Wanted: New Hands (or maybe a Dragon)

What happens when you write somewhere around 16 hours a day, 4 days straight?

They scream and cry and beg to be detached from your body. I think if my hands could literally abandon me, they would have a long, long time ago. I rarely handwrite anything. If I can type it, I will. My penmanship is horrible. The only thing I write that is legible (oddly enough) is my signature.

I’ve been plugging through. At work I type all day long, more often than not and then I come home, do some cleaning, make dinner, etc and then I plop down to type some more! Saturday night, my hands, especially my right, had had enough of me. Luckily, after two Advil and a night wearing my compression gloves, things went back to normal. I also continued to wear the gloves and take the occasional Advil – that stuff is from divinity, I swear, to keep them functioning.

I know it’s just a matter of time and my hands will eventually say ‘fuck you’ and ‘we’re done with this shit you sadistic bitch’ and just quit altogether. If I make it to 80, I’ll probably be one of those women with claw-like hands.

I know there are dictation programs, like Dragon Speaking, and other ways of doing it, but type pretty fast when I’m thinking on my own. And do I really want to speak the erotica to the Dragon speaking program when the kid is around? Not really! (Yeah, she’s legally able to drink, but I highly doubt she wants to hear her mother writing about double penetration out loud).

So, here’s me, asking for recommendations? Not really interested in surgery and the gloves/Advil combo do help… Ideas? Thoughts? Insights?


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