Oct 21

Mischa Eliot

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Oct 19

Mischa Eliot

A Penny For Your Thoughts: Miserable to Magnificent

When life throws you illness, just throw pills at it until it goes away, right?

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been suffering from a head cold. I haven’t really written anything other than tweets and the Sneak Peek post about the Bundle coming out soon. Nope, haven’t written at all. It’s probably a good thing that I have a day job to muddle through on medication that makes me groggy and foggy to pay the bills. Not only does being sick suck, it sucks the life out of everything. I honestly feel for people who have allergies all year around and I feel for those who have illnesses that they are constantly taking medication for in order to have a life. Medication that could possibly cause all kinds of awful side effects.

I have friends I consider family that are taking all kinds of medication so they can have a somewhat normal life. I honestly don’t know how they do it, but they are quite inspiring. They get up every day and do what they do. They go on vacation, they spend time with friends and family, all the while being unable to do certain things or eat certain things. The fear of cross-contamination is prominent in people’s lives. It really makes you stop to think about how many people are truly afflicted with something in this world to understand how blessed you are to just have to pop an allergy pill in order to go on with your day.

Today, I want you to reach out to those people in your lives who are constantly having to watch everything they eat or everything they come into contact with. The people who have to take medication in order to get up in the morning and go about their day as if everything is just fine. Reach out to the people in your life that tend to turn down outings and see how they are. Because let me tell you – if I were in fear of cross-contamination every time I went out to eat, I would never bother leaving the house. I’d eat at home. I can handle pain, but if I can’t eat then life is at the worst low ever. I have a sister-friend that has to pay attention to everything about her food. My daughter is currently going through that and it pains me that I can eat whatever I want when she’s having to limit herself. Yes, it’s not a life-endangering sort of illness, but still, it’s painful and she can’t eat for a day if she’s triggered with something.

Show the people who are going through these crazy illnesses that we can’t seem to eradicate from our world and let them know they are in your thoughts. Just don’t get them sick, okay? Okay.

Oct 16

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Flipping the Switch – Part Five

Welcome back for Flipping the Switch – Part Five! Grant gives in and let his Kitten do whatever she wants to him and he doesn’t want her to stop.

masturbation-monday-week-107“You’re so beautiful, Mistress,” When I stopped, his head fell back to expose his neck and his chest rose and fell as he tried to remember how to breathe. “Please don’t stop. Please, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Start from the beginning…

I ran my tongue up along his sack, the length of his cock, pausing to tease the head and lick the mess from his belly. I crawled up his body, kissing and licking my way to his throat. When I reached my destination, I grazed my teeth against his skin. He was shaking beneath me, this alpha male of mine.

“Do I look this wonderful and amazing to you when you’re punishing me, my love?” The words I hadn’t meant to utter escaped as I whispered them against his ear. I nibbled his earlobe and then slid back down his body to press him against my opening.

“So beautiful,” he said, the words coming out soft and sweet as he exhaled. The feeling of the head of his cock against me made my insides feel like melting butter. I lifted his length and inserted him slow and steady, inch by aching inch, regardless of my mind screaming to thrust myself down as fast and hard as I could.

My moans joined with Grants as we sang out our mutual pleasure as I tortured us both by moving slow, oh so slow, down until our hips met. Feeling him shift beneath me, I yanked the chain lightly that connected the nipple clamps. He froze, the pain engulfing him.

“No. You’ll not be moving. You are my slave and I will use you like a dildo. Stay still and do not come.” I punctuated my last command by touching his nipples lightly. I knew I would have to let them go, but not yet.

“Tell me you understand, slave.” I slapped my hand on his chest to get his attention focused.

“Yes, Mistress. I understand. I am your slave, your dildo, and I will not come until you give me permission.” Poor Grant, how he struggled to get out all those words. I knew he was feeling his nerve-endings shrieking with pain and pleasure throughout his body because I had been there. Many times.

I could feel the pulse of his heart in his cock. I clenched my lower muscles around him and he forgot how to breathe all over again. I leaned forward and started riding him in earnest. I started out slow because regardless of the fact that I was in charge here, I knew if I didn’t pay attention I would give in and beg to be taken.

Riding him on my own, without his fingers digging into my hips, gripping me tight and lifting me made things a little difficult, but I managed to make us both sweat and gasp and shudder while I tried to get a good rhythm on my own. I had my hands on his chest to help me bounce up and down, my nails digging into his flesh as I let my head fall back to be swept away by the intense pleasure pulsating through my body.

