Technical Blather: I think I broke it.

Did I break it? You decide.

The other day I was messaging back and forth via Twitter direct messages with Dr. J. At some point, Twitter went down into a fiery grave of “We’ve encountered an error. Thanks for letting us know. Try again in a few minutes.”

What was odd about this is that I could direct message her on the twitter app. So, did I break it partially? It was about ten minutes before I could get on Twitter-Proper again. I found it odd and I have no idea if anyone else experienced it because there weren’t a whole bunch of ‘what just happened’ tweets.


I had OneDrive open earlier and was typing along just fine in a Word document. I’m on break now and go to open that word document. Instead I find ‘We’re experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again in a few minutes.” Strange. I didn’t bother trying to access it on my phone because, why?

I could get into OneDrive just fine, but the Word Document encountered the error. I’m trying to load it again, but it’s just circling the drain, round and round it goes – will it open? No one knows.


I swear I have an extra strong electromagnetic field. I shock everything and everyone (and even the poor kitty). I can’t touch a light switch to save my life. It doesn’t even matter that I’m wearing boots. If I touch something that transfers electricity, I’m getting shocked. Sometimes, there’s even a bright spark of static to brighten my day.

I wish I could break that. It doesn’t matter if I add humidity to the house using a vaporizer – I will still get shocked.

What else have I broken?

The day is young. Anything could get knocked out at any moment. It took me five minutes to access the work email on my phone because someone needed to see some photos that had been emailed to me. That’s kind of crazy right? It wasn’t broken, and I had entered the proper url to get to the email, it just didn’t want to work.

What kinds of weird things happen to you that make you ask yourself: Did I break it?


  1. I haven’t broken anything recently, but who knows what will happen =)

    1. There’s at least one thing that goes wrong for me on a regular basis, but I’ve never had two or three things just stop working in such a short amount of time before that aren’t work-related.

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