Jun 01

Mischa Eliot

A Penny for your Thoughts: I’m an Idiot

When you haven’t done something in quite some time, it’s stupid to throw yourself overboard.

And that’s where i make a boating pun when this has nothing to do with boating of any kind. Dr. J and I are trying to keep each other in check. We’re trying to make sure we keep our goals in our hearts and get our bodies and minds working. I promised to start exercising again in earnest, which means actually exercising. I cancelled my gym membership. Yep, you heard me, I cancelled it. I hadn’t gone in over six months, so I found it to be worthless to me and beneficial to them.

I have Zumba Core Fitness and some exercise thing I downloaded for the xBox 360. I originally planned to do a Zumba warm-up, medium intensity, and cool down and go about my way. I also planned to do this right when I got home, however, it was such a beautiful day, I decided to sit out on the front steps and write. Then I made something to eat and had dinner.


However, I did get 1800 words written today!

Instead, I ended up doing a Zumba warm-up, then I did the yoga routine on the other program. I felt pretty good, so I continued with some so-called boxing, which turned into doing the box smashing thing, and then for some stupid idea I decided to do the fitness routine I’d put together when I first used the program.

I hate lunges. I can do side lunges all day long, but I hate normal lunges. They hurt, they do nothing for me (personal opinion – I’m sure they do, I just hate them that much). My personal routine turns out to be 48 lunges and 48 squats.

Yeah, that hurt.

But, I did it. I didn’t do them perfectly, I didn’t do anything perfectly, but it’s been months since I worked out, so I gave myself plenty of leeway. However, i plan to workout again tomorrow, and the next day. I certainly won’t be doing any lunges for a couple of days, but sure, I can do other things that will get me back into shape pretty quick.

Have you had an idiot moment? Feel free to share it in the comments (I could use some company in my little bit of misery).

May 30

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Bliss

It may be the end to the Month of Masturbation celebration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to learn about yourself, your body, the things that make you feel enticed and satisfied. Remember, love yourself first and others will want to know what you love.

Fingers teasing, sliding along soft skin. Lips parted in a silent gasp of glee. A pinch here, a lick there, and a nibble just behind your ear. Nails dig into muscular arms, gripping tight, pushing to the edge. Hips thrust up, hoping, praying, begging for more.

Taking the time to taste and touch is the goal. Tongues tangled in a kiss making hearts race. Sweat beads along skin, salty and sweet. Nipples hardened and ready for sucking, while your body writhes against soft sheets.

Sticky fingers, pressed against lips, slipping inside, against the secret spot. The sound you make when your mouth opens sends a thrill from spine to toes. Tingling and electric, little hairs stand on end. Every spot touched, teased, licked, nibbled or pinched. Until the pleading becomes unintelligible moans and squeals of bliss.

So tight, so slick, heated to volcanic levels, thrusting and squeezing, meeting in the middle. Breathing rapid and shallow, whispers in your ear. A low moan becomes a loud exclamation of satisfaction. Soft kisses, quiet giggles, and snuggling into sleep.

In case you were unaware, May is Masturbation Month! Kayla is doing something really awesome and you should definitely stop by and check it out!

You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

Link: Masturbation Monday

Link: Kayla Lords

May 26

Mischa Eliot

Friday Flash: Lovers Dance

If you aren’t reading and following F dot Leonora, then you’re missing out! Today is her birthday and we are celebrating her birthday week by writing short Friday Flash fiction. Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman, a wicked tease of a writer, and someone I’m thrilled to have as part of my Twitter Tribe.

The lights twinkled above them, winking in and out of existence. Laser lights and colored spotlights shifted and swirled following the music in some bizarre pattern. Bass thumped, thumped, thumped in time with the hearts beating on the floor as the club goers writhed together. Bodies rubbed and brushed and reached out with a questing hand to pull someone a little closer.

Except them. I watched the two from my perch. They came in every month, the same couple. They moved to the music in a way that only a couple of lovers could. The woman caressed his face and I wished I could feel the softness of her skin, the prick of her nails against my own. As she nipped his earlobe between her teeth, I pinched mine.

Watching from the shadows afforded me the ability to watch them without being seen, without anyone knowing what my hand was doing beneath my skirt. While they touched and teased in front of everyone, as if no one else existed in the world, I flicked back and forth against my clit. While they kissed each other, tongues writhing against each other, I slipped my fingers deep, pumping to the beat of the bass.

I’d been so close to the edge during the night, watching them, playing with myself. Tweaking every nerve, holding in every gasp. The way he ran his fingers down her arms, or cupped her face to gaze into her eyes made me want that. I wanted them, too. I wanted it all.

Coming together, their hips swaying, he wrapped his arms tight around her and pulled her even tighter against his muscled flesh. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at him, their hips meeting in a movement as old as time. I bit my lip and gave in to my base urges.

I watched, desire flooding me to the brink, as the couple rocked together, clinging tightly to each other. Thrusting my fingers deep, I played myself like a well-loved guitar. I spied the way the man’s hand moved up his woman’s thigh, to slip between their bodies, up inside her skirt. Muscles flexing on his forearm as he moved turned me into a gooey puddle. He wasn’t even touching me, but the way he touched her, gazed into her eyes, was all I needed.

Licking sticky fingers as the music wound down and house lights flared to life caused the languid feeling that had taken over my muscles to split, and so did I, quietly out the back door to await my special couple next month.

I chose the Lovers Tarot card to write this post. To find out a little more about The Lovers tarot card, please visit Trusted Tarot.

Read more amazing stories at Friday Flash, hosted by the talented F dot Leonora.

May 25

Mischa Eliot

Adventures in Writing: Mind of a Smut Writer

Have you heard the song by Korn called ADIDAS? If not, feel free to check it out at the end of this post, it’s pretty fucking good.

I have to be completely honest here… I don’t think about sex all day. I do get ideas at random times from random comments I hear. Sometimes if I see a hot person my insides get all gooey. I do have a switch for my dirty mind and a filter for my naughty mouth. More often than not, I try to behave myself while at work. Either way, I’m Trouble – yes with a capital T.

What really cracks me up is when I’m trying to have a real conversation and those around me are making everything dirty. Yes, they know what I write, so everything I say ends up being considered dirty in some way. I’ve had people make something I would never have thought to make dirty absolutely filthy.

However, that’s the fun part of being a smut writer – you don’t have to do all the work yourself because the people who know you write smut and find it amusing or confusing will lighten the load. The Punished by the Boss story ideas came on their own, however, the original idea for the larger story (or series) that it will become happened quite a while before it. All because someone said something – not even to me, but in conversation – while walking by.

I’ve had people say to me all the dirty things they want to do… and usually I smile, or laugh, and make my own comment back. A lot of times it falls flat to me, but sometimes there’s a nugget of gold in all that foolish dirt.

Then there are the days I’m wandering around work because someone, I won’t say names (ELIZA) retweets a photo and tags me, along with others, and I’m dying of laughter – which of course means I have to show it to others. All but one person got the pun, some it took a few moments, another I had to tell them to turn on their dirty switch. That always makes me laugh, too.

(Okay, so I will say names and point fingers and link to their twitter profile so you follow them.)

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, sure, there are days that I’m daydreaming of sex, but for the most part, I’m just waiting to get home and put all the naughty words on the page that I had to ignore. Every writer gets ideas from those around them. Authors are people-watchers. Creatives can use anything that happens as inspiration for something amazing. Tap into that. Find the creative in you and get to work.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow to read my birthday story for F dot Leonora!

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