Sharing is Caring: Amelia Black Guest Post

sharingiscaringAmelia Black was so kind to share this truly titillating excerpt from WANTON MAGIC: THE ENCHANTRESS PLAYS. (Oh, my, goddess.)

It’s an erotica short story available on Amazon for $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


I had just stepped through the door and was hanging up my coat when the sound of my name floated through the air. Turning, I stepped farther into the building. The light was low, the décor catering to the highest social class of clientele. Years ago the place had been recommended to me by one of my lovers. It had been long enough, now, that I could not recall who the man had been but the food never let me down and kept me coming back for more.

“Coco,” I said, the sight of the woman who had spoken bringing me up short. Other than the food, it was her who I had come to see. “Is my table ready?” I asked.

She nodded. “Right this way.”

I followed her, watching her body move fluidly and with grace around the various tables and chairs that littered the fancy dining room. She led me to a small table for two in a corner next to a sculpture I had donated last year around Christmas time. Holding the chair out for me I took a seat. Then I turned and stopped her before she could leave, my hand on her arm.

Her eyes met mine and I smiled. She bit her lip, an act that made her look closer to my age of twenty-seven than the mid-thirties she really was. “I will be here till closing,” I told her. She nodded and I saw her chest rise as she took a deeper breath. She was the owner and I knew from watching her, from studying her, that women were her sexual preference. I also knew that she found me attractive, her body language making that perfectly clear every second I was in her presence. Even now her nipples were hardening, pressing against the silky fabric of the expensive low-cut shirt she was wearing.

I restrained myself, choosing not to reach out and pinch one just for fun. That could wait till later. Instead I lifted a finger or two and sent a soft warm breeze dancing between her legs. Her eyes went wide and she stepped back, my hand falling from her arm.

“After closing,” I told her, watching her nod as she walked away nervously smoothing out her skirt. I had waited a long time to bed her, the choice one I had made mere days after my first dinner. She was a strong woman, one who ran a thriving business. I came close to admiring her dedication and planning.

Coco was also stunningly beautiful, reminding me of myself, and I was under the firm belief that to play with her would be a wonderful adventure.


Amelia loves coffee (the sweeter the better!) and, as a corollary, oddly-shaped coffee mugs. She adores the company of others, though she considers herself less of a social butterfly and more of a social ladybug, spots and all. She eschews all sorts of organized education, preferring instead to learn by doing (or being done). She lives in Kansas with a male betta fish named Kirk.



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  1. I can’t cook.

  2. My celebrity crush is on Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  3. I’m very possessive of my ice cream. I don’t like to share it!

  4. I have a large collection of PJ’s.

  5. I think red-haired women are sexy.

  6. I’m a sucker for any dish that has noodles & cheese

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