Sharing is Caring: The Witch’s Mage by Laurell Grey

Welcome to Sharing is Caring! Today we are featuring The Witch’s Mage: Paranormal Erotic Romance by Laurell Emily Grey.

Her callous emotions are the influence behind her control of the weather-which all comes in handy as a resolution with the assistance of a very powerful Mage.
Raine is a very sassy witch, and she’s not afraid to display it. Blonde hair, sapphire eyes, cute pair of tits and did I mention she can manipulate the weather? She’s adorable, great sense of humor, but she is scared to death. She’s in so much trouble and in mortal danger. To solve the conflict, she locates the professor and pleads for his help. This does not make him ecstatic however, he senses something about her that decidedly interests him. She must submit herself to him.
She must become, his.

He’s the only person who can save her and help her with this big freakin mess. Sebastian is a very dominant mage, and he fully intends to tame this brat. He’s solemn, intelligent, powerful but underneath it all, Raine can sense that he’s hiding a dark past within himself. He’s also protective, sweet and sometimes, he’s a little mischievous. As the days pass, he can’t deny this white-hot passion between them. He admires her spirit and her body that he longs to possess. However, if this whole Dom and Sub relationship agreement is going to work, they need to open their hearts, entirely.

He’ll do anything to keep her.

New Witches, new Demons. More domination, more kink. More sex.
A prophesy that frights the hell out of any witch alive makes this story a journey full of action, comedy, supernatural romance and BDSM that is bound to make you grin (or nibble your lip. Have sexy time with your companion. Do the dab. Who knows.)

Will Raine and Sebastian be able to stop the prophesy from coming true? Or are they already too late? Note: If you like your paranormal books hot and steamy, this is the book for you.


Laurell is a stay at home Mom, wife, and good girl but when she has time for herself, she loves to write sexy paranormal erotic stories! She creates worlds for readers to open up their minds, taking them places where some have only dreamed about. Steamy, hardcore and wickedly delicious stories that will leave the reader panting for more.. Laurell lives in Arkansas with her hubby and their four kids. They are her world and keep her going nonstop. Come by and visit her, she loves to meet new readers!!

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Random Facts about Laurell

I love rock music, mocha, knee-high boots, getting dolled up and anything that’s Erotic or funny!!


Technical Blather: Calling All Google Geeks

I can’t take it anymore, I want my Google Chrome back. Please save my sanity (what little I have left).

I haven’t been able to use my Google Chrome on my new laptop for way too long now and it’s driving me mad. I can use it on the old laptop, I can use it on my phone, and my work computer. And, of course, my little Asus Chromebook. All were signed in to my Google Account and synced, so I know the issue lies with this laptop.

I’m using an HP Omen running Windows 10, not that I think that really matters. At work I have Windows 7 Pro. On the old laptop, I also have Windows 10.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve checked the firewall. I’ve completely turned off Avast, I’ve tried Canary Chrome, and I’ve uninstalled, rebooted, then deleted every Registry Key that had ‘google’ in it. After a couple of days, I reinstalled it, and still received the same stupid privacy error.

I have tried researching this error, only to find things that have worked for others do not work for me. Plus the solved answers tend to be older than a year. I’ve contacted Google Support, but they don’t care about me as I’ve never had a reply.

I promise you, my date and time are accurate and I have no idea what the date and time being incorrect on a laptop would have to do with a privacy name ID error, but there you have it….

Here’s the KICKER. When I was logged into my Google Account, I could access everything else. The only things I cannot access are Google.Com, Gmail.Com, and I cannot perform any searches on any search engines. I even tried Bing. (Shudder)

I can use my bookmarks to get everywhere I need to go, but when I go to search something and have to do so in a completely different browser that CAN get to Google (explain that one, please) it ramps up my blood pressure. I can also get to Google, Gmail, etc using Edge.

Here is a screenshot:

If you click on this, it should enlarge, but I’m copying and pasting the text for you as well:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Automatically send some system information and page content to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites. Privacy policy

Under the Advanced link: normally uses encryption to protect your information. When Google Chrome tried to connect to this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to pretend to be, or a Wi-Fi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Google Chrome stopped the connection before any data was exchanged.

You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later. Learn more.

As if that wasn’t insult enough (I have nothing to steal… except maybe this laptop and a lovable cat) clicking on the links for the privacy policy leads me to the same exact error! And so does the link for system information and page content.

Firefox isn’t so bad. It treats me well. It imported all of my bookmarks, but I’m a Google Girl. There may be a reward in this for the person who solves my issue 100%. Meaning, Google Chrome works for at least a week without seeing these issues. Something like a 25$ Amazon Gift Card.

Thanks for listening to my plight. You can use the contact page or comments here for solutions. When I do get it working again, I will update this post so that others who are unable to solve this issue will know what worked for me (and hopefully it will also work for them).

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

Masturbation Monday: Tease – Part Two

Welcome back for the second installment of Tease for Masturbation Monday! I hope you enjoy this snippet of sultry torment.

“Please, Mack.” Swaying my backside in front of him failed. I think. I’d reached back and spread my cheeks for him, to show him just how wet and happy I was to see him. Instead of being fondled and fucked, I’d received a spanking. My cheeks burned, both sets, one with a flush, the other with hand prints.

If you missed part one, here’s a link.

Mack sat at the desk, ignoring me. After telling me he wasn’t kindhearted, he’d tied my wrists to the leg of the desk, then spread my feet apart as though he were about to frisk me for weapons. There was a little rotating fan that was driving me insane. Every time it hit me, I squirmed. The office smelled like fresh wet pussy. My wet pussy.

The clacking of the keyboard was loud in my ears. I rested the side of my face on my arm to watch him as he worked. The intense look on his face told me that whatever he was typing up had to be something important. More important than sliding his cock inside me.