“Oh God, OhGodOhGod,” I lost all sense of myself as one of the best orgasms ever ripped through me. I felt shredded and pieced back together as a new person. As I came back down, I realized just how much fun and powerful it was to be in control. I reached forward and started loosening one of the nipple clamps.

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You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

Link: Masturbation Monday

Link: Kayla Lords

Oct 14

Mischa Eliot

Snippets from the Bundle

Writing In Progress – I Promise

I’ve been working on two bundles. The first bundle is the Fix-It Fast Series bundle with Bonus Stories. One bonus story happens to be Fix-It Fast 10: Brooklyn and The Rebel. The other Bonus story will feature Alex and Hailey from Hailey and Her Dirty Secret (only available on Smashwords).

The other bundle is a bunch of semi-unrelated stories that include public sex, cheating, or both. And some voyeurism. I wanted to share a little bit of what I’m working on because I want all of you to know that I am writing. It just feels like it’s taking a little longer than usual because they’re bundles.

(I’m also working on the next 7 Days of Sin Short Story – Flashed on Friday… which is also a public sex/voyeurism type.)

Not only that, but two of the stories in the bundle are related to stories here on the blog. I’m writing about Kris and Ben from Porked in the Park. I’m also writing about the neighbor that happened to see Trey and Lucas during their outdoor play date in Wicked Game. Then some sexy things ensue. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Biker in my Bush

(Please continue when you stop laughing, and yes I still giggle at the title.)

I sunk my hands into his hair and kissed him back with the heat that had engulfed me. He grabbed my thighs, lifting me, my back banged hard against the door. I moaned into his lips when I felt the bulge in his pants press against me. There was some fumbling between my thighs and I heard the zipper draw down. Fingers caressed the silk fabric that kept us separated, then slid inside to feel the wetness contained within. Twitches and shivers ran through me, pinging every nerve-ending. Fingers probing, he slid one long finger deep inside to wriggle.

My hips thrust forward, trying to meet him for every wiggle of that hot finger inside me. A moan escaped into the thickness of his hair that hid my face. As he pushed aside my bottoms, he replaced his finger with the head of his cock.

Banged on the Bench

(Featuring Kris and Ben from Porked in the Park)

He didn’t bother sliding down my undies, he ripped them off and tossed them to the ground. I hadn’t heard his pants being unzipped or anything, but his cock was being shoved inside my soaked hole. I cried out and tried to pull away but he grabbed my hips, dug his fingers in and shoved himself all the way in while he pulled me back against him. It was exactly what I wanted, what I needed.

“You started it and now I’m going to fucking finish it,” Ben hadn’t eased up on his grip at all. I knew I would have finger-sized bruises in the morning. He pummeled me with short, fast, thrusts. My tits bounced back and forth, side to side, wildly out of control. I had removed my bra earlier for bed and now they swung free, trying to match the pounding rhythm.

Wicked Watcher

(Featuring Trey and Lucas from Wicked Game)

As I dipped my fingers inside, gooey warmth greeted my cold hand. “Oh, yes,” gasped out as I finger-fucked myself. Remembering the public show across the lake, I tried to focus on the couple again. The dominant one had removed the blindfold and continued tormenting his lover with ice cubes and his mouth. I tweaked my nipples with my free hand, pretending they were his fingers on my nubs.

Blinking my eyes, I saw that the dominant was waving his cock in his lover’s face, but not in a way that gave the other man an opportunity to do anything. The bound man struggled, trying to reach the head of the cock in his face, but to no avail. I stuck my tongue out, licking my lips, wondering if there were droplets of precum on the head. How would they taste? Salty? Maybe a little sweet? I wondered if he were thick and creamy as my fingers became soaked.

Well, folks. Sorry for the tiny tease. And yes, there will be more in this bundle than three stories. I’ve got two more, one in the works, the other is a glimmer of an idea but once my muse has it fleshed out, it’ll pour onto the page. Also, the full-length Porked in the Park will be included. I know, there’s more! Who knew? I knew. Yes, I shorted you on Porked in the Park. But no worries, it’ll be full length in the bundle!

Now Available: Public Affairs: a bundle of erotic tales on Kindle Unlimited!

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