Sep 25

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Scent-sations

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – and sometimes it spawns over 1200. Enjoy this naughty story and make sure to click the link below to read more from other incredibly talented authors.

I shoved my face into his pillow and breathed deep, which was stupid because then I ended up sneezing a ridiculous amount of times from the goose feathers. I hated goose down. How the fuck did he use this pillow comfortably? I ripped the pillow case off and tossed his pillow away. Grabbing my own pillow, I continued to smell shampoo and his unique musk from the cotton fabric.

Mason wasn’t even going to be gone for long. He’d been called in to work for an emergency meeting. Someone had broken a leg and he had to be brought up to speed for the upcoming event. Mason had to take their place. I writhed against the sheets, mixing my own scent with his. I loved sleeping naked.

Squeezing my boob, I snapped a pic – without my face, of course – and sent it to his phone. I hoped he had it in his front pocket on vibrate. In fact, I knew it was there. Technically, he wasn’t allowed to have his phone in meetings, but if he kept it in his pocket, then no one said anything. I stuck my tongue out as if I were trying to reach my nipple, then snapped another pic. After cropping it, I sent it.

Our plan had been to stay in bed and fuck the day away. Slow, fast, soft, hard – writhing against each other until we couldn’t move any longer. And then doing it some more after we caught our breath and our hearts resumed normal rhythm. Obviously, we’d take breaks to eat, and I knew we’d have to have coffee. I had planned to suck his cock while he was flipping pancakes or scrambling eggs, or burning waffles.

I bit my lower lip and snapped a pic, cropping it below my eyes, I sent it.

I could imagine him knowing it was me, wondering if I was okay. Hoping it wasn’t urgent. Knowing that since I hadn’t called frantically, that it was just me texting him random shit. Except he wouldn’t know that I’d broken my no naked photos rule until he was able to look at his phone. Positioning my legs just so, covering myself with my free hand, one finger pressed between wet lips, I snapped another pic. This one I decided to change things up. I turned it black and white and stuck a silly mustache sticker where my finger disappeared, then clicked send.

Just as I was thinking of what crazy thing I could do next, the bedroom door burst open and I almost screamed my hair white. Shockingly, I didn’t fall off the damn bed. I was so close to the edge, but I hung on like the kitten in those posters and regained my balance.

Panting, I glared at Mason. “What in the fuck, Mason!” I threw the empty pillow case at his face and then shifted so I was on my knees, boobs swaying as I resettled on the bed. “You almost scared me to death. I could’ve DIED just now! What if I had fallen off the bed and hit my damn head?”

“It’s your fault.” Mason stripped off his tie and then started unbuttoning his shirt. I hadn’t noticed until then the bulge in his pants. “You kept texting me during the meeting, so I asked to be excused to use the restroom. I thought you were dying and then I saw the damn photos. I was SURE you’d hit your head. I told them I had to come home, something was wrong with my wife. I have to go back tomorrow so I can be ready for this show next week.”

Mason’s face was red, but not because he was mad. He was embarrassed. I had broken my rule. MY rule. The rule I told him would never ever be broken. We were never to send each other naked pics, but what could I do other than break that stupid rule? We were supposed to be spending the day in bed fucking each other. Just thinking about it all week had left me horny and then he had to go into work.

“I’m not sorry! We were supposed to be here fucking each other and feasting on chocolate covered strawberries and drinking mimosas or some weird kind of honeymoon stuff that people do when they get married. You promised we would have today. You broke your promise, at no fault to you, so I broke my rule. I think we’re even.” I crossed my arms, he unzipped his pants.

“Suck my fucking cock. Now.” Mason pushed his pants to his ankles and pointed at his purple-headed one-eyed snake. He tried his damnedest to look mad, to look mean. Too bad for him, and so good for me, his baby face couldn’t do either. I burst out laughing.

“Make me.” Hands on hips, the ‘I Dare You’ look on my face, knees slightly spread apart as I hoped to hell I wouldn’t accidentally bounce myself off the bed. It had happened a few times before, always resulting in some kind of weird bruise.

Mason grabbed my tits and squeezed, making my eyes roll back into my head.

“Oh, fuck baby, that’s what I need right now.” I put my hands over his, making him mash my boobs together. In a few seconds, he was on his knees on the bed in front of me, pants still hanging around his ankles, tie and shirt undone. Sexy as hell.

