Technical Blather: Oops, they broke it. Or did they fix it?

WordPress Reader Comment Option Goes Missing!

If you don’t use the WordPress App and you aren’t using the WordPress Reader to follow other blogs (both are really nice, btw) then you probably didn’t notice that the comment option may have vanished on your self-hosted blog. Now, I know, people have been told for ages that self-hosted blogs don’t get the comment option in the WP Reader, but that’s also not entirely true. I’ve had the option as long as I’ve had this blog and it’s self-hosted.

Someone that reads me in the app noticed when they went to comment using the Reader, the option to do so was gone. I’ve gone back and forth with support and they have no idea a) why I had the option being self-hosted, b) why it vanished and c) how to figure out what happens to cause it to vanish, or perhaps give me the option in the first place.

I noticed that things in the Reader have changed. They’ve changed the layout a bit and some other things. I had forgotten there was some kind of update while going back and forth with support to figure out where the comment option had gone. Luckily, I hadn’t cleared the cache on my ChromeBook and was able to see the comment option available so I could send them a screenshot.

It was funny when I mentioned the updates that had gone out recently because none of us thought that might be the issue earlier on in the back and forth conversation. So, they’ve passed the question onto the Reader tech team to find out if something in the latest update caused the issue (or fixed it…). Technically, self-hosted blogs aren’t meant to have the comment option in the Reader, but honestly, if it’s there, why not keep the channel open? (Unless it’s eating up bandwidth and breaking the bank….)

Anyway, apologies for the late notification here and any inconvenience, but until they decide what to do one way or the other (keep the hole plugged or let us all through) be so kind as to comment on the site. Hopefully, the tech teams will be kind enough to let us all have the option of comments via the Reader for the New Year.

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