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What I’m doing when I’m not here….

I have a full time job in the real world and, let me tell you, I would rather be writing. Not that I dislike my job. I do like my job, but it isn’t writing. I do like most of the people I work with. Some of them make the day go fantastic and others drag it down like a 100 pound anchor on a tiny sailboat. Both types however are great fodder for writing. Totally had someone take your project and turn it upside down? Write a short story where they get something in their world turned inside out.

In fact, it was someone I worked with that gave me the idea for the Supervisor Sexcapades. My mind exploded as I was leaving their office to go back to work when they said “I’m such a bad supervisor.”. I literally froze there, halfway out the door, holding the door handle as several story ideas shuffle through. Of course, then they had to ask what I was doing… and since I considered them a friend (and trustworthy) I told them the idea as it was still coming out of the fog.

If I didn’t have to go out of the house for work, I wouldn’t get these opportunities as much to use for writing fodder. Need a small character that makes a big fuss? Use that person who you always hear throwing a hissy fit about something. You know who I’m talking about. Every workplace has at least one. Want someone to put them in their place? Perhaps one of your more prominent characters use an argument as a way of distraction to get from one place to another.

Research… Writing smut can make research a fun thing to do, but there’s only certain times you can really research something that would be a) totally inappropriate during work hours and b) totally inappropriate to do around children, even adult-aged children. This includes reading (which I can do when she’s around because it’s on the laptop and she doesn’t wander around behind me), sometimes looking up videos to see if a position would work or how it would look. If you plan to write any type of BDSM then you’ll need to know what certain things look like (if you don’t own or have used them) and how they are meant to be used. 

This could mean going out and finding a safe environment to practice these things, watching videos which may, or may not, help, or find people that are willing to share their experience. They may even offer to critique the scenes or story and offer insight. 

Other things include … it’s SPRING! The mountains of snow outside the house have finally vanished and the front steps have been revealed once again. While I haven’t completely taken advantage of this, I have started doing more stuff around the house.

I‘m also writing at a personal blog now and then. And when I’m not cooking, cleaning, or running errands, I’m working on Caught Supervisor. The last two short stories may have only been a little over 5,000 words each, but (including words with strikethrough) I’m over 17,000 words on this one. And I haven’t “cut” anything really. I love using strikethrough! Yes, it pads the word count, but it also helps you keep everything. I write first drafts using Word to get them all out and then I’ll transfer it over to Scrivener on the rewrite. I like using Word for my first draft (yes, it’s considered weird, I’m sure, since I have an awesome copy of Scrivener). I don’t worry about anything there, I just write as quickly as possible. 

Back to working on that short story I go… hi ho, hi ho

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