I could’ve easily slid myself to the edge of the desk, stood, and then unbound my wrists with my teeth. That was what my logical side told me anyway. This was a test. It had to be. How long could I stay here, quiet and trying to be patient, as I waited for him to finish what he was working on? And what the fuck was he working on? The man barely stopped typing long enough to take a swig of water.

My back ached, I needed to flex my hips. The heels I wore were great for bending over to get fucked or to lengthen my legs, but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold this position. I shifted, stretching one leg to try and ease the ache in my hips, then the next. Mack kept typing, but spared a glance in my direction.

Once his tongue licked me from clit to backdoor, all thoughts fled. 

“Almost done, pet.” Desire surged in me, I thought I had a mini-orgasm. The way he looked at me marked me as his. Then the printer started screeching behind me, causing me to almost jump out of my skin. “Whoa, are you okay? Did you hurt anything? I apologize, I should have warned you.”

“I’m okay. A little sore. I’m not used to staying still in an odd position for this long. I do yoga and work out, but staying still is not my specialty.” I turned my face away to hide the frown that worked its way onto my face. I didn’t want him to see how disappointed I was and I couldn’t stand it if he was feeling the same.

Mack stood, swept my hair off my neck, then licked, nipped, and kissed in the same sensitive spot. He kept it up until I felt like I was made of molten lava, ready to burst in a fiery blast.

“That’s a good pet. I need you to look at something, but first, I need to fucking taste you. You’ve got the entire room filled with your delicious scent. I can’t take it any longer.” Mack pulled his chair over, guiding it carefully between my legs, then sat down as if he were going to take a meeting with my backside.

Heated hands, calloused and rough grabbed my ass and lifted. I knew what he would find there. Drenched from sticky pussy juices that had been leaking from me since I’d placed myself in this position waiting for him to come back with food. Oh fuck, I’d forgotten about the food. Once his tongue licked me from clit to backdoor, all thoughts fled.

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You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

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Link: Kayla Lords

Sharing is Caring: Imperfect Love by Jade Royal

Please give a warm welcome to Jade Royal – Erotic Author Extraordinaire! Jade Royal is a blogger and author that writes all things Romance bringing stories alive one keystroke at a time. Limits of Love is Jade Royal’s first series and it focuses on love and BDSM.


Drawn to each other since they were teenagers, Shelly and Harrison have fought their attraction for years. A bold move from Shelly changes the game and awakens a need so primal that it can’t be ignored. She’s willing to take a chance on the “ladies’ man”, risking her heart in the process.

Something is wrong though … something that Shelly can’t seem to unravel. What is he hiding? Does the secret he’s keeping matter?

When the truth is forced from Harrison, all hope of a future with Shelly is lost. A past that haunts his present seems to be taking over his life, trying to destroy everything in its path. Will it annihilate everything? Or will Harrison and Shelly find an Imperfect Love?


My body was throbbing, in need for his thrust. I was in tune to his channel, but I was starting to lose focus on the words being spoken from his delectable lips. The last thing I needed was for the brat, bitch and geek to come together and triple team my common sense. They’d win without a doubt and that wouldn’t be wise.

I sighed, trying to reign in my emotions. I knew he was speaking about being stood

up tonight, but I wasn’t interested in that. I was much more interested in the thickening of the veins in his neck, the way he licked his lips between words, and the way he stretched his fingers into and out of a fist. I took a deep breath as I noticed his stiff shaft through his jeans.

“You’re aroused,” I said, successfully cutting him off.

“What makes you think that?” The whole time he played it cool, but I could tell that the direct line from me caused him discomfort.

“Well …” I slid my hand down his neck to his chest, over his stomach and then went straight for his man package. “This kind of gave you away.”

“Shells, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Harrison licked his lips and hit his head on the wall a few times as if he was trying to beat common sense into himself.

“Doing what? I’m an adult now Harrison. I’m all grown up and you seem to like it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Shells.” I chuckled because he’d reverted to my childhood nickname. Maybe it gave him focus. Maybe it was a habit. I didn’t want it to be either. I wanted him to drop the act and come at me with all he had.

I looked over my shoulder and noticed the crowd gathering with New Year drinks around the television for the countdown. I smiled as I looked back at Harrison. “Since I can’t get on my knees and use my mouth like I want to, baby, how about I use my hand to get you off.” I stroked him through his jeans some more. “You’re more delightful than I thought before. Please, Harrison, let me please you.”

I loosened his belt slowly and unbuttoned his pants. I kept reminding myself that I needed to stay partial. This was about me getting him off so I needed to keep the reign on my emotions. This was just a scene in a kink club. It wasn’t about the feelings that I’d harbored about him for years. I needed to keep it simple, stupid.

Just as I was about to unzip them and slide my hands inside, he caught my hands and held them firmly. I looked up and my breath was caught, hitched, as I considered the meaning in his eyes.

At that moment, I wanted to be under him basking in his control. I wanted to be his in so many ways. I felt the moisture between my legs and my body became one continuous ache. Jesus, I needed to get a grip.

“Harrison …” I moaned.

Get your copy of Imperfect Love by Jade Royal at Amazon!

Fun Bio:

All hail the queen, Queen Jade Royal walks in and sits on her throne. Without words, she listens to the voices. Her subjects; men and women, speaking of murder, love, sex, and betrayal. Using her instinct, she pulls the stories from the courtyard listening carefully to what each is telling her. Her townspeople talk to her day in and day out about what’s troubles them. Each night in her bed chambers, Jade pulls her quill from her inkwell to form stories because it’s difficult for her to resist the call to write. That is why she refers to herself as a servant to the quill.
The Queen’s kingdom is beyond the mystical blue-green Kentucky Highlands which is on the border of the Ohio River. In the queen village of Cincinnati, Jade has a castle full of kin that helps her rule the lands. She spends the week’s end eating last meal and bonding with the Royal family, while the tales lay at bay until nightfall.
As a true queen, it is Jade’s duty to provide her kingdom what they need. After years of writing, the queen has decided to bless her royal subjects with the publication of her words. She is starting her first arrangement of fables focused on romance and eroticism.
As a wordsmith, your Majesty hopes to host a community of stories to her court that they can relate to on various levels. The sea of emotions guiding you through its toughest storms will have you perusing her scribe and provide literate entertainment.

