Technical Blather: Proper Use of Social Media

Here’s the thing about being a writer. It doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally published or self-published, or somewhere between, you have to do quite a bit (or all) of your own marketing. This means creating and utilizing social media platforms properly. And oh my, the choices of where to go and how to utilize them are many. Let’s start with the one I know most about, shall we?


When it comes to using Twitter, you need to say a lot in 140 characters. Thanks to the latest changes, media (and I think urls now) do not count against the character count any longer, so you get to use the entire 140 characters! This is great news. There are several great ways to use this awesome space.

  1. the cover of your book, with or without some kind of text excerpt or blurb.

  2. a line of text to entice readers to click-through with a url pointing at a) the book where it’s being sold or b) an excerpt on your website.

  3. to converse with readers of, and writers in, your genre.

  4. Many other ways to show people that you’re a writer and how to get your books.

Now, which of the top 4 are the most important? Number 3 in my opinion. You want to talk with people. You want to answer questions. You want to interact with your fans and other authors. This is a great way to build up a fanbase, find more readers, find other authors in your genre to see what they’re doing and if it works. Yes, I do tweet quite often when it comes to my own personal advertising for my books and yes I will pin a tweet to my latest published work (PIN A TWEET, Authors! If I stop by your page, I only scroll so far before I decide you’re not writing or publishing anything and move on and so do others.)


I can’t say much about FB. I use it for work a lot, so I have not created an FB page or profile for either of my author names. Also, FB hates having fake names, which is exactly with a pseudonym is when it comes to writing. A fake name. Yes, you can create a page off your personal profile to maintain it, but I know some people dislike that. ALSO, you cannot show any kind of naughty photos or covers on FB, so it makes it even more difficult to market there when you are writing smut.


I’m on G+ as you can see in my sidebar – I do have a link there. Uhm… I don’t pay attention to it much. Again, I do work on one for my day job, but honestly, there really isn’t much going on there. I’ve joined erotica circles and some have followed me, and sometimes I’ll run through and throw out some +1’s.


Same thing as G+ but lots more people around there and lots more smut around there. Holy crap the amount of smut is mind-boggling. I’ve also noticed much more fan-fiction authors there than regular authors. I know there are some big names over there, but those big names are also on Twitter and while they may throw out a heart now and again, they rarely retweet or reblog other authors.

Now, let me get to the actual point here.


I dislike being spammy, so I try to limit myself on how often I throw links out. It’s difficult you guys, it really is. Sometimes I will panic when I see all kinds of red down pointing arrows on Twitter and low numbers on the blog. So I throw out a link or two. Sometimes I will schedule 8 tweets in HootSuite to go out through the day, but I try to keep it to a minimum and if I do send out a bunch, I try to RT a bunch as well. I hate being spammy.

If you send out the same exact tweet over and over within a short period of time, people are going to be like ‘wtf brah?” Don’t do that. Use HootSuite or TweetDeck or some other freebie software or extension or app to schedule your tweets throughout the day. It will help you more than hurt you. People don’t spend each and every moment on social media. If you tweet 4 times in 30 minutes, instead of 4 times over 8 hours, you’re missing all the people who were on social media the other 7.5 hours. And the people within that 30 minutes? They may have kept scrolling and seeing the same tweet again and again possibly made them think twice about clicking that link.

If I visit your Twitter profile and see the same book or tweet over and over and over again I’m going to feel so bad for you. I’m going to feel like you have no twitter gang or family to call upon to chat with. I’ll RT you once, maybe twice and then click through to another person. Please, start up a conversation. A real one. Don’t just set up a profile and then put it on automatic RTs and DMs when someone follows you. (I hate those, btw and delete them.)

I try to give you other authors to read as well because if I’m reading them and I love them then I hope that you’ll give them a try and love them as much as I do.

*EDIT: If you reply to your own post several times with the same details (and no other interaction), then yes, you are spammy. I tend to mute these people because, again, I feel bad for them. 

What are your thoughts regarding social media? What has worked for you and where do you feel lost? Share your questions and ideas in the comments. Start a conversation. Have a SMUTTY day!


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  1. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of auto DMs that start with something along the lines of, “Sorry for the auto DM, I hate them too, but…”

    Does this strike anyone else as even *more* infuriating than just an auto DM? I mean, you’ve actually realised that they’re annoying, and you say you hate them too, but you’re going to do it anyway?? It’s like meeting a salesperson at a friend’s party and you go up and say hi because they seem interesting, but then all they want to do is sell their product.

    “Hi, my name’s Nicci, you seem cool.”

    “Hi Nicci, don’t speak. I know what you’re thinking, what the absolute fuck? Right? Haha, I would be in your position too. I absolutely hate it when salespeople start pushing their doohickeys at social gatherings. No, don’t speak, I mean that. I know we’ve only just met and all, but this is a brochure for my latest doohickey. Maybe in time we can get to know each other, and you know if you need me to pass on a message to someone else then just ask, but right now I’m going to tell you about this doohickey. This doohickey is the *bomb*. I mean, look at all the things it can do to help you out. So what do you say? Please could you call this number on the brochure and order one right now?”

    1. Yes… those are the worst, the apologetic DM, even worse are the ones that are automated and apologetic. It’s like ‘really?’ I’ll visit their bio and they won’t have any new tweets, either. That irks me. If you’re going to use social media and automate it, if you quit or move onto other things, turn off the automation! lol

  2. Excellent post m’dear. And I wouldn’t have seen it if you weren’t a Twitter conversationalist! (Twitter/#3). Except when I’m having a convo that needs to go offline (like the one we had recently) I don’t read DMs. At all. (And say so in my profile.)

    1. Thank you for your thoughts!

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