Leaning over, he nibbled and nuzzled along my neck. When he got to my ear, he squeezed one breast harder, “I said, suck my fucking cock now.” He slid a hand up into my hair and then pulled down towards his cock.

I couldn’t resist, but I didn’t want the game to end just yet. “I didn’t hear the magic word,” came out all sing-song, followed up by snickering. Placing my hands on each side of his legs gave me just enough leverage to keep him from forcing me down further, unless he wanted to hurt me. Mason wouldn’t hurt a fly. Hell, I knew he didn’t kill the spiders I sent him after but took them outside. Just being this dominant with me was probably giving him heart palpitations. Not only were Mason’s hands a little damp, his breathing was erratic.

“Slut of mine, I demand a damn good cock-sucking for your naughty behavior.” I tilted my head to the side, of course thanks to him allowing me since my hair was still wrapped tightly around his hand.

“As you wish, husband.” When our eyes met, I saw the desire burning in his eyes. Desire for me. Opening up wide, I licked and swirled, teased and nibbled. I played with his balls and tickled his taint. I squeezed his ass cheeks together like we had my tits and then pulled them apart all while bobbing up and down on his delectable dick.

I knew what kind of porn he enjoyed watching, so I gave it to him like a porn star. I slurped and moaned and listened to his cries of ecstasy above me. When I knew he was about to shoot, I pulled myself off and jerked his rod in my hot hands until he covered my face and tits with streaks of sticky sperm.

Mason collapsed on the bed, his pants trailing off. He hadn’t even taken off his shoes. I’d have to spank him for that one later. He broke his own rule: no shoes in the main house. Such a bad boy, such a great husband.

You can find more delicious and naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

Link: Masturbation Monday

Link: Kayla Lords

Sep 24

Mischa Eliot

Coming Soon: Possession

Just because you finish a series, doesn’t always mean the series is over. Sometimes there’s always more to a story.

And that’s what has happened. The Supervisor Sexcapades Saga had another line running through it about the club owned by Breanna and financially supported by Quinn. Possession is a BDSM-Lifestyle club that offers more than just a place to tie someone up and spank them. It offers an introduction to the lifestyle as well. Training and a safe haven for those into kinky fun.

Possession will be an exclusive for Radish Fiction as an ongoing serial that follows Kendrick. A college athlete, injured and operated on. He’s lost his athletic scholarship and is unable to do his part-time construction job. Looking through the classifieds, he finds an ad for a bartender paying twice what he’s currently making. It would help him stay in college, so he takes a chance and applies.

Todd, a buddy of his, tells him that Possession is a sex club. When Kendrick doesn’t believe him, he shows a little video someone else sent to him. It still doesn’t give any indication, other than a woman being spanked, what he’s getting himself into. Kendrick goes forth anyway, and accepts the position.

And, even though I wrote the Supervisor Sexcapades Saga in third person, Possession will be written in first. You’ll have a front row seat to experience what each character is feeling and enjoying. Breanna, Maryann, and other familiar faces will make appearances along with new faces and fetishes. If you’re looking for a new adventure in BDSM, then Possession just might have what you’re looking for.

You can download the Radish Fiction app free from Google Play or the App Store for your phone or tablet. If you want to read the stories I have up – some from here on the blog, others that have already been published elsewhere, please do! You can find me by searching for MischaEliot – no spaces.

Sep 20

Mischa Eliot

Adventures in Writing: Negative Influences

So, I sort of missed Masturbation Monday this week, but that’s okay! It’s been stressful because I’m doing two jobs, sometimes three, at once and something had to give. 

Since I am going through an extra busy week, I thought I would chat about negative influences and how to use them in a positive way with your story writing. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, people love to be miserable. I cannot figure out why, though. It completely befuddles me. They also love to do their best to drag you into their misery and hold you hostage until you’re just as down and out as they are. 

I do my best to be a good influence to everyone. Dr. J., Oleander Plume, and I, among others in the #TwitterTribe are constantly helping one another to find the silver lining in our dark clouds. I have allowed myself to wallow in misery and let me tell you, it’s so much easier to get out of when you give yourself permission to 1. wallow in misery and 2. allow others to pull you out of it. 

