Rewriting is the New… Black?

Since every time I turn around something is the new black, why not? I tweeted that my weekend goal was to completely finish Blackmailed Supervisor and publish it next week. Yesterday, while I was technically working, I opened up the latest revision and heard Mintie and Nicci in my head about “ly” words. Thinking I don’t do too bad when it comes to -ly words, I did a quick find on Blackmailed Supervisor. Out of almost 23,000 words including the copyright, and these people aren’t real front matter stuff, it picked up 299 words that contained ‘ly’. Some of those words were like bullying and probably and only but doing this helped a lot.

Even though there were over 20,000 words of story here, I realized I had used the word ‘gently’ 13 times. While that isn’t a lot, it just hit me harder when it kept popping up. I don’t know what kind of mood or mindset I was in when I had started the last revision and edit process, but apparently (hahah) it was full of gentleness.

I mentioned this in conversation with Nicci, who if you aren’t reading and following, you really should be and she told me 299 out of 23,000 words is not that bad. It just sounds bad but it really isn’t. So far today I started the rewrite and then my lovely daughter asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I decided that was a great idea, so we went for a walk around the park several times. I got over 8,000 steps just around noon and that means once I get the other 2,000 the rest are bonus steps.

Now it’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’ve yet to go back to the rewrite. I put a couple more tweets in the hootsuite hopper and created another “Reading is Sexy, Reviewing is a Turnon” image. In all seriousness, though, I wanted to share with you that writing isn’t all fun and games. Well, the writing is fun. If writing isn’t fun for you, then I feel bad because you’re missing out on a great feeling. Editing can be fun, but usually rewriting is absolute hellaciousness. (See what I did there to avoid writing absolutely?) I try to write as best I can (and I’ve gotten better with every story – so will you) the first time around so that I don’t have to edit as much. Some people use outlines, some write by the seat of their pants, I do a bare bones first draft. Who’s in this scene, where are they, who are they with, what are they doing. That’s my way of outlining. Then I fill in the musculature and connecting tissue, etc. I hope when I write this way that it turns out to be an excellent story.

With Blackmailed Supervisor however, I realized that I had too many people and too much going on. I know what and who I’ll be cutting, but it won’t go in the trash. The scene I wrote with Breanna will be part of her story in the Possession series. The main goal with this story is what will Chloe do and introducing Maryann. With that in mind, I’ve probably lost around 10,000 words. It’s not a bad thing, though, because I know those will be used in another story.

It’s also a little difficult going back to writing third-person pov when I’ve been writing first for the Fix-It Fast Series. I prefer first, it’s much more in-depth. I thought about switching this story to first, but it wouldn’t fit within the series and I’d then be annoyed.

So, off to revising/rewriting/editing for me! Let’s see what I can get done when I chain up my procrastination and stick it in a locked box.

Go forth and write well because the better you write the first time around the less work you have to do on the revision.




  1. Preach it, sister. My search and replace is for hand, face, and eyes. Gonna add the ‘ly’ to my list, too. Love Mintie’s post about the evil of adverbs.

    1. Yes! She tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. It made me think a little harder about my writing. I also think it helps with the word count if you cut out those -ly words because you have to rewrite the sentences in another way. I was listening to an audiobook and it drove me mad because the author used three or four -ly words in a row to describe something. I kept thinking she could have gotten a dozen or so words if she had done it another way.

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