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sharingiscaringStefan McElvain sent in an Excerpt from Cilla’s Journey. Cilla is the cosmetologist extraordinhair. She’s bored with salon life and fancies going truly freelance. Soon she is recruited by a mysterious organization and mixes with a different class of people…some not even human.

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A guy opened the front door. I took a step back and exclaimed, “Wow! You’re Tim?”

He stood, in bare feet six feet tall and extremely muscular. My fingers twitched as I wanted to tame his unruly black hair. It wasn’t long, but in need of an expert’s help. What caused the wow was the outfit he was wearing, or not wearing. It left nothing to the imagination, and I have a very fertile one. I don’t know how to describe it other than a silver mankini, which only just covered his male parts. The professional in me could see the problem, his pubic hair showed.

He said, “Yes, I’m Tim. You must be Cilla. Come in,” and turned to let me enter.

Oh my, that’s a cute bum. I tore my eyes up and away from it. If he’s trying to turn me on, it’s working. This is a first. I stepped into the entrance hall, which had too much marble for my taste, and waited.

“This way, I think the workout room will be best.” He led the way. My gaze was locked on his rear, watching as his muscles rippled. Staring at that firm ass, I silently followed.

“I’ve tried shaving, clipping. My hair grows back too quickly, and it’s itchy. I don’t like it. A friend suggested a Brazilian bikini wax.”

My brain engaged, and I came back to the present. “You want a male equivalent of a bikini wax. Have you had one before?”


“A Brazilian means everything goes. It’s not permanent, but should be good for four to six weeks.”

We entered the work out area. There were full floor to ceiling mirrors, a running treadmill, workout bicycle, rowing machine, free weights, and a complicated weight workout contraption. I had views of Tim’s back and front, reflections repeating themselves off to infinity in the mirrors. Oh my, I’m getting horny looking at his rippling muscles. I can see both front and back. I need to focus, and control myself. He had pushed two workout benches together to act as the table, and covered them with a sheet. I added the plain white paper. It looked like a doctor’s examination table. I plugged my wax warmer in.

“Do you want the easier part last or first?”


“I know you’re not wearing much, but take it off if you don’t mind, and lie on your stomach. I’ll do your rear first. This is an expensive looking home.”

“Yes, my boyfriend owns it. I used to be his personal trainer, and then a year ago I moved in. I still offer training services, but now only to women. Jake gets extremely jealous. Strangely enough, it’s only over men. Women are fine. Perhaps we could trade?”

“No, I need the money. The wax isn’t quite ready yet. I like to sprinkle some baby powder first. It helps absorb any oils on your skin so the wax sticks. Is that okay? Oh, I’ll be wearing disposable surgical gloves.”

“Go for it.”

Short Bio:

I like to write hot erotic stories that blend science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal. Born in the UK, too many years ago to mention, I now live in LA…the weather’s better.

I’m married with two sons and two grandsons.

Who says you’re too old to try something new?

If you enjoyed the Sneak Peek to Cilla’s Journey, visit eXtasy Books to get your copy today!


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