Reviewed: Forever Tattooed by Dr. J

If you haven’t been following me then you’ll have missed the Sharing is Caring Guest Post by Dr. J for her story Topping You in the Women on Top Anthology. And you probably haven’t seen the sizzling story Forever Tattooed, either. You’re definitely missing out!

Gabe, who is a hot guy covered in tattoos and owns his ink shop, is a bit reckless and a bit of a wreck. After losing his love, Lorelei, he went a little over the edge. Anyone would after losing such a passionate love affair from what I could read between the lines. While appearing to be strong and hard, Gabe is really just going through the motions. He’s still hurting if this thoughts are to be believed.

Thanks to his coworkers, who are like family, they have helped him to continue getting up each and every day and working toward becoming whole again. However, Gabe still feels the hole left in his chest and tries to fill it by teasing the girls who come in for skin art by chatting to them about the pain of being inked and how it lasts forever. Luckily, Abraham is there to pull him back when he goes too far.

One fine day, the scent of the woman he loved fills his nostrils and Gabe finds standing in front of him a short, curvy woman. As she flips through the sample book, they banter a little. Abraham tries to step in before Gabe can take it too far, but Dana stops him.

Gabe can’t figure out who this woman is and what she wants with him. When she asks to talk alone, he takes her to the back and hears an extraordinary tale. Now knowing who she is and why she’s there, he tells Abraham to close up shop and reschedule any other appointments.

Dana finally has Gabe alone and, while awkward, they figure out what the next step should be. If you enjoy heart wrenching stories with happy endings, this is the story for you. It’ll show you that even when you feel that the odds are against you, passion and love are possible.


“You’re all hard.”

“I am until it’s soft.” She tilted her head not getting my meaning. Her lips parted, and my mouth and tongue went in for the kiss. The frenzy of sensation mixed with her taste kicked me into a higher gear. She climbed my body and the wet spot she trailed on my abdomen drove me insane. I walked us over to the bed and dropped her on it. My jeans were coming off for the whole body skin to skin contact.

She reclined on the bed in the most seductive manner. Her fingers danced across her tits and rubbed past the tattoo into that lovely, delicate area of hers. She was killing me as she awaited my show. I unzipped my pants, and they hung on my hips for a minute. What must she be thinking?

Bio: Dr. J. arrived at her writing career after being a condom packer, sex educator, sex therapist, and finally a college professor of human sexuality. Using her vast knowledge and experience of sexuality and the mind, she continues her education efforts to integrate positive sexuality into the human experience through her stories. She writes within the Romance and Erotica genres. Living the island life on the Atlantic coast, Dr. J. plays petanque, knits, and supports all the visual and performing arts of the area.

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Random Facts About Dr. J.: I am crazy about the acapella music group Pentatonix- PTX. My flip flop collection is outrageous. I have skied the Tasman Glacier in New Zealand. Purple is my go to color. I am a TRUE LEO.

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