Reviewed: Space Girls! by Tracey Desanto

Tracey DeSanto writes erotica that’s literally out of this world. If you enjoy quirky science fiction and sex, then pick up a copy of Space Girls! When Worlds Collide.

Feelings you’ll end up with reading Space Girls!:

  • Sore muscles from laughing.
  • Raging desires to be abducted by sexy aliens.
  • Thoughts of driving really fast and getting off at the same time.

Space Girls! from Mars follows Lunette and Nebbie who borrowed without permission a spaceship to search for Earth Boys. Unfortunately, they already know that Earth Boys have a difficult time satisfying Girls from Mars and decide to prepare themselves during their trip to Earth.

While the Space Girls! are having fun in the laser turret of the spaceship, Brandon and James are flying (erhm, ratherĀ driving) at ridiculous speeds towards Sin City. The two hot young boys start having naughty fun of their own while watching a video. They manhandle each other’s cock with precision, knowing exactly what gets the other boy off. (Boy is used as a euphemism, of course – everyone is of legal age or older!)

You can find Tracey on the web, Amazon, and Twitter! Follow her today and be entertained by her exciting books and tweets. She’s fun to chat with and will make you laugh, so what are you waiting for? Hop onto the Tracey DeSanto BandWagon today!

If you’re not afraid of delving into the universe beyond our planet, check out Tracey’s books. She’s got aliens, shifters and other titles that will grab you by the naughty bits and torment you until you explode all over the screen.

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