Official Bio:

When the voices begin to speak, Jade Royal sits down in her lab to write the tale. The story unfolds with each keystroke as she listens to her instincts bring the words to life. For as long as she can remember, Jade has always expressed her creative nature artistically, especially by writing. She refers to herself as “Slave to the Pen” because it’s difficult for her to resist the call to write.
Jade resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was born and raised. She has many siblings and very family oriented. She spends Sunday evenings eating dinner with them keeping the bond between family nice and strong.
Jade Royal is currently working on her first series. The first book will be released at the end of 2016 and the second will be released not long after. The series focuses on love, romance, and the eroticism of the two combined
As an author, Jade hopes to pull in her readers to experience a community of stories that they can relate to on various levels. The emotional roller coaster that is bestowed will hopefully make her readers stalk her words and provide literate entertainment.
For more information on Jade Royal, follow her on her website and social media avenues.

Social Media for Stalking:

Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Profile

Random Facts About Yourself

I hate candy corn
I love pink
I love cheese pizza
I love chess pie
I want to live in the UK
My favorite actress is Julia Roberts
My favorite movie is Pretty Woman
I know useless information
I love technology and gadgets
I love the sound of rain
I love WINTER and all things associated especially snow

Wicked Wednesday: Shopping

Welcome to another week of Wicked Wednesday! Have you ever had an interesting shopping trip? Well, this woman did.

There were just so many kinds of rope. It was overwhelming, all the choices. I wondered what the difference was, so I started playing with them, caressing the samples hanging on the wall.

“May I be of assistance?” The gruff voice made me jump. I thought I was alone.

“Perhaps. I’m a little out of my element.” I pointed to the item on my list. “All he says here is rope, but it’s the one item my brother didn’t give me specific details about.”

“Is he here with you? We could have him paged to the aisle if you’d like.” A small smile was concealed by his thick beard. Fiery eyes looked me up and down. I had to be ten years older than the young man, but I felt as though we were checking me over.

“No, he has a broken leg, can’t even use the stuff. I should just put everything back and make him do this when he can walk again.” I grabbed the cart and started to head back towards the exit.

“I’m sure we can get the right rope your brother wants, but what type of rope would you prefer to be bound with?” His gaze softened when he watched me. In another way, he also appeared cocky with the slight smile, more of a smirk, and raised an eyebrow.

I can’t help but wonder if his beard would be soft against my thighs. I shook my head, throwing the thought as far away as I could. “I’m sorry, did you say what rope would I want to be bound with? I’m not that kind of woman.” The need was apparent in my voice. I did look at photos and watched videos of women being bound by burly men, men like the one before me here. And wondered.

“If I were to bind you, I would use this delicate black rope against your pale skin. And this red to accent it. Neither leave behind traces for long.” He glanced over me again, roaming over my body slow and steady.

I could almost feel myself being bound just by the way he looked at me. Flushed with excitement, I fanned myself with the flyer they’d given me when I walked in the door. “I… I’m really, um…” I cleared my throat, unable to get the words out. I wasn’t that kind of woman, but hell I wanted to be.

I wanted to be decorated in ropes and suspended for him to gaze upon me like a work of art.

“Come with me. Give me fifteen minutes of your time and I’ll show you what you’re craving.” He pulled a bundle of black rope, the same coil he’d pointed out to me. Then, he took my hand. Within moments, we were in a hidden office, the door locked, my sundress draped over the chair. When he realized I was naked beneath the dark dress, his eyes gleamed with excitement.

Rope wrapped around me, pulled tight and knotted over my torso, my hips, and between my legs. When he started tightening certain lines as he bound me, a knot rubbed against my clit.

Biting my lip and tightening my jaw did not prevent the moan he caused.

“God, you’re so beautiful. Is your phone in your purse? I want to show you how beautiful you are.” Before I could say something, he had it in his large hands.

He didn’t have to unlock it to open the camera and he flipped it so I could see. He turned me this way and that, giving me the best view possible.

Panic and pleasure coursed through my body. Who was I to let a stranger tie me up in his office?

The name tag he wore could have a fictional name for all I knew. Seeing myself bound captivated me.

I wished I had mirrors to examine myself. There was no way I could let him take a photo.

“You’re incredible.” I sounded breathless to my own ears.

“I’d like to see you again.” Within moments I was untied and he wound the rope up into the neat coil it had been fifteen minutes ago.

“Yes.” My heart skipped a beat as the word left my lips. I was out of my mind. I grabbed my sundress and slid it back down, hands shaking as I took my phone from him. “Where?”

He handed me a card, the name of a club and an address in plain serif font. “We can meet there. It’s a safe place and I’m well known. I’m there on Wednesdays from eight to close. Will you come?”

“Yes. I’ll come, but only to see you.” Grabbing my purse, I tossed the card and my phone into it, then fiddled with the lock seeking to escape the office. My body was in a panic but, in my mind, I knew what I wanted.

“I look forward to it.”

His words resonated with me as the marks on my arms faded. I fast-walked out of the store and drove home. It wasn’t until I stepped into the house that I realized I hadn’t bought anything and that I’d left the cart there full of the items.

I hoped my clerk wasn’t stuck putting them back, but somehow, I reckoned he wouldn’t mind either.

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Masturbation Monday: Tease – Part One

Sometimes flirtatious words need a little push to go further. Will Mack take advantage of what Piper has to offer or will he put her aside?

“You’re such a tease. I should just bend you over and spank you right here, right now.” The words rumbled through my head the same way they rolled off his lips when he spoke them to me. The way he quirked his scarred eyebrow at me, and the half-smile. He was such a bad boss. I wanted him.

