Sharing is Caring: Blackmailing the Babysitter by Liam Alexander

Welcome to another installment of Sharing is Caring! This time around I’ve gotten a submission from Liam Alexander. Please enjoy the excerpt from Blackmailing the Babysitter. Make sure to follow Liam on Twitter and say hello!

“Before we decided to hire a babysitter, Barb had me install a hidden webcam in the living room,” he explained.
Aimee’s stomach turned to ice. Holy shit! she thought. Could they have seen her when she was…no, there was no way they could have seen that little incident a week or two ago! It was too dark for a little video camera to pick up…
“Wh-what did you see?” Aimee asked, trying to appear calm and failing miserably. Robert looked down and sighed. He opened up a laptop on the desk.
“I was going through the recording of last week,” Robert said, pressing on an icon on the screen, “and this is what saw.”
Shit! Shit! Shit! Aimee kept repeating in her mind. A small window opened, playing a grainy black-and-white video. It showed Aimee, recognizable even in the night vision of the camera, sitting on the living room couch. There was a faint source of light that shined on her, presumably from the television screen.
On the video, Aimee was wearing a lightly-colored top and a dark miniskirt. The skirt was pulled up, though one couldn’t see much because her hand was in the way, her fingers fiercely at work on her clit. She was biting her lip, her back arching a little. Beyond anything else, the look in her eyes made one thing perfectly clear: She was certainly enjoying herself.

Bio: I’m a married father of two living in Washington state, though I grew up in New England. I have been working on a fantasy novel for years now but decided to try my hand at writing erotica (a therapist told me to keep my girlfriends on paper, so that’s what I’m doing). I enjoy writing because it is my escape from an otherwise mundane life.

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Random Facts About Yourself: I test bubble wrap for a living. I’m not joking, either.

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