Writer-Friendly Holiday Gifts (My WishList)

There are things that are essential to every writer. One, is time to write with as little backlash from reality as possible. Unfortunately, time is fleeting. If you work a full-time job, have kids or parents to take care of, or both, then finding time to write is quite difficult. So, if you are friends or related to a writer, one of the most awesome thing you can do for them is to find time for them to write. Give them coupons for things they normally do, or forget to when they are being whipped by the muse that lives inside their soul.

If you don’t like your writer friend/family member that much, you could always help them be better at writing by giving them something like this: Storymatic. Basically, it’s 540 cards of awesome inspiration. I do not own this item, I’m not being paid to mention it here. I want this.

I also want this shirt by Inktastic simply because this is something I would do: Do not annoy the Writer t-shirt. (Because they will kill you in their book.)

There is another t-shirt I happened on by accident that says “Writer’s Block: When your imaginary friends stop talking to you.” Which is quite funny and so very true.

Those are my top three things. Yes, only one truly helps with writing (not including the coupons for helping your writer friend/foe/family member by watching the kids or doing a load or two of laundry. What are you hoping to get for the holiday?

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