When Procrastination Isn’t Procrastination

SmuttyWorksLogo2-FlatThere are many things a writer does, especially if they are indie/self-published, that could technically be considered under the procrastination label. Even when it really isn’t procrastination and can be considered part of the working process. This includes promoting your work, creating covers for the book, and being creative in relation to the work you’re doing.

I jokingly put “Writer of SmuttyWorks™” in my Twitter profile. After a short while, I went on a vast internet search. It turns out that no one has utilized such a great trademark previously in that way. So, being the prolific creative I try my hardest to be, I went so far as to create a logo of sorts that will start appearing in my erotic stories. 

I couldn’t help myself. I had to do something creative that was related to writing that wasn’t actually writing or revising. It didn’t take long and it was definitely a fun project looking for sexy, erotic fonts to play with. I do love it. I can’t help myself, yes it’s somewhat trashy looking, but what the hell? I’m writing SMUT, so it should be a bit trashy. 

This is for those of you out there who absolutely can’t stare at another page of writing, regardless of what it is that you’re working on. You can take a break. Just don’t make it a permanent vacation! Take a walk with a sketch pad or buy a canvas and some paint and brushes. Do something else that is creative. Maybe you don’t like that book cover you created and it’s keeping you up at night. Redesign it. Just don’t take forever to do it. Make it quick. A couple of hours, three at the most. Don’t allow it to tie you down because it isn’t perfect. Sometimes doing something else fun that is also creative can get those juices flowing again and drench you with … inspiration.

Now go… be free! Do something fun and wild and not-illegal!


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