of shoving it into the darkness and shadows, that there might possibly be less people who have to endure a nightmare because they didn’t know that people aren’t supposed to touch them in their private areas. I know people who have been through some pretty awful experiences. Some seek out therapy, others seek out drugs and/or alcohol, and then there are those who either take their own life or they perpetuate the horror onto another.

Hidden Figures 

I’m straying a little here. Recently I watched the movie Hidden Figures. I’ve wanted to see it since the first trailer came out. I was excited about seeing a movie that yanked open a box covered in dust bunnies hidden in the dark. Watching this movie was a true eye-opener and holy crap the feelings it instigated in me made me want to rewind time so far back and put myself there so that I could try to make people see that outside differences mean nothing.

Just writing about this movie, talking about this movie, gets me riled up. I get angry and my eyes sting because I get teary-eyed. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s definitely worth the emotional upheaval. I laughed. I cried from laughing. I cried from sadness. I was offended on so many levels for so many people that it hurt. Then my daughter made me watch The Imitation Game on Netflix and that did not help matters at all.

Personally I think that the human species, if we were capable of looking passed gender, color, religion, and sexuality of individuals, we would be so much further advanced. We’d probably have colonized the moon and Mars if we hadn’t allowed ourselves to be held back by such horrific things. Unfortunately, we tend to prefer atrocity over acceptance. And that is a very sad, devastating way to live.

We’ve debilitated ourselves as a species. We’re killing each other, countless other species, and our only home because we cannot learn to accept differences. 

Back to Sex and the News

I was watching the news the other day and it caught my attention (because I was concentrating on drinking coffee and a writing assignment) about these women coming out of the darkness to share their story about being molested by a doctor when they were in gymnastics. I don’t recall many of the details, but the thing that struck me was the one woman who said that she treated it as if she’d had her ankle wrapped. You didn’t tell everyone that you just got your ankle wrapped. She thought it was part of her treatment by this doctor who molested her.

I exclaimed something, I don’t recall what exactly, which caught the attention of my daughter who came out of her room to find out what I was yelling about now. When I told her what they’d said on the news and what the woman said about thinking it was treatment – and this happened (if I recall correctly) when she was 9, my daughter responded: “I remember when I was 4 and you were giving me a bath. You told me that if anyone ever touched me down there to tell you. That it was my ‘no no square’ and that no one was allowed to touch me there.”

After all these years, I’ve forgotten a lot of things, and to be honest, that was one of them. However, one thing I’ve always done with my daughter is to keep an open dialogue between us. I told her for her entire life that she could talk to me about anything. And I meant it. A lot of parents will say these very words, but the second the topic of babies or sex come up, they clam up, or they sputter, or they talk fairytales (the stork brought your brother).

Instead of celebrating strengths and building up the weak, we are more often smashing and crashing the things we disagree with, the things we dislike, the things we fear, and the things that are simply different. 

My daughter was taught to make her own decisions as well. If she didn’t like a song, she had to speak up. If she didn’t like a movie or tv show, she had to speak up. In order to get what she needs or wants, she has to speak up. She’s 22 and I still have to remind her to speak up. It’s true about the saying you’re always a parent once you have a child. It doesn’t matter what age they are, you’re always going to be teaching them, reminding them, loving them. And that is the goal, to love them, to teach them how to love and care for others.

Communication is Key

We need to stop hiding sex like it’s a dirty thing. Sex is not a dirty thing. It’s not a sinful thing. It’s not something you only do to procreate. Sex is meant to be enjoyable and pleasurable either by yourself or with others. We should be teaching children “this is your no-no-square”. We should be teaching them how to value their bodies and minds. In turn, this will teach them to value the minds and bodies and choices of others.

Look at the world today and take off the blinders. Look at how many women continually come forward after being silent for so many years. Look how often people are keeping these secrets because they didn’t know. Or no one believed them. Yes, there are people out there who are cruel and will purposefully malign someone’s life with a lie, but no one, not once, has ever asked to be raped, molested, enslaved, or treated like they don’t matter.

