What Are You Doing?

Things I’ve been doing:

1. Trying to get back a normal gym routine of (at least) 4 days per week. 

I’m a black card carrying member of Planet Fitness and ended up running around like crazy during the holidays that I refused to attempt to go to the gym. I like the stairclimber. I have an unhealthy obsession with this machine. I enjoyed the treadmill previously, but the stairclimber really makes me feel like I’ve had a good workout when I turn up the resistance. Also: HYDROMASSAGE. If you have not had one, get one. Ten minutes is not long, but it’s still better than nothing.

2. Re-writing/Editing.

Yes, I have been working on editing Caught Supervisor. I also keep having ideas of some other story types floating through my head now and then and stop to write down snippets of ideas. Whether they will go anywhere or not is another post entirely.

3. Searching for Sunshine.

We hadn’t seen the sun for about a week due to the snow clouds. Things get really sad when you don’t see the sun after a few days. Living in California taught me that we get more sun during the winter here than where I was living at there. Weird, I know, but very true. I refuse do have anything to do with tanning and I can’t really spring for a ‘happy light’, so I do tend to get a bit down when I don’t see the sun.

4. Reading my ass off.

If you could lose weight reading your ass off, I’d no longer exist. I have started reading several things. If it doesn’t hit a nerve with me, I move onto another thing to see if that hits a nerve, lather, rinse, repeat. Then I end up going back to the first thing and picking up where I left off to see if maybe I missed the nerve-tingling the first time around. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I do try to push my way through a book that doesn’t hook me just to figure out why it didn’t so that I can try to do better in my own writing.

5. One. Tree. Hill.

My daughter has gotten me addicted to One Tree Hill on Netflix. Do I really need to say anything else? The overload of drama is ridiculous and makes me laugh. I have characters that I love and hate, and love to hate, in other shows, but WOW, I think I have gained levels of hate for some of the characters in this show. No, it isn’t a bad show, it’s just… you have to watch it. (See how I try to pass my addiction to you there?)

Things I haven’t been doing:

1. Writing here. And I feel terrible about that. I have been keeping up with my words over at 750words.com and once I do those today I will have a 28 day streak. That will double the streak that I was stuck at for so long. I’ve decided what I need to do is write something provocative here and paste it over there, even if it doesn’t meet the word count I can always ramble a bit more about personal stuff there.

2. Reclaiming my writing space.

My daughter stole the writing space I had cleaned and setup to use as her study space. I was fine with this at first. We weren’t using it at the same time anyway. Then she pretty much trashed it and the area is a disaster with papers, books, printouts, etc. I have been avoiding cleaning it all up to claim as mine again. I think I will be doing this soon because it just makes sense not to have the television on in front of me when I should be working on a story. However, the tv is great for Pandora… much better than the laptop speakers.

3. Working with Flash Fiction

I’ve been wanting to participate in the flash fiction challenges I get in the email, but I continue to procrastinate. I even made choices on the last one I received. I still have time to write it and really, why haven’t I? Procrastination. Interruptions. And yes, I know these are excuses. The interruptions are inevitable when I am at work and sit at my desk on lunch (even though I put up a little thingie saying ‘at lunch’, they just cannot resist). My goal is to participate in the flash fiction I received before Saturday.

Bonus: Excited for Self-Pampering!!!

I finally made an appointment at a very nice salon to get my hair taken care of. I need a deep conditioning and a cut. They include a mini-facial, mini-massage, style, and makeup touch-up as well. I’m seriously excited because it’s been quite a while since I have truly pampered myself. Now, it’s your turn: What have you been doing?

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