When one of us is going through this, the first thing I say is ‘Remember how you are feeling RIGHT NOW, this moment, in this misery or pain or emotional upheaval’. Why do I want people to remember? Because you can use it in your story. You can write it out, pour your emotions into a character, and people will feel what you felt, what your character felt, when they read those words. They may even reach for a box of tissues and if you can get them to do that, you know you’ve hit the honey pot. 

Use the negative things people say and do around you. Give those traits to a character. They don’t even have to be the villain or antagonist of the story. There’s always one person who’s negative in your life – and if you say ‘no there isn’t’, well, I’m sorry to say, it might be you. 

I tell people I try to be good. That’s all I want in life. I want to be good. I want to do good things. I want to help people get their dreams realized. I want to pump them up and pimp out what they create from being uplifted and feeling like they can do anything.  

Are you feeling down and out like you’re being swallowed up by the darkest clouds imaginable? Write it out. Paint it. Sculpt. Do something to remove those negative thoughts outside of your mind. Use them to your advantage. Did someone say something to you that put you in that mood? Did you absorb someone else’s emotional madness and are caught in their sticky web of sorrow? Even if you end up not using what you create from these emotions, putting them to good use will help you remove them. 

You can rephrase the backhanded compliment someone said to you in a story to create conflict and emotional attachment with your readers. While I prefer lighthearted, adventurous, everyone gets happy stories lately, you’ve got to have something for those characters to fight for, to yearn for – because otherwise, it may not grab your reader by the collar and hold them there. 

I consider lots of my stories and characters to be fluffy because they tend to get what they want. Especially when I’m writing shorts here on the blog. However, they do have emotions and backgrounds. They do have thoughts and desires. So, while they aren’t all fluffy, they are full of fluff. It’s difficult to write complicated characters when writing short, but it can be done. Don’t sell yourself short.  

What is happening to you today? This week? This month? This year? Have you been documenting the feelings and events of your life? You should. They say ‘write what you know’ and we all know how we are feeling more often than not. Grab those feelings and shove them into a box, keep them ready to be used to bring your readers to tears from either pain or joy, to make them laugh out loud so people give them the side-eye on the subway. 

What are you working on that will make me feel for your characters today? 


Sep 19

Mischa Eliot

Reviewed: Consensually Speaking with Gio

Okay, first, let me say why I’m writing a review here on the blog. I dislike Apple and I will never ever download iTunes again. The only time I downloaded it was the best reason ever – The Librarians pilot episode had extended scenes and the first one was free. I couldn’t say no. 

On to the podcast. If you don’t follow me on Twitter (you really should, I’m a hoot along with my #CoffeeCrew and #TwitterTribe), this guy (Gio) started a podcast. He was looking for people to come onto the podcast and chat about kinky fuckery. We chatted in direct messages and I found him to be non-creepy and quite fun to chat with – therefore, he gets good marks just for that.

So, I pimped out his podcast. In fact, I did a pretty good job, because my amazing #SisterInSmut Oleander Plume scheduled a chat with him. This excited me. Then, I get messages on Twitter again from Gio that made me laugh out loud – and if it makes me actually laugh out loud, then even more good marks. He wanted to know why I would spread word far and wide about his podcast but not make a date to chat myself.

And so I did. And not just me, either. Professor Sex has been in the hot seat and Dr. J. when life returns to non-hurricane madness will be making an appointment. AND, there may be an episode where Oleander, Dr. J. and I are all on together. At once. Yes, you should feel for Gio, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into there.

I had a lot of fun and so will you. If you aren’t sure, listen to what he has published out there now. You’ll enjoy learning about him and the people he’s chatting with about how they got into bdsm and their take on the lifestyle, various levels of kink and more.

I don’t know when the episode goes live but, yes, I chatted with Gio on the podcast – lil ole me. Talking about KINKY FUCKERY and writing and twitter and writer friends. And I have no idea what else. Try the podcast out, then make your date with Gio, he’s worth it. FIVE STARS if you need an actual rating.

So, if you are an author, a sex blogger, into the kinky bdsm lifestyle, and just want to say “HEY, this is me and my kinky life and why I am a kinky fucker” please follow Gio on twitter. He’s a great guy, he’s fun to chat with, and you might even get to take the “How Kinky are You?” quiz.


Podcast on iTunes | Twitter

(And you’ll get the really cool badge I somehow instigated him into making… Yep, that was me. I did it.)

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