Technical Blather: Theme Issues

Another Update

Okay, so the slider is across the page… which is the only way it displays anything properly. Nothing I’ve tried with the css is working for it to be displayed inline with the sidebar, therefore, giant slider.

At this point… this is what it is. I’m not happy, at all. I may once again revert entirely to the old theme (right now I’m somewhere in between the two and I have no idea how… it may be because I was messing with options and saving/publishing prior to downloading the legacy file).

We’ll see. not happy! And if I’m not happy, how am I supposed to write glorious smutty stories to get you off?

End Another Update

Apologies for the downtime, folks. For some reason my theme likes to go wonky and not update itself. No idea why, but everything is okay. The bland theme you see here now will not be hanging around for long. Once I figure everything out that is…

The site may go down again due to an upgrade with my lovely hosts who like me enough to save me some cash. Please be patient.

And now that it did update, it messed up everything. I tried a rollback with a legacy options upload, but everything is still messed up. Please bear with me.

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