Sharing Is Caring – Details for Submission

sharingiscaringIf you’re an erotica author, smut-word slinger, someone who writes romance that could sear my pants off when I read it, and you’d like a little publicity (I say little because I don’t have a lot of followers) I’m interested in pimping you … err, your hard work out.

I have a blog (you’re reading it, or the email you signed up for, right now). If you’d like to be featured on my blog and write erotica or hot romance, then I’m interested in featuring you. Basically, you would send me an excerpt of whatever you want to share. It can be something published or soon to be published.

You can also include a bio about yourself, how you got into writing, what inspires you and so forth. If you have a blog or a website, author pages, etc, those can be included as well so that people can visit your site or buy your stories once they’ve enjoyed the excerpt that got them all hot and bothered.

There’s no trick, just lots of treats. You get to share your stuff. For free. And I pimp it out, again for free. Just ask Nicci Hadyon and Jenna Thalia. I’ve already had the pleasure of slapping their… stuff up on here and I still tweet about those posts. I hope they get more readers and followers in return. I hope they send people my way. It’s a small world and yes, we are competing, but let’s make it a friendly competition. The pie out there is big enough for everyone to get a taste.

Now… how to submit your work? There are two ways. 1) Message me on Twitter that you’re interested. If I’m not following you, send me a reply to a Sharing is Caring tweet. 2) Click ‘contact’ at the top of the blog and let me know you’re interested. In return, I’ll send you an email address (which isn’t shared outright because spam) to send your excerpt, links, and bio to. Once I’ve received the info, it’ll be posted the same or next day (unless I have questions or concerns).

If you’d like examples of previous Sharing is Caring submissions, check the category. There are a whole lot of excellent examples there.

Just a note: I write erotica. I enjoy reading erotica. I prefer posting about erotica. Erotica has many other options. It can be paranormal or it can be a kink. This is also my blog, my space, so if you send me something I’m not inclined to post, I’ll let you know and I’ll tell you why. Everyone has a line they won’t cross, me included.

Second Note: I will correct spelling errors.. Because we all make them and it’s always nice to have a second set of eyes, right?

Now, go write something smutty that’s worth sharing.


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