Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring – The Form!

I wanted to give people an easier way to join in on the Sharing is Caring part of the blog. I love helping other authors get their stuff out there. Not everyone can afford to have a website and sometimes a free blog gets covered in advertisements that don’t match up with what you’re readers are looking for.

Sharing is Caring – it’s free. No ads, no affiliate links. The only thing I get out of this is the warmth of helping another author get their work out there to the world. Does it get my own posts and stories read? I hope so. So, without further ado, I introduce you to the form. It has the basics and the details. Some are required, some are not. If something is required (by accident) and you don’t have it, please just say ‘not applicable’ and that will let me know I need to uncheck that required box.

Also, obviously, all your writing is your writing and all my writing is my writing. If there are issues with your submission, I’ll let you know (and I’ll even be nice about it). I prefer romance and erotica genres and all that they encompass. However, I draw the line at a few things like rape and non-con and beastiality (does not include shifters). I have written pseudo-incest, so no issues there either. Please include some funny bio info, readers love that stuff. I did include a text area box for links to images. I will be stealing… erhm, borrowing them, so that I don’t steal… uh, confiscate bandwidth from where you host them. If you wish to email them, please let me know in that text box where to contact you for the images (cover, bio pic, etc).

Thank you so much for your submission. You will receive an email (and a tweet out) when it’s posted. I reserve the right to turn down any submissions I feel don’t fit the blog (which I’m sure will be few and far between). If in doubt, ask.

Want to email your stuff? You can do that, too. mischaeliot (at) gmail (dot) com