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Inspiration is everywhere and you shouldn’t stop yourself from utilizing it. Obviously I don’t want you to steal someone else’s work. Don’t do that. That’s wrong and Karma will get you. What I’m saying is that you should keep your eyes open and your ears listening. If you walk through a store without touching things, why aren’t you utilizing that? Honestly, I can’t walk through any store without having to touch clothing. If something looks soft, I have to know just how soft it is.

Be Productive

I’ve finished another short story. It features Landon and Maryann. (That post is still in draft mode.) I want to include it in the back of Blackmailed Supervisor. Currently, I am in the process of rewriting Blackmailed Supervisor. I think it’s going to turn out great. I had over 20,000 words written from the gutter of my dirty mind. I’ve also been working on another set of short stories, well, only one from the set this time. The first one is almost finished. It’s so close, I can feel the muscles tightening as I get closer to the finish line.

Communicate More

I did submit a short story to an anthology. I haven’t heard anything back. At all. I get that the person is probably being seriously overwhelmed with submissions, but at the very least I’d appreciate a reply saying ‘your story has been received.’ Nothing more, nothing less. Just let me know you got it. Do you hear this people who put out Calls for Submission? Let people know that their story has been received. Put something out there on your blog or list that you will reply to let people know that it has been received and if they don’t receive an email stating as such in reply to the email the submission came on, then perhaps they need to just shoot a tweet or something, mmmkaaaaaaay? Even if you set up a specific email for submissions that has an auto-reply it would be better than sitting here spinning my wheels, wondering if I should just go ahead and self-pub it.


I’ve also been working on covers for stories that haven’t been written yet. I’m excited about doing the Possession series. I think I’ll keep them short, somewhere between 5000-7500 words or, 10,000 max. I’m excited to write the backstories of some of the subs and doms at the club to let you know who they are and how they ended up there.

Recently Read

I recently downloaded a copy (paid for, of course) of a book about how to become a six-figure erotica author. I read through it pretty quickly and skimmed what didn’t exactly apply to me. I’m also thinking that there are some things I can do better than what I have been. I also don’t like the idea of charging $2.99 for 20 Kindle pages. Yes, I work hard on my stories. I try to make them fun, exciting, and make you steamy hot. Yes, I think my words are worth something. However, I wouldn’t pay that much for such a short story.

One thing I did learn from here, and let me save you some cash, is that like Smashwords, you can use phrase keywords on KDP as well. I didn’t know that. These are the two things I took away from that book. 1. 30 Titles to really saturate the market and help get your name out there more (supposedly – when I make it to 30+ titles, I’ll let you know…). 2. Phrase keywords are your friend. If you go on Amazon and search ‘coworker office affair sex’ Bad Supervisor should appear in the results. And yes, that’s one keyword. Just one.

Okay, I really learned three things. Here’s the third: It has to do with the cover and how you title your book. Because I have ‘Supervisor Sexcapades” in the titles of my book, they automatically get Adult-Filtered. I’m fine that that, honestly. I really don’t want a 3rd grader finding my erotica and being like ‘hey mom, check this out.’ Also, if your cover features some form of sexual act or lots of skin, you’ll be adult-filtered. Again, it’s okay to be adult-filtered. If an adult doesn’t want to see erotica, then I’m not going to force them to see it. I’m a big proponent of not forcing my views down other people’s throats. Actually, that’s probably the ONLY thing I’d force down someone’s throat – That it isn’t right to do so. If you WANT to see adult materials, then turn on the feature and wah-lah! Don’t want to see adult stories? That’s okay. Don’t let other people continue to tell you what you should be doing with your eyeballs.

Thoughts on Exclusivity

While I see the appeal of being exclusive through Amazon, it didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t matter how many times I made a book free for a day or a week, how many times I tweeted lines from them, or how many retweets those got. I saw nothing in sales. So, I yanked all of my stuff for the Supervisor Sexcapades out of KDP Select to put up on Smashwords. I still haven’t seen anything really, other than a handful of people downloading the freebies. According to the book I deliberately didn’t name above, I need to have at least 30 titles out there to really gain some traction. So, I’m writing my ass off as much as possible. Yes, there are distractions, and a job, and cooking, cleaning, etc that I have to do, but if my ass is in a chair and I have 15 minutes, I’m writing. I write on my lunch. I write while waiting for food at a restaurant. I would write while driving if I found a great dictation app. However, it’s WINTER and I don’t want to be driving distracted now that SNOW has found us.

So, in the words of Leverage – because that show is fucking awesome and if you like caper/heist books, shows, or movies, you might want to check it out – Let’s go Steal Some Inspiration!

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