Jun 08

Mischa Eliot

Adventures in Writing: Blog Categories

Good morning, everyone! Today I’m sharing thoughts on why you should be using categories on your blog.

If you look in my sidebar, you’ll find the categories list. Every post on my site gets at least one, once in a while, I’ll use two, but every post gets one. While it’s not prominent on the site, it’s still there. Even if you don’t display your categories list like I do, you should still use them.

There are occasions that I post longer works in parts. If I forget to link those parts (it happens… ) then the next best thing for the reader to do is to click on the category because it’s probably a good chance that the posts on either side are related, depending on how many parts there are to the story.

The very last thing I want to do is to scroll through your site, page after page, looking for part 1 of a 5 part story. Thanks to the genius of Nicci Haydon, I’ve also started linking to the previous parts of stories in the story as well. I do my best to make it easy to navigate the website, to get you where you want to go in the shortest number of clicks.

Categories are also a great way to separate everything. If someone is coming to your site and all they want are your free stories, they can easily find them by clicking on a category labeled free stories. I don’t have a free stories category, I do have a Free Erotica tag, however. But most people who come here know that Masturbation Monday, Sizzling Nibbles, and Wicked Wednesday contain free erotic stories. It’s easy to find Excerpts because – you guessed it – , it is also a category.

There are no excuses for not setting up categories when you start a blog. Especially if you already know what type of topics you’ll be sharing. The display name can even be different from the actual path, so if you want to change the name of a category, you don’t have to start a whole new one (at least not on WordPress).

Even if you already have thousands of posts, taking the time to go through and categorize them will not only help you easily share a path to that particular category on social media, it’ll possibly also increase your number of pageviews because someone will start reading post after post or story after story.

Thanks for reading. Do you have any blog tips? Share them in the comments or a link to your own post.

Jun 06

Mischa Eliot

TMI Tuesday: Getting to Know Me

Welcome to another TMI Tuesday where I answer questions that are (sometimes) WTMI for people to handle… Enjoy!

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Christian Kane. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with this poor man. I feel so bad for him, he’s always on my mind, if not up front and center, in the back fearing the return of my attention. I