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Adventures in Writing: Social Media Abusers

Are you an abuser of Social Media? Here’s how to tell… Death to the Auto DM  I get that authors are supposed to be writing non-stop like a bullet train speeding to the next stop at… well the speed of a bullet. On top of that, they might have a day job, kids or parents …

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Technical Blather: Dear Facebook App

You’ve annoyed me for the last time.  Why I deleted the Facebook App from my phone At some point in the past month or so, the Stoopid Monkeys threw a wrench into the works. (Which translates to: Someone at Facebook updated something and fucked shit up.) I receive certain, specific notifications regarding the social media …

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The Ramblings of an Erotica Author: An Article by Amber Skye

I asked Amber Skye to write a little something about being a writer or the writer life and she gave me so much more. This post will help both readers and authors. Enjoy! P.S. Links throughout the article for the stories are going to ‘smile.amazon.com’ so that you can donate to your chosen charity while …

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A Penny for your Thoughts: Socially Disconnected

My Personal Social Life Is … Dead? I’m a terrible friend. I’m also terrible at personal social media. I have no need to really shout from the digital rooftops what’s going on in my life. If someone messages me, I chat with them. My personal facebook is setup so that only people who have a …

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Technical Blather: Proper Use of Social Media

Here’s the thing about being a writer. It doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally published or self-published, or somewhere between, you have to do quite a bit (or all) of your own marketing. This means creating and utilizing social media platforms properly. And oh my, the choices of where to go and how to utilize them …

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Aspiring and Wannabe Authors

Stop it. Just stop. Read TerribleMinds.Com – the Blog by Chuck Wendig and get off your ass. Even if you can only write 15 minutes a day and even if the words start out shitty, it’s better than nothing at all. Here’s some other inspiration for you.

Featured from Elsehwere: Freedom of Tweets? — Nicci Haydon

One of my issues I find around the internet, and I’m sure you’ve seen them as well, are the trolls. The people who have to be rude for kicks and giggles. People should remember that the best way to avoid being offended by what others post is to click the X or stop following that …

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Community Building and Conversation

Socializing within the Media One thing you’re supposed to try to do as an indie(independent) author is socialize with other authors and readers to get the word out, hoping that they’ll not only read your writing, but also leave a review. One of the hardest things it appears these days are getting reviews. I’ve had …

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