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Technical Blather: Glitched Flipping

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? Do you use the Page Flip feature? There’s a glitch with the PageFlip feature that a lot of authors are seeing the repercussions of and, since it’s being observed as ‘the app is performing as expected’ it’s not considered a glitch. The PageFlip feature was introduced to scroll through the …

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Featured from Elsewhere: Free today – Pittsburgh Tales — Nicci Haydon

Don’t miss it! Read Pittsburgh Tales while I’m in Pittsburgh! It’s Free Today on Amazon! Did you know that Pittsburgh is the only city that has an entrance? That’s right, you can’t see it until you’re already inside it’s boundaries. Free for one day, usually $1.99. via Free today – Pittsburgh Tales — Nicci Haydon

“I don’t have a Kindle…”

“I can’t buy your book because I don’t own a Kindle.” You would not believe how often I hear this. And, while I don’t personally go out to actual people and say “Hey, buy my smutty stories!” I do let people online know that I write smutty stories. Some people even tell me they like …

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