Did he stroke his chin as he spoke these words to me? His voice was gruff, full of temptation. We always flirted back and forth. Threats to spank came several times a week. He wasn’t married, no girlfriend. We spent several nights working late, truly working.

Tonight was going to be different. The garage was quiet. Once again, we were working late. This morning I chose to wear a silky shift, short jacket, and the perfect skirt to work today. I’d seen his eyes watching me when I passed his office, mostly glass windows so he could watch the floor without interference.

Mack had gone to grab us some take-out about fifteen minutes ago and would be back any moment. During his time away, I’d cleaned off his desk and situated myself so that the first thing he’d see when he walked in was my bare ass in his window, bent over. I needed that spanking.

“I’m not kindhearted, Piper.”

The door clanged shut, then the lock engaged. “Pipes, the food is hot. Piping hot.”

I was sure there was a chuckle after his little joke with my name, but it was lost in the roar in my head. He was back. Would he like seeing my ass bare? My pussy on display for him? I trembled, eager and fearful all at the same time. I had dreamed of this for months. There was nothing beyond this, no plan, no thought.

Mack walked into the office, his pants tight in the crotch. I could tell he liked what he saw, but that wouldn’t mean a damn thing if he didn’t take advantage. “Wow.” He set the food down on the coffee table in front of the couch and walked over, then walked around me. Mack looked at me from every angle while I lay splayed out on his desk, hair arranged just so, lashes lowered submissively, yet I followed his movement as much as I could while he was in my line of sight.

Heart pounding, I waited. The leather paddle sat out on the desk. I’d purposefully researched and even tested several paddles out. Though, I’d rather his bare hand on my hot flesh, I wouldn’t mind the feel of the leather. “Do you like what you see, Sir?”

“It pleases me. Are you sure this is what you want?” He bent over me, whispering into my ear. “I’m not kindhearted, Piper.” His breath was hot upon my neck, his teeth grazed the outer curve of my ear.

I’d caught him one night, tying up a woman in the garage. Suspended in the air. Spanked and teased, then sent home. I’d forgotten my phone and had to drive all the way back. The music had been so loud, he hadn’t heard the lock disengage or the metal door open. At first, I was jealous, but when I found out that there wasn’t anything more between them, I knew I wanted to be his.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please continue to Part Two!


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TMI Tuesday: Shame

Here we go, when I divulge either too little or too much, or perhaps just enough? Stop by TMI Tuesday and get the questions, then answer them on your own blog.

1. Tell us a sexual thing/fantasy would you never want your friends to know you like or have done?

Well, I write a range of interesting scenarios. Some, I’d be thrilled to experience while others are way beyond my personal need to get off. I don’t feel shame for anything that I enjoy and no one should. Unless it’s against someone’s will, true non-consent, (and everyone is of legal age) then no one should be shamed for the things they enjoy.

2. Has anyone ever found an item of sexy underwear, a sex toy or perhaps a picture on your phone that embarrassed you?

No, my embarrassing photos are those selfies. That’s shameful. I tend to delete often, but every now and then, I miss a few. I don’t take those photos. Oh, and my avatar is me from a boudoir shoot about 7 years ago.

3. Do you have any fantasies you could never go through with because you think you would feel ashamed?

Being 40, perhaps I’ve worked through a lot of the things in my life that others haven’t yet. I don’t feel shameful about what turns me on. I think being an erotica author helps with that, too. I want everyone to have a positive experience. I want everyone to be fulfilled and happy and I want them to feel good about their choices.

4. Have you ever felt shame after a sexual experience?

Not in a very long time and I wasn’t ashamed for what I’d done, I was ashamed for going about things the way I did. Another experience, I was ashamed because I allowed someone to treat me that way. Shame can only be felt if you know you’re doing something wrong. So, if you’re in a monogamous relationship and you cheat, yes you should feel shameful. We are all flawed and there’s no way to get out of life without feeling some form of regret or shame at some point in life.

Bonus:  Share a recent non-sexual moment of shame.

I think my most shameful thing is that I haven’t fully spring-cleaned the house. But, I’ll get there, one day at a time.

This has been TMI Tuesday brought to you by the TMI Tuesday Blog! Hop over there to see what others answered about these truly intrusive questions. Don’t be shy! Just be yourself.

Masturbation Monday: Becoming

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I know, you waited all week for this, but it’s finally here! If you ever need an excuse to have a hot one-handed read and a second glass of something strong, today is that day. Enjoy!

Wet warmth down my skin, along sensitive spots, making me shudder. Twitch and twist, pressing against, pulling away. Too much, but wanting more. Bound and open, only capable of minimal resistance. Fingers caress and pinch along their path, inciting moans and begging with every touch.

Eyes widen, lips part, bargaining turns into babbling. Feathers emerge to tickle and tease, nipples harden and nerves sizzle. Marked with fingerprints and teeth marks, claimed as yours. My name whispered into my ear as our flesh presses together. Becoming one, a slow burning flame. Built into an inferno, a wild fire, a blazing star. Collapsing into each other, rupturing and spreading across the universe.

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You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

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Link: Kayla Lords

Adventures in Writing: Day Job Writing

If you’re new to this ‘writing thing’ and have a day job to pay your bills, you probably have no idea how to get in a little writing time when you’re supposed to be working. 

Disclaimer: No Slacking 

I am not giving you permission to slack off at work. If you have projects to do with deadlines, then I would suggest you focus on those first. You can still get in a little writing time here and there, even with deadlines. I am giving you permission to take a few minutes to doodle or jot down a few lines that popped into your head. I am giving you permission to take a break when you’re stuck, because focusing on something else when things aren’t connecting the way they should means you’re probably experiencing tunnel vision and can’t see passed it. Don’t lose your ability to pay for food and the bills (until you start making bank and have several emergency funds and so forth).

