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Please give a warm welcome to Amber Skye who so kindly shared an excerpt from her latest: The Pink Posse!

I spent an uneventful Wednesday running a host of errands, shopping for some furniture to fill the rooms of our giant home, and doing a bit of laundry for my weekend trip. In the late afternoon, I took a vigorous run down to the river, over to MLK Boulevard, and finally headed back east toward the house. The run encompassed nearly three miles, and I was sweat-soaked and tired upon my return. I showered and ate dinner with my husband, retiring early to catch up on some much needed rest.

Thursday morning arrived and shortly after Dansby’s departure, Celine appeared for the second cleaning of the week. I still hadn’t decided quite how to deal with her provocative calling card. I played several scenarios through my mind but hadn’t landed on anything satisfactory, so I resolved to let it play out during the morning.

I was in the kitchen when she arrived, and she let herself in through the front door with the key I’d provided. I greeted her neutrally, and tried to hide the quiver that raced through my body when I saw her. Whether it was for my benefit or not I can’t say, but she wore a very short, white skirt with white stockings stopping just above the knee. Her dark thighs looked smooth and silky, and I wondered if she noticed me gulping when I looked her over. Her plentiful bosom spilled out of a red blouse that appeared to have an extra button undone. Her shiny, black hair glimmered in the light from the chandelier in the hallway.

“Good morning, ma’am,” she purred. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine, Celine,” I said. “How are you?”

She smiled, displaying white teeth that would make any dentist proud, and said, “I’m marvelous. Is it okay if I begin upstairs today?”

“Sure,” I said. “I need to pay a few bills upstairs, and then I’ll be out of your way.”

“Oh, you’re never in my way, ma’am. I enjoy your company very much,” she said coquettishly.

I must admit, I was a bit nonplussed by her subtle cockiness…a gentle smugness in her demeanor. She managed to be polite and courteous, but exhibited an aura of power nonetheless. It was like she knew what was going through my mind simply because she had planted naughty thoughts there herself. And indeed she had. Part of me wanted to throttle her due to her veiled insolence, and another part of me wanted to kiss those succulent, ebony thighs. What made it worse was that I was sure she knew how conflicted I was, and how she was affecting me. This young woman, probably ten years my junior, was controlling me in a most troubling fashion.

“Very well then,” I said. “Please get started.”

I watched her move up the stairs and my gaze focused on her big, firm buttocks as it swished with every step she took. As she ascended farther up the stairs, I caught sight of frilly, pink panties under her skirt. I gasped and felt a low rumble of lust in my belly. I shook myself and turned away. Heading back to the kitchen, I noticed that a sheen of perspiration had beaded on my forehead, and my ire rose concerning this young, impertinent girl. I resolutely cleaned up the breakfast dishes in the kitchen and strode upstairs to my bedroom. Sitting at my laptop, I opened various sites and paid a number of utility bills and reconciled our credit card statements. The pleasant smell of a mild, citrus cleanser told me that Celine had been through the bedroom and bathroom. I heard occasional noises coming from the neighboring room, and the soft patter of feet on the flooring in the hallway. As I was putting the finishing touches on my bill paying, I saw Celine pass the bedroom door in the hallway. I picked up the card she had left in my laptop and turned it several times in my fingers.

“Celine?” I called. “Will you come here for a minute, please?”

I heard her steps stop in the hall, and then she retraced them and appeared at my door. Taking several steps into the room, she smiled and said, “Yes, ma’am?”

Hoping to catch her off guard and startle her, I held up the card.

“Did you place this inside my computer?” I asked, both of us knowing the answer.

She smiled, clearly unaffected by my inquiry. “Oh…yes, ma’am. I certainly did.”

“Oh?” I asked, sounding uncharacteristically haughty. “Why did you give this to me?”

“I thought you might enjoy it,” she answered.

“Do you leave this card for all of your clients?” I asked, sounding like a bitchy grade-school teacher.

She chuckled. “Oh! No, ma’am. I rarely leave it at houses I clean.”

I waited but she said no more. She just looked directly into my eyes and smiled.

“Why am I so fortunate to be the recipient of such a suggestive calling card?”

Without hesitation she responded. “Because you are so hot and sexy, I figured you’d be one to enjoy watching the videos. Considering what I’d witnessed earlier this week, I was almost positive you’d thoroughly enjoy them.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe the audacity and boldness of this young woman.

“You watched them I presume?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

I found my voice. “Well…yes, I accessed the website out of curiosity, of course. Who wouldn’t?”

She smiled again but this time it was different. A seductive smile graced her countenance. She took several steps into the room, towering over me. She was only a few feet from me, and I couldn’t help dropping my gaze to her luscious legs. Then she took another step toward me. She was close enough that I could reach out and touch those smooth, thick thighs.

“I’m at your service, ma’am. Would you be interested in a live performance?” Celine inquired.

I couldn’t speak, but astounded myself when I nodded once.

Celine smiled. She moved closer and I caught a faint whiff of gardenias. Her firm, bulky, dark thighs glistened in the glow of the morning sunshine filtering into the bedroom. I felt lightheaded and weak. My mouth ran dry and my breathing became an audible pant. Celine’s legs were perhaps the most beautiful and erotic pair I had ever seen. Suddenly I longed to run my tongue along them and taste her.

She reached under her short skirt and hooked the pink thong that had enticed me so as she’d climbed the staircase earlier that morning. She slowly and seductively slipped it downward over her thighs. When her panties were just above her knees, she let loose of them and they fell to her ankles. Then she lifted her skirt, exposing her luscious, dark wonder to me. Her chocolaty lips were just inches from my face, and I could smell her sex. The arousing scent of her caused my head to swim, and I had to brace myself on the arm of the chair.

Celine placed two, long fingers into her mouth and wet them by swirling her lengthy tongue over them, most seductively, several times. I followed her crimson fingernails as she lowered her hand to her pussy and pulled at her luscious, brown lips.  Inserting her middle finger between her labia, she rubbed the hood of her clit with her thumb.

“Do you enjoy watching me play with my pussy, ma’am?” she asked.

Knowing my voice was temporarily lost, I could only nod.

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