A Penny for your Thoughts: Submit to Anthologies

Submission Calls

One way you can get your (author) name spread around the world is to write for Calls of Submission. Obviously, you’ll want to look for calls that are in the genre you prefer to write in (unless you want to be adventurous and peek into another). It’s not too difficult to find places to submit, either. Just Google (or… bing) the genre you want to write in and ‘submission call’ or ‘call for submission’ and you’ll (hopefully) find some really great places you can send your stories. Make sure you do your research – you don’t want to submit stories to someone who’s running a scam.

I’ve sent submissions in for a couple of anthologies- Best Erotica of the Year and Big Book of Submission. I won’t know if my submissions have been accepted until September, which is the difficult part of sending in stories. The long wait is truly worth it though. It means my story is going to be read by someone I admire. I enjoy reading and listening to the previous anthologies. I’ve also recently bought the audible for the anthology “For the Men (and the women who love them). It’s amazing. It may be geared specifically for guys, but there are some stories that get me revved up.

Extended Call

Recently, the submission call for the Big Book of Submission was extended – and now it’s been extended again. I’ve submitted two stories for consideration and I’m hopeful. If you write erotica with a submissive kink, you may want to consider submitting. It’s not easy writing 1,200 words or less, but it can be done and still have a complete story (beginning/middle/end). It’s a paying market and you’ll receive a print copy of the book. If your story is accepted, your name will be immortalized. Forever. Hundreds of thousands of people will not just be able to read your story, they’ll also be able to hear it narrated by the amazing Rose Caraway (also known as the Sexy Librarian).

Why Anthologies?

A lot of people ask this question. Why would you submit to an anthology instead of publishing it yourself? Well… think about it. The other authors that are accepted into the anthology are most likely going to read the stories included in the anthology along with their own, so right there you might gain a reader. In the Big Book of Submission, there are 69 stories, each one 1,200 words or less. That means there might be 68 other authors that will read your story (depending on how many submit two stories that are both accepted).

Now, there are going to be people who’ve read the previous edition and they might have it somewhere in the back of their mind that a new one is going to be coming out sometime next year. If they have a favorite author or three that are accepted for the anthology, they’re going to buy it, which means they might read your story. Reading your story might lead them to your website or social media accounts to look for more stories by you. They might hit up your Amazon page. That means more exposure, more readers, more “smutbux” in your bank account.

What are you waiting for?

There’s an extension, yes, but it’s only until the 28th of February. So, go read the call details so you know what they are looking for and then get your butt to writing or dust off stories that might just need a little polish. If either of my stories (or both if I’m truly lucky) are picked to be published, I’d be thrilled to have you there with me!

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