Everyone matters. Everything matters. We are all connected. We are all matter. 

Feb 20

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Date Night

Happy Moanday, lovelies! I hope you enjoy this naughty threesome story. Betsy sees Ronnie is getting the Blue Moon Itch and suggests a special time for Date Night.

“I’m sorry, Betsy. Can you please forgive me?” The sound in Ronnie’s voice lanced the jealousy building up inside. I knew it wasn’t anything to be jealous about. She loved me. The last few years we’d spent together, exclusive, talking about sealing the deal at the courthouse, told me that.

But every once in a blue moon, Ronnie got an itch. An itch for cock. Dildos and vibrators did nothing to relieve the need. I had noticed she’d been insatiable for our most powerful toy the last couple of weeks. I prepared myself for the question to come, the question to go trolling for cock.

“Of course, I’m not upset. Um….” My hesitation caused her to jump back to begging. I looked around to see where I was, hoping I hadn’t missed my stop.

“Betsy, please.” Now she was begging. The way she drew out please made me feel like such a horrible person. I knew I wasn’t and I knew she was thinking I had changed my mind.

“No, Ronnie. I want to be there. I want to join in. Maybe. I don’t know. Can I at least watch?” I hated having this kind of conversation over the phone. It was bad enough that we’d gone to the gallery opening of a friend of ours. She specialized in photographing sexy, naked men who were usually drenched. Once Ronnie got her eyes on the photographs, the way she flushed and her eyes widened, I knew.

Even though I’d lowered my voice and held the microphone on my earbuds to my mouth, I knew people heard me. I felt eyes on me. I felt dirty. I wanted a hot shower. I was such a goody fucking two-shoes. Sometimes it was difficult to shed the skin you were raised in.

“Ronnie, are you there?” I kept looking at the floor of the bus. The filthy, sticky floor.

“I’m here. Yes. Yes, I want you there.” She sounded like she’d just run a marathon after cycling ten miles.

“Breathe, Ronnie. Are you going to call Lawrence?” I bit my lip thinking of him. Classic hot guy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, abs you could wash the toughest stains out with. He was also hung with a capital h. He was also a male escort.

“Would you be okay with me calling Lawrence?” Ronnie’s voice had deepened with desire and I knew she was picturing herself riding him or being bent over by him. She hadn’t shorted me on the details of her last date night with him.

“I’d prefer it. You know, go with someone we know and trust.” I pictured her nodding on the other end of the phone. Today was her day off and I knew she was running errands, which is why I was taking the bus. She had the car.


It was such a good question. “How about tomorrow night?”

“But that’s our date night. Betsy, I don’t want to take away our date night.”

“You won’t be. We’ll splurge, okay? Nice hotel room. Jacuzzi tub. Champagne.” The smile that filled my face also caused me to blush when I found I was being watched by a couple who kept whispering to each other.

“Oh fuck. Fuck my ass, my pussy. Fuck me you two.”

“Yes. That sounds perfect. I’ll set it all up okay?” Ronnie sounded relieved and happy. I couldn’t tell her no. If she wanted to fuck guys all the time I might have an issue, but I could handle the occasional tryst with Lawrence.

When I got to the hotel room, I could just hear snippets of a moan through the walls. I wondered what they were doing. Would she be riding him with her back arched, hair spilling down it? I swiped the card and pushed open the door. Instead of Ronnie riding him, about to come, I saw Lawrence, strapped down in a way that he was partially in the hot tub. His head, hands, feet, and his giant cock were all out of the bubbling water. Ronnie was sitting on the edge, playing with his balls, his cock, running her fingers down his body beneath the foam.

“Hey guys,” I came in all cheerful. For a smidge of a nano-second, jealously had made me its bitch, but I fought her off when I saw the look of content in Ronnie’s eyes. I was responsible for that look, regardless of the fact that Lawrence’s cock was the reason behind it.

“You’re late.” Ronnie’s eyes sparked a little. She as teasing, though. I could see it in the way her lips settled into a small smile.