Lunch Break

I take my lunch break later in the day, usually around 2, depending. Sometimes it ends up being earlier, sometimes it ends up being later, but either way, I don’t eat on my lunch. I eat at my desk at noon and then on my actual 30-minute break, I write. If the day is beautiful, I shed a layer, grab my Asus and head outdoors. We do have seating outdoors, but you have to go through two locked doors to get there. So instead I sit in my vehicle, which is only through one locked door and not as long of a walk.

I also use my cell data as a mobile hotspot*. That way, I can’t get into trouble writing erotica on the work internet. Now, don’t think me an angel, I’ve broken that rule many times when it comes to writing – especially if I overhear something that I just have to put in my idea sheet.

*If you’re worried about data use – especially if you have a family plan with several people – I can tell you that I use just under 1 gig of data in a month. This is for 30 days, 30 minutes, 5 days a week. 

Cell Phone 

Speaking of cell phones, keep yours on you, if possible, all the time. Some places won’t allow cell phones in a meeting, but I take mine anyway and put it on silent. I keep it on vibrate at my desk. Yes, I take my phone to the restroom* with me. I’m one of those people who occasionally just needs a break away and will take a little longer in the restroom. It’s usually because I’m taking a few moments to write an idea or a comment on someone’s blog, or a reply comment here. I recommend pulling up the file or page you need before getting in there to save time.

*It’s also nice to have when people turn the light out, even though they know there’s someone else in the restroom with them. 

Scrap Paper 

If you’re in a meeting you don’t really need to pay attention to – say some kind of training class you took to burn some time, you can write notes on scrap paper, or a notepad. I recommend writing some notes regarding the training either intermingled with the story notes or on a piece above the story notes. If someone just glances, they might see the story notes, but unless it’s something explicit (ahem, don’t make them explicit) they’ll probably not concern themselves with whatever you’re writing.


First off, if the company you work for literally tracks people down for misuse of company-owned tech, don’t do this.

Second, if you get caught, own up to it, be honest. You don’t have to tell all the nitty gritty details, just say you were typing up a personal reminder note before you forgot.

Third, befriend your IT department if you can. Don’t be mean to them because they can make your work life hellacious if they choose to do so. If you’re cool with them, they might say ‘hey, stop looking at that porn at work or we’ll have to report it.’

Wicked Wednesday: Backseat Buddies

Oh welcome to Wicked Wednesday and what a wicked day it is! I seem to be stuck on guys loving guys, which is never a bad thing because, hello, it can be just as hot as girls kissing girls. Enjoy Curtis and Lee as they fight for the right to be on top.

Confiscated from Pinterest

The vinyl creaked as I shifted. I knew that Lee would show, he was just running late. Breathing deep into my belly was supposed to help me relax when my anxiety got the best of me. I closed my eyes, trying to let the thoughts slide right through without giving them much notice.

I almost hit my head on the roof of the old Chevy when Lee knocked on the window. He backed away and I forced the door open. It had been two weeks since we’d had the chance to sneak out again. “You made it.” I tried sounding happy, but didn’t quite get there. Inside, my heart was going 180 and my cock started to harden.

Lee grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me. “Yes, I made it. Now move over. I want to feel you.” He followed me in, still touching me, kissing me, as I slid over.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. Why do we keep doing this? You have a wife.” Guilt wracked me. My stomach twisted. My cock ached.

“My wife is fine with it. I told you that. As long as no one else knows, it’s all good. She has her friends and I,” Lee kissed me, slipping his tongue between my lips, “I have you.”

“Would it be too much for her to tell me herself sometime?” I needed this hole in my chest to go away. Lee filled it when we were together, until the guilt kicked in.

“We’re having a cookout this Saturday. Come over. Bring some beer or a side dish. You can speak with her and get what you need so I can get what I want. Okay?” Lee’s hands unbutton and unzipped my pants, freeing my length from its prison.

Vinyl groaned beneath our weight as I shifted when his lips wrapped around me. I reached for him when I came back to my senses. I found his nipple and twisted just enough to make him hum while my cock was down his throat.

My head lulled back and a flash of light as a car turned the corner illuminated our initials carved into the ceiling. The soft interior had long ago been taken by animals for their nests. The car used to be Lee’s. We’d hidden it, unable to get rid of it. It held so many memories, so many times we fucked, kissed, even fought. I pinched his nipple hard and held it tight.

“My turn, Lee.” I almost shot down his throat when he groaned his disappointment and pulled himself off.

“I haven’t gotten enough.” He laid back anyway and allowed me to undo his pants so that I could get a taste of him before we figured out who would be bottom tonight.

We double-fisted my cock, bouncing up and down in the backseat of the old Chevy.

“We should have a fishing weekend and get our fill of fucking and sucking.” I dove onto his cock like it was the last time I’d get to suck him. Lee squirmed beneath me, grinding his hips into my face. He had always been unable to hold himself still.

“Yeah, yeah we can do that.” The sound he made as he tried to get his words out caused my heart to skip a beat.

Grabbing his balls, I squeezed them until he cried out, protesting that it was too much. Pulling back, I started to yank his pants down as he struggled beneath me. “Who will win tonight?” I got the waistband of his pants down to his thighs before he shoved me back towards the other door.

“Me, I will win tonight.” He dove on top of me, kissing me as a distraction while trying to get a hold on my pants. When he did, they came off too fast for me to stop him. He always wore tighter jeans than I did. “Haha, this is going to be good.”

He held tight to me as I tried to force him back to the other side, but once he got a certain grip, he rolled me over like a sack of potatoes. Lee held me pinned. “You’re mine, Curtis.”

I writhed beneath him, trying to buck him off, but he held on. I laid there beneath him, panting, exhausted. I didn’t want to give in. I wanted to fuck him, but the day had been long and hard and I’d used up the last of my energy.

