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I’m currently working on three stories right now: Mistaken Monday, Blackmailed Supervisor, and Ms. Fix-It: Fiona and Her Knotty Life. And I plan to write another Masturbation Monday submission as well. I’ve been working on Beloved Master, the Master’s POV from Beloved Pet in the back of my mind, too. There’s a never-ending stream of steamy material running through my mind on a regular basis.

Multiple Stories – Different Points of View

There are, of course, issues when you work on more than one project at a time. You have to remember which POV you’re writing in. When you switch from first to third, sometimes you’ll accidentally keep writing in one instead of the other. There are days that I’ll switch from one story to the next because I’m not sure what I want to happen next, or one of the other characters have decided I’m paying too much attention to the others.

I honestly write better in first, but I started the Supervisor Sexcapades Saga in third, therefore I keep writing those stories in third. I have thought about (someday not in the near future) of re-writing them in first pov to see if they’d have turned out better.

Repetitive Scenarios

When you’re writing, one thing to try to avoid is repeating the same old thing over and over again in each story. People want different things. I tend to have a habit of tying wrists behind the back, so I’m trying to avoid doing so in the same manner for other stories.

If you can’t figure out what to do with your characters, stop and think about it for a bit. Take them out of the bedroom or playroom. Put them in another setting. Have they had sex on the kitchen table yet? Bent over the couch? Yes, Landon got to do the same thing to Maryann that he’d started with Chloe, but then they went into the bedroom and continued their scorching hot night.

If trying to put them in a different setting doesn’t work go watch some porn. No really, it’ll get you a better perspective on what the human body is capable of and perhaps give you some new and exciting positions to write about.

Slower than Stampeding Turtles through Peanut Butter

One issue about writing more than one project at a time is that it literally takes forever to finish because you’re continually swapping. However, they are all different lengths, so they won’t all come out at once. Fix-It Fast Series are all less than 4,000 words. 7 Days of Sin Shorts are all less than 8,000 words. I’m already up to over 12,000 words for the rewrite of Blackmailed Supervisor which will end up being somewhere between 25,000 – 35,000 words when finished.

You have to write in a manner that works for you. My method of madness may not work for you. Perhaps you’ll outline other stories while working on a story that’s already outlined and drafted. My mind tends to work strange – even to me. I’ll have an idea or a dream about something and it’ll fit with a story, so I’ll write it out. Perhaps you’ll outline a story, write the draft, then work on another outline, then the draft, then go back to draft 1 to reread, edit, rewrite. Other authors will write 1,000 words a day until a story is done, edit it, proof it, then create the cover, check it one more time, format it and publish it a week or a month later – depending on how long the story is meant to be.

When you self-publish, yes, you want to be consistent, but you also have more freedom when it comes to writing. That’s what I love about being self-published. I have self-imposed deadlines that don’t always stick, but I do my damnedest to keep writing every single day. If I am having trouble focusing, I’ll read, or create a cover, or write a blog post. (See what I did there?)

Responsibility to Your Readers

You do have a responsibility to your readers, however. They expect to be continually titillated by your writing. Another author will snatch them away from you the second you’re not putting out. Stick that leg out, hold that thumb up a little higher, and put a smile on your face. Yes, I just related writing to hitchhiking (and prostitution), but think about it. You’re trying to attract someone to pick you up and hang out with you for a few minutes, hours, or days (months if they have little to no time to read). The second they read The End they are looking for their next fix. If you have a series or other titles, and they enjoyed what they read, they are most likely going to check out the rest of your titles. If you don’t have anything to offer them, they boot you out on the highway and find the next author to pick up.

One way I (hope) to keep people reading my writing is this blog. I post Excerpts, I post hot Sizzling Nibbles, I participate with Masturbation Monday, wrote a few Between the Stories for Supervisor Sexcapades Saga. I’ll dance like that monkey if I have to in order to get people to read my stuff. I’ve actually thought about printing up a few business cards with my header image on one side and the site information on the other to place at the adult stores in a nearby town to see if I could bring more people in. (Has anyone done that sort of thing? I haven’t, but honestly, I wonder if they’d let me.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Adventures in Writing post. Please take a moment to check out other areas of the site and stop again soon to see what’s new. You can also subscribe via Email and receive full-length posts. Have a great day!

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