“I know. The regular place was out of your favorite so I had to go to the other store.” Ronnie’s contentment shot up to deliriously happy.

“You got them?” She abandoned Lawrence and his cock to bound over to me and pull me into her arms. Ronnie kissed me then, hard and hot. I felt my panties get soaked just from the ideas her kiss put into my mind.

“I got them.” I handed her the bag. Inside was her favorite watermelon flavored lube, edible underwear, a blindfold, and some random items I pulled off the shelves for the hell of it.

“Thank you, Betsy. You’re the best girlfriend a gal could ever ask for.” Ronnie smooched me again, leaving lipstick all over my face.

“Good. Now that you got what you wanted, let me see you riding that stud.” Ronnie removed her robe to reveal her lithe nakedness underneath. She squirted a little lube into her hand and stroked Lawrence’s cock. I stripped down and slipped into a strap-on. I wanted to ride her, and if he’d let me, Lawrence, too.

The double-headed dildo fit so nice and tight within my folds. I grabbed the lube and spread it well over the fake silicone beast. When I reached Ronnie, she was mounting herself onto Lawrence. It took some time and effort to fit his cock inside her, even with extraneous amounts of lubricant. The moans coming out of her mouth at the result were invigorating.

I slid behind her and removed the butt plug I’d inserted into her this morning. I had anticipated filling her completely tonight. Wrapping my arms around her, I tweaked her nipples, “Hey Ronnie. Wanna get double-stuffed?”

The moans that came out of Ronnie as I tweaked her nipples had to be loud enough to disturb other patrons. I didn’t care and started pushing the toy inside her. She writhed on Lawrence and, in doing so, pushed the toy deeper into her ass.

“Oh fuck. Fuck my ass, my pussy. Fuck me you two.” Bouncing up and down, circling her hips, Ronnie forced Lawrence and I into a chaotic dance. Sliding my hands along her skin, I stopped when I reached her breasts. I squeezed and massaged them. I pushed them together and pinched her nipples. Ronnie started vibrating in my embrace and leaned back against me. Her eyes rolled while her body shook, mouth open in silent orgasmic bliss.

Gently, I pulled her off of Lawrence. He moaned and then pouted when he left the tightness of her snatch. “Oh, don’t worry, Lawrence. I’m next. I think we’ll be taking turns with you tonight.”

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Feb 17

Mischa Eliot

Sizzling Nibbles: Taken by the Boss’s Husband

This is the end of the Boss Series. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. I’m almost sure that Jacob has and perhaps we’ll revisit these three again in the future.

“What do you think, Jacob? My husband licked you and says you’re all his.” Morgan continued to caress her clit with lazy circles, her hips twitched when she hit the right nerve. I couldn’t think. Staring at her hand, her glistening honey hole, her husband hadn’t let go of my cock. Xavier continued rubbing himself against my ass.

“I …,” swallowing hard, I felt heat fill my cock again as thoughts of being bent over and taken entered my head again. “I want to be taken by him.”

Punished by the Boss | Rewarded by the Boss | Given to the Boss’s Husband

Morgan’s eyes widened at my confession. She stopped touching herself long enough to clap her hands together and bounce like a teenager with a sugar high. “Yes, let’s do that.” She opened a drawer at her desk and tossed a bottle of lube at Xavier.

I actually jumped at how quickly he’d snatched the bottle out of the air. Upon hearing him unzip his pants and the soft thud they made as they hit the floor, I panicked. I’d watched porn with guys before, but never really bisexual porn. I had no idea what was going to happen. I’d felt the length and thickness of him through his jeans.

“Breathe Jacob, It’ll be okay. I’ll be gentle.” My pants joined his on the floor moments later. The sound of him squeezing the lube bottle echoed off the walls to my ears it was so loud. Morgan was in front of me, papers were pushed aside from the desk she used for sorting. She climbed up on it and grabbed me by my forearms, pulling me towards her.

“Bend over Jacob and take what my husband has to offer like a good boy.” She bit my lower lip and when I gasped at what I hoped were his fingers probing my behind, she shoved her tongue in my mouth.