Foil crinkled and a few moments later I felt him pushing his way inside. I pushed back against him, wanting him deep as fast as he could go. We both groaned when our bodies met and he started fucking me like a wild animal. I dug my fingers into the old seat, wanting to come. I didn’t even realize I was begging him to get me off until I heard my voice over the blood rushing through my ears.

Grabbing me by the hips, Lee forced me to sit on him. “Let’s jerk you off together.” We double-fisted my cock, bouncing up and down in the backseat of the old Chevy. The springs in the seat screamed in protest as I covered it in new streamers of jizz.

That’s when I saw his wife, Vicky, sitting in the front seat of the car. The front of the car was so buried in the trees and brush that it was almost perfect darkness. I hadn’t seen her there earlier when I was waiting. The windows were down and, while the car was well concealed, it wasn’t difficult to slip in through one of the giant windows.

“Fuck you two are hot.” She wore a dark sundress and her hand moved between her thighs under the skirt. “Curtis, would you mind coming over one night and fucking my husband in front of me? The kids are going to camp next week. Perhaps you could make some time for us?”

Lee who hadn’t noticed his wife, who hadn’t heard her over the squeaks of the seat springs or my moans, let out a long, low moan as he filled the condom. He panted and pulled me back against him, kissing the side of my neck. That’s when he noticed her sitting there.

“Oh, hey babe. I didn’t think you’d show.” A snicker escaped him and he hugged me close. “I told you she didn’t mind.”

A car turned the corner and a flash of light entered the car. My eyes widened when I saw that I’d covered his wife in sticky strings of jizz, but she just licked her lips and smiled.

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TMI Tuesday: Let’s Talk about Sex

Part of writing is using your fear to get the story out, or using your emotions to make something more compelling. This TMI Tuesday post is really personal and a little scary, so here we go.

1. Would you take a course in advanced sex positions? Why?

If I did, it would probably just to be able to write more detailed scenes. Hell, I had a friend tie me up in Dragonfly Sleeves to get the feel of the ropes on my skin.

2. “Did you orgasm?”
Men: Do you ask your sex partners this? Women: Have you been asked this?
Men, why do you ask this question? Women, do you mind being asked this question?

Ahh, the killer question. I’ve been asked in a couple of ways. One, joking – because screaming orgasms where you don’t breathe for two minutes and the other person thinks they killed you – no, didn’t get off, not once… Ha.

And then the other side of that, I’m honest. Yes, the sex was good. No, I didn’t get off, but I’m always up for another round. I don’t mind being asked, but it makes me wonder how well versed the guy is in sex if he can’t tell I’ve gotten off.

3. “Was it good for you?”
Have you ever asked this question after having sex? Were you ever told “No, it was not good.” If yes, what did you do?

I’ll be honest, I’ve half-lied. More often than not, I’ve enjoyed the sex, but it was just a bonus side of being around that person at the time. I’ve asked and while not told the sex wasn’t good, I was told some other things. I prefer honesty over outright lies.

4. When was the last time you had a simple, sexy “make out” session? Do you wish you had more purely “make out” sessions?

Oh, you mean those make-out sessions that end up with sweaty, panting, people groping each other? It’s been a while, but hot damn, thinking about it is enough to get me riled all up.

5. When is that last time you had a “quickie”– sex lasting 5 minutes or less? How often do you engage in “quickies”?

I think my minimum is 6 minutes and yes, I came screaming. I was on a lunch break at the time. That was quite a while ago.

Bonus: Think about the person that is/was your favorite sex partner? Why were they your favorite?

There weren’t any complications. Friends who fucked. Enjoyed some of the same things. Usually just hung out, fucked, then went about our way. I prefer it that way. I have fond memories of these types of relationships more than actual relationships. I wasn’t worried about them hurting me and I wasn’t worried about hurting them. Being as each of these relationships gave me exactly what I needed at the time I needed it, I can’t really pick just one.

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Masturbation Monday: Get Dirty

Thank you to Cara Theron for being such an incredible inspiration for Masturbation Monday!

Luke’s face stiffened when he saw me. He raked a hand through his dirty blonde spikes and turned away. I squinted my eyes at him, ready to tackle him for being so cocky. His shoulders shook. I paused, then picked up a nearby bucket. I had no idea where the bucket came from but I was glad someone had left it behind.

“I’m sorry, just give me a minute.” He held himself rigid. The shakes got worse.

I stepped as quietly as my squishy sneakers would allow, squelching through mud. Luke turned around and, instead of freezing like most people do when they’re caught, I dumped a bucket full of muddy water on him. It was nowhere near how covered I was, but it would do. For now.

“Keri, I can’t believe you just did that.” He wiped the muddy water from his eyes and shook himself like a dog, splattering me. I blocked my eyes, but other than that, it wouldn’t make a dent in the mud already covering me.

“You can only blame yourself for what I just did. If you had told me we were going to be mud-running, I’d have brought extra clothing. But no, you purposefully left that out.” I scraped some of the drying, sticky mud off my shirt and smacked it against his cheek. “Cocky bastard.”

“Tighten your thighs around me, I won’t bite.”

Luke was my trainer. I’d purposefully joined a gym and hired a trainer that scheduled outdoor group activities with the people they trained. A handful of people signed up for the outing today, but everyone other than me pulled out, citing family or work excuses.

If I didn’t have the hots for Luke, I’d have probably left the group by now. He was such a cocky bastard and I couldn’t get enough. The way his arms flexed when he corrected a pose I was new to, or how he spotted me on the lifting bench.

“Hey, mud is good for the skin, right? Think of it as a spa treatment without spending all that extra cash.” Luke laughed, ignoring the mud on his face.

“You’re adorable. Turning, I looked up and down the creek, wondering if there was a spot I could wash off.

“C’mon, I want to show you something.” He hopped back on the ATV and looked at me, a sparkle in his deep green eyes. Eyes that always seemed to be laughing. Eyes that made me squirm.

