Sneak Peek: Tied-Up Tuesday

This is a Sneak Peek of the Sizzling Nibble that turned into the next 7 Days of Sin short story. Not Safe for Work (or School for you college students).

With my hands tightly bound, he used both of his hands to separate my ass cheeks. I didn’t know he had dropped to his knees until I felt his tongue between my legs. It was tentative, as if he wasn’t sure I’d be interested in having his face between my legs. I shifted my legs further apart to give him more room to work.

When Professor Chase’s tongue circled my clit with precision, I thought I was going to die right there. “Oh, yes, please, Professor, don’t stop,” I wiggled against him, shifting my hips as best I could. A hand left my ass and slapped it hard. I stilled instantly, the heat of the strike coursed through my body. I soaked his face moments after.

“Such a good girl.” In return for drenching him, he stood and spanked me a few more times. Before he was done, I was begging and pleading, tears running down my cheeks again. Professor grabbed my hips and lifted until my toes just touched the ground. I still hadn’t seen his bare cock, but I knew what I would be dealing with, he was huge.

Not bothering with his fingers, he placed the bulbous head of his cock against me and shoved. Once again, I was struggling and squirming, but he lifted me even more and now my feet were in the air. His hands held me tight and I knew I’d have finger-sized bruises. He shoved the rest of his long, thick cock inside me and I couldn’t help it; a long, low moan came out of me when he filled me.

I felt him pause. He spread my cheeks further and I waited. I hoped he was going to pound me until I couldn’t take it anymore, but instead he tapped me on the shoulder. I risked the kink in my neck becoming permanent to look at him.

“I’ve got another two inches down here. Do you think you can handle it?” Shock filled me from head to toe. A smirk formed on his kissable lips and he laughed. It sounded sarcastic as if his question had simply been polite. Which it had been, because he started pushing into me again. Struggling and squirming didn’t help, he grabbed my hips harder and lifted me back up again.

“How flexible are you?” Professor Chase’s right hand slid down my leg and he lifted at my knee. Placing it on the desk, I could feel his cock slide deeper into me. I clenched around his length, I couldn’t help it. His cock was huge. I had expected him to be big, but not this big. I was going to be walking like someone who rode a horse for the first time, but it felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop.

“More, give me more, Professor. I want every thick inch.” He took just long enough to lift my other knee onto the desk and then pulled my hips down hard. “Oh yeah, that’s it!” My voice echoed off the walls. His fingers dug even harder into me and he pounded into me as I climaxed. I drenched his cock as I screamed my head off, pressed hard into the desk.

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