“God damn you’re tight. You’re a virgin back here, aren’t you boy?” Xavier sounded quite proud about being my first.

I didn’t say anything, though, too busy sucking on Morgan’s tongue to reply. I grabbed her by the tits and she moaned as I squeezed hard. I continued increasing the pressure on her mounds until she squealed and mumbled a complaint against my mouth.

Everything in my vision when white when Xavier did something behind me, something I’d never experienced before. Pressure and stroking and holy fuck my cock felt like it was going to start shooting off like fireworks. I leaned over, offering him more of my back door, moaning as if I were dying from the pleasure.

“I think he likes that, babe.” When I could see again, Morgan had turned, her wet pussy at the end of the desk. Xavier grabbed me by the neck and shoved my face into her creamy warmth.

Working my mouth and tongue against her delicious snatch, Xavier pulled his fingers out of me. For a few moments I felt empty and then he started pushing the head of his cock inside. I sunk my fingers hard into Morgan’s thighs, squeezing hard enough that I might leave bruises behind, but I didn’t care. I was freaked the fuck out.

“Oh fuck, suck on that pussy, Jacob.” Morgan’s lustful voice urged me on and I complied. I sucked on her clit hard, flicked my tongue against it fast. She tweaked her nipples, pinching and rolling them between her fingers.

“Do you think he could fuck me while you’re fucking him, babe?” Morgan’s voice went up and down as she spoke and I knew she was close to soaking my face again. It hadn’t registered right away what she’d asked him until she pulled me up by my hair.

Her pussy clenched onto my hard cock and I rode her like an unbroken stallion.

“Let’s find out.” Xavier shifted us forward and my sight went white again. I’d never experienced so much pleasure before now.

Morgan spread her legs wide as if she were going to be receiving both of us and used her hand to guide me into her soaking snatch. Behind me, Xavier pumped in short, quick bursts. He was thick and so hard I thought he might break me if I moved wrong.

Grabbing me by the back of the neck this time, Morgan pulled me down and pushed my face into her breasts. I complied quickly taking a nipple into my mouth. Bent over like this, every time Xavier bumped forward, I moved inside her. She writhed on the desk beneath me like a fish out of water. Circling her hips up to meet us, I could feel her cunt clamping down on me when the orgasm shuddered through her sexy body.

I placed my hands on her hips and started fucking her with no regards to Xavier behind me. I wanted to empty myself into her. I wanted to shoot my load so hard she would taste it in the back of her throat. For a few moments, I had been in control.

Strong hands gripped my hips the way I held Morgan’s and Xavier started fucking me the same way I was fucking his wife; by pounding into my as if this were the last time I’d get a piece of ass. Morgan moaned at the wild rhythm happening between the three of us and her eyes closed. Her pussy clenched onto my hard cock and I rode her like an unbroken stallion.

The three of us were covered in sweat and soon, Morgan and I were both filled with sticky semen. I had collapsed on top of her when I erupted. Xavier held me down and rammed my ass like a bull in heat until he loaded me up with his hot juices. I laid there, panting and dripping stickiness.

Morgan petted my head as if I were a favorite pet until my breathing and heart rate were back to normal. My ass felt sore as fuck but the rest of me had to be worth a billion bucks.

“That was fucking fun.” Xavier leaned his bare ass against Morgan’s desk, his pants still around his ankles. “Can we do that again sometime? Maybe somewhere comfortable?”

I coughed to cover up a laugh. I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to do this again or if I wanted to do it all the fucking time.

“It depends on how well of a job Jacob does, love.” Morgan cooed and squeezed me to her, pressing my face back into her breasts. She about smothered me until I protested and lifted myself up. I had a feeling I was going to be walking funny for a couple of days. Good thing it’s Friday.

“I should get going.” I bent down carefully and pulled up my jockeys and jeans. It took me a couple of tries to button them. The zipper was easy and the belt was somewhere in between. “Have a good night.”

“Good night sweet ass,” Xavier called as I left the office. I could hear them laughing and talking before the door shut all the way.

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