With a little growl, I hopped back onto the back of the ATV. I wrapped one arm across his chest and placed the other hand on his thigh to act like a recoil spring for when he hit the brakes or I shifted forward too fast. “Let’s go.”

He picked his way carefully down the creek, and then on more solid ground when a path opened up through the trees. My skin was starting to itch as the mud dried. I had to keep shifting as well because the wet mud on my ass wasn’t help me stay on the seat as well as I normally would have.

“Tighten your thighs around me, I won’t bite.” Luke squeezed one knee and I almost flew off the seat altogether from the electric zing I felt. He stopped and glanced at me. “You okay? We’re almost there.”

“Fine, sorry, you uh, hit a nerve.” After situating myself again, we headed for his mystery spot. When we got there, my eyes widened behind my smeared sunglasses. “Holy shit, that’s beautiful.”

Luke parked under a huge shade tree and helped me off the ATV. I wouldn’t need help, but the mud was making everything a bit difficult. “Thanks.” I immediately headed for the clear water sparkling beneath a tall waterfall.

“Hey, be careful, there are some deep spots. Wait for me.” I paused at the edge long enough for him to catch up, then took a deep breath and leapt into the water. I came back up pretty quickly, mud streaking behind me, heading downstream.

“The water is perfect, hurry up Luke!” I headed for the waterfall. If anything could get the mud out of my hair, it was the waterfall, or so I hoped.

Watching Luke splash his way passed me to the waterfall, fully clothed, made me think I needed to swim more often. By the time I got there, he was out of the water. I followed him, treading water. “Why are you getting out?”

“Not exactly.” He got a cocky smirk on his mouth and then stripped off his shirt.

“You want more? Take what you want.”

I went all fangirl on the inside, but huffed and rolled my eyes at him.

“Oh, come on, you want dry clothes, right?” He continued stripping, starting with his hiking boots, then his jeans and I turned around before he took off his boxers. A splash sounded when he jumped back in. “Get out and undress, I’ll be nice, I won’t peek… more than once.”

I hopped up onto the hot rocks and watched Luke as he faced the waterfall. I stripped off my clothes and shoes, then left them in the sun. I slipped back into the water and stared at his back. This was it, my chance to get close.

“Keri, can I be honest with you?” Luke sounded serious and when he got his serious voice on when we were all training it was usually something we didn’t want to hear. There was another note in his voice as well and I wasn’t sure, so I made a decision.

“Sure.” I had found a rock to stand on and crossed my arms over my chest. I wasn’t shy, I had no reason to hide from him, but this was Luke.

“I uhm…” Luke peeked over his shoulder. “Whenever we’ve ended up alone at the outings, it’s either because I cancelled it to the others or postponed it to another day with everyone else.” He ran his hand over his face and looked at me again.

“I know. We figured out you weren’t sure if I’d go out with you or not so you found a way. You’re a little shy, despite your cocky attitude.” I winked at him and held my hand out. “Help me rinse the mud from my hair?”

“Hell yeah.” Luke helped me up and turned us so I was under the waterfall. “How’s this?” He sunk his fingers into my hair, pressing into my scalp and I sighed in absolute pleasure.

“Oh, that’s good.” I held tight onto his shoulders at first, while he scrubbed away any clingy mud. But really, I just wanted to sink into his arms, and touch him all over. As his fingers worked through my hair, I worked my hands down his body, learning the curves and muscles of his flesh.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Luke bent down and kissed me, shifting his hands to pull me tight against him.

I softened against him, returned his kiss. The water cascading over us, the way he moved his hands, touching me in just the right way, melted me. When his fingers slipped below to stroke my nub, I clung to him, a moan of pleasure escaping.

As he pushed into me, harder, faster with every stroke, I felt myself become undone.

Luke moaned right along with me. “Keri.” The way he said my name sent shockwaves through my being. I rubbed myself against him.

“More, don’t stop.” Luke pulled me down onto the rock with him. I shifted my legs around his waist. The stone dug into my knees but it just made everything more vivid. Luke squeezed my breasts in his huge hands and nipped my lower lip.

“You want more? Take what you want.” He gave me that cocky smile of his and I laughed.

Reaching between us, I pinched his nipples first and he went rigid, a groan of pleasure erupted from his chest. “I’ll take all of you.” I reached between us and teased us both by sliding the head of his cock back and forth between my lower lips.

“Fuck, Keri, that’s good but I want more.” Luke growled playfully and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, then flicked his tongue back and forth. I moaned, loud and uncaring if there was anyone else in the area to hear me.

I felt myself gush between my legs, the warm, thick cream coated the head of his cock. I slid him inside, then worked my way down, lubricating every push.

“Oh, fuck that’s so good. Good girl.” Luke grabbed my hips and helped me wrap my legs around his waist. “We wouldn’t want to hurt those lovely knees of yours, now would we?”

When he started lifting me, I recalled all those reps he did for his chest and arms. The muscles flexed beneath my fingers and I cried out when he hit the right spot. “Oh, fuck me, hard, right there!”

As he pushed into me, harder, faster with every stroke, I felt myself become undone. The water cascading, hitting all the sensitive spots, his teeth, his lips, and those gorgeous green eyes ripped me apart. My moan echoed off the stones and into the forest around us.

“Fuck that’s the best sex ever.” Luke panted, holding me in his arms. We took a few moments to recover then decided to get out from under the waterfall. Every drop caused us both to twitch and gasp, making us needy all over again.

We made our way to calm, shallow waters and he kissed me again. “Be mine.”

“Oh Luke, you were mine from the moment I laid eyes on you.” I led him out of the water to a rock heated by the sun so we could get dry. I couldn’t help the wink I threw over my shoulder at him and the way his eyes widened in surprise made me smile in a cocky way.

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Adventures in Writing: Social Interaction

Today, let’s talk about social media and interacting with others.

First off, pick your platform. If you love Facebook, then focus on that one. If you love Twitter, then make that your main squeeze. I tend to be a Twitter focus-type. While I do post to Facebook, it’s most often an auto-post via my WordPress. So, when this post is published, it’ll send the headline and so forth over to Facebook. That’s about as much love FB gets from me these days – however, I am going to work to change that in the future.

The goal is interaction – with other authors, bloggers, and your readers. You don’t want to just post a bunch of ‘Buy My Book!’ links. You also don’t want your entire profile to be a bunch of links to Facebook or Instagram. Yes, it’s cool to link everything together and have one thing go out to several other platforms – however, things tend to get a little sketchy from there.

If your entire Twitter timeline is full of links – which lately do not include any preview text or image – you’re probably not going to get any responses. People want to know what they are clicking on in today’s world of hackers.

On that note about hackers – don’t ignore a profile so long that it gets hacked. It’s not pretty and can endanger the legitimate people who follow that profile.

Post about something. It doesn’t even have to be related to writing or your book. It could be “Aw, crap. Grabbed the wrong container for lunch today. Oops.” People will respond. They’ll share their screw-ups to commiserate with you. Sharing good things that happen are ideal, too. “Woohoo, got a great review on this {book/article/product}. Yes!” which then you’d share the link to said item. Boom. People will respond. Basically – have a conversation.

Reply to what others are posting about as well. Be kind, even if you disagree. Constructive is always better than destructive when you’re looking to make connections. Another way to interact is to ask questions. Not sure where to start researching for something specific? Type it up, hashtag it, put it out there. Someone will be interested enough to respond.

It takes time to build and forge connections. I’ve been told repeatedly that Twitter is a horrible platform for authors, yet I’ve built my Twitter Tribe and we all support each other. However, I’ve seen many authors succeed there. And, I’ve seen a few vanish altogether. If you feel you don’t have time to socialize, then focus on putting your buy links into a scheduling platform. Check your feed now and then and like, share, and try to respond. Even if it’s something simple like “You got this!” it shows that you are interested in what others have going on.

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Even if it’s just ten minutes every other day – something is always better than nothing.

Adventures in Writing: Blog Categories

Good morning, everyone! Today I’m sharing thoughts on why you should be using categories on your blog.

If you look in my sidebar, you’ll find the categories list. Every post on my site gets at least one, once in a while, I’ll use two, but every post gets one. While it’s not prominent on the site, it’s still there. Even if you don’t display your categories list like I do, you should still use them.

There are occasions that I post longer works in parts. If I forget to link those parts (it happens… ) then the next best thing for the reader to do is to click on the category because it’s probably a good chance that the posts on either side are related, depending on how many parts there are to the story.

The very last thing I want to do is to scroll through your site, page after page, looking for part 1 of a 5 part story. Thanks to the genius of Nicci Haydon, I’ve also started linking to the previous parts of stories in the story as well. I do my best to make it easy to navigate the website, to get you where you want to go in the shortest number of clicks.

Categories are also a great way to separate everything. If someone is coming to your site and all they want are your free stories, they can easily find them by clicking on a category labeled free stories. I don’t have a free stories category, I do have a Free Erotica tag, however. But most people who come here know that Masturbation Monday, Sizzling Nibbles, and Wicked Wednesday contain free erotic stories. It’s easy to find Excerpts because – you guessed it – , it is also a category.

There are no excuses for not setting up categories when you start a blog. Especially if you already know what type of topics you’ll be sharing. The display name can even be different from the actual path, so if you want to change the name of a category, you don’t have to start a whole new one (at least not on WordPress).

Even if you already have thousands of posts, taking the time to go through and categorize them will not only help you easily share a path to that particular category on social media, it’ll possibly also increase your number of pageviews because someone will start reading post after post or story after story.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any blog tips? Share them in the comments or a link to your own post.

TMI Tuesday: Getting to Know Me

Welcome to another TMI Tuesday where I answer questions that are (sometimes) WTMI for people to handle… Enjoy!

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Christian Kane. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with this poor man. I feel so bad for him, he’s always on my mind, if not up front and center, in the back fearing the return of my attention. I bet his ears burn and he has sneezing fits (probably right now…) all the time because of me.

2. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

A perfect day for me would be filled with laughter, sarcasm, coffee, and good friends, perhaps dinner and drinks out. A Skype or phone call with a favorite writer friend. Getting a lot of GOOD words down, you know the ones I mean, the kind that you read them a few days later and are amazed that they don’t need any (or much) editing.

3. How much do you like your personality?
(pick just one)

a. A lot.
b. A little.
c. It needs work.
d. I am annoying sometimes.
e. I am difficult, and people have told me so.

I am definitely right in the middle – C. I’m always trying to be a better person and yet I fail at that on a regular basis. I’m a terrible friend in the real world. I don’t call family, I don’t keep in touch. I figure if someone needs me, they know how to find me.

4. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

Mind. My memory is already terrible at 40. My body is doing pretty good. I will never look my age. Thank you, genetics.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any ability, what would it be?

OMG, best question ever. I want to be able to teleport, but in a way that’s not dangerous. Like, I want to be able to see where I’m going as I teleport so I don’t end up in a wall or stuck inside a mountain. So yeah, teleportation without all that nasty side effects that usually come along with it. If I have to have the side effects, then I’d find a way to teleport safely, but fuck… give me teleportation!

Bonus: How do you think you will die?

Most likely a heart attack. Both parents died of a heart attack and I don’t exercise enough or eat well enough and will most likely suffer the same fate. There’s hope, though. I might get lucky and go in my sleep or taking out the latest person who has irked my inner demon.

This has been TMI Tuesday brought to you by the TMI Tuesday Blog! Hop over there to see what others answered about these truly intrusive questions. Don’t be shy! Just be yourself.