Mar 22

Mischa Eliot

Wicked Wednesday: Bare Necessities


My daughter finally talked me into watching Shameless on Netflix. A coworker some time back told me she couldn’t stop watching it and I should check it out. At the time, Netflix only had the UK version and I shut it off within the first few minutes. However, the US version, which I assume is the one she’s watching, truly is addictive. It’s as addictive as Frank is to fucking everything up.

It’s also made me think about a lot of things. My childhood wasn’t great, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the kids in Shameless. Watching this show is like watching a train crash into a bus, which then explodes, causing a chain reaction that somehow ends up with you standing there as nuclear fallout light coats your skin. You can’t stop watching. You can’t wait to see what the kids fuck up next. It also makes you appreciate what you have in life if you didn’t already.


People need certain things in life. Where I live there’s a heroin epidemic. People are overdosing with kids in the room or car with them. Hell, one parent lived because the kid called 911 and told them his mom wasn’t waking up. The world we live in is a fucked up place and Shameless might be a lot closer to the truth than most of those watching realize. People have needs, wants, desires, passions. When that passion dies because it can no longer be fulfilled they find something else to fill that hole with, if they can. It doesn’t always work, and the hole gets bigger while their soul darkens and withers away.

I feel for these people. I could’ve easily been one of them if I didn’t have a short leash on my demons. I’ve never used drugs. Hell, the pain pills they gave me after giving birth… I probably took one and a half. With parents who were alcoholics, I decided at a young age I didn’t want to be trapped by something like that. On top of that, Pisces are dreamers, sensitive and prone to be addicted to something. Instead of letting my addictions control me, I picked ones that I could control.


I’m addicted to a few things and most people will scoff or laugh or roll their eyes because I’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol or sex. Nothing I’m addicted to can land me in jail or in a back alley looking for a fix. I’m addicted to fantasy, fiction, moving pictures, non-reality. I binged 11 seasons of Supernatural on purpose over a few months of time for the hell of it because it was going to be time for season 12 soon. I’ve been watching Shameless almost non-stop and it’s interfered with everything. I’ve actually had to turn it off and switch to another show so I can write something sexy. It’s ridiculous. The sex in Shameless is usually wild and wicked and hot. I’m in love with characters. They make me feel more than real people do sometimes. I care more about what happens to those fictional characters than most real people because they’ve never done anything that can hurt me. It’s like that television screen is a wall between them and my emotions. Sure, I’ll cry or get angry at something that happens in the show, but they’ve never hurt me personally.


It’s necessary in my life for me to go without television, Netflix, Hulu, etc sometimes. I need to force myself to turn off the shows and put on music. When this happens, it helps me decompress. It gets me up and moving, whether to dance around and sing badly or to start a cleaning frenzy. Writing is a necessary hobby in my life. I want it to be more than a hobby, but I can’t seem to treat it that way. I can’t seem to put aside an hour or three a day to specifically sit and write words. I do use my lunch to write more often than not and that helps a lot. They’ve been changing a lot of things around the office, so I’ve lost one of my favorite places (it has windows) to write, however, I’m not staring out the window instead of writing. I think I write more hot and naughty stories on my lunch lately than I do when I’m at home the past few months. It’s ridiculous and I need to stop it. Limiting television is one way but it’s difficult when there’s snow on the ground (again) and all I want to do is go outside for a walk, to sit at the park with my Chromebook and tap out another hot story.

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Mar 20

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Closing Time

I wasn’t sure what to write for Masturbation Monday today. I’ve been watching a lot of crazy things on Netflix and have been working on other stories, so I hope you enjoy this quickie and that it gives you steamy dreams later.

Beautiful brunette standing in a white short dress

I wiped down the bar as the last person stumbled out the door. Drake wiped down his equipment and packed it up. I grabbed two cold beers from the cooler and tossed one over to him.

“Thanks, Mac.”

“Cheers.” After clinking bottles, we drank, soaking in the quiet. The place was never quiet accept during closing hours. Music, pool balls hitting each other, loud arguments when people drank a little too much. But it was my own hole in the wall. I owned the entire building. It was the only thing my parents had ever done right.

“How’d we do tonight?” Drake’s voice was low. His dark wavy hair fell over his face. Everyone thought he was shy, but I knew better. Women threw themselves at him, their numbers, their thongs occasionally.

“Don’t stop, Drake.”

“Pretty good. We throw a good party.” I handed him a roll of bills. I enjoyed watching him pick out music for the different events we hosted. Tonight had been a bridal shower. I wondered how long it would take to sweep up all the glitter from the strippers.

When he reached over, he passed up the cash, sliding his hand into my hair. Our lips touched, the taste of beer and the warmth of his tongue engulfed me. I could feel myself melting as heat rushes from my extremities to my center.

Before I knew it, my back hit a table, my skirt was above my hips and his cock pushed into me. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer, deeper. Tongues twisting together, Drake groaned against my lips. I grabbed him by the hair and kissed him all over his face, which made him laugh.

“Don’t stop, Drake.” Tightening my inner muscles around him made him groan again, a blissful look appearing on his face, but it definitely got him moving. His thick fingers pushed up under my shirt to pinch my nipple. Light pressure first, then increasingly hard with each squeeze.

Bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts, drove me up and over the brink. Neon signs blurred in my vision and Drake crying out took me by surprise. He pressed his forehead to mine, grinding into me like a mad man. Drake took a few moments, kissing and touching me as we came down from our high.

“We should do this more often.” Drake nipped my bottom lip and helps me sit up on the table. He fixes his pants and picks me up to carry me up the stairs to our apartment above the bar.

“I agree, baby. Anytime.”

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Mar 15

Mischa Eliot

A Penny for your Thoughts: Reoccurring Read

Question: What book do you return to in rough times – the times where someone has broken your heart, or let you down, or the world just seems too harsh and cruel? 

Confiscated from Pinterest

If you’re a member of Audible, then you’ve probably heard about Audible Channels. If you haven’t, take some time to check them out. They have some great things there – especially writer-based things – that everyone who has an inkling to write should listen to.

I was listening to Authorized hosted by Faith Salie. She interviewed gay romance author Damon Suede. I’d never heard of him before, or if I have, I’ve forgotten. I absolutely loved the interview.

One of the questions asked is the one I posted above – which is paraphrased, in case you’re wondering. And it occurred to me that I have a book, or rather a saga, I turn to when life is feeding me expired lemons. I’ve reread the first three books of the Kushiel Legacy more times than I can count. When I read about Phedre and Joscelin and everything they go through, choosing each other over and over again, and the one time Joss walked away, it renews me.

While the adventure and life story and fantasy are all well and good, it’s the strife between Joss and Phedre that bring me back to their story. The simple fact that they start out knowing nothing about each other, which leads to judgments and emotional fallout, eventually they smooth out the rough edges. Even after the original series, they are still learning about each other, still choosing each other.

Personally, I guess finding someone who will continually have your back, take time to understand where you’re coming from, why you’re doing the things you do, even if they disagree, is something every human would like to have in their life. On top of that, at some point they learn that life without you is nothing as enjoyable as life with you, regardless of the ups and downs you may have together, as long as you stand together and face them as partners.

What book do you pick up when you feel the need to reorient your balance in today’s world? Or is it something else – perhaps a painting or a movie that helps you regain your faith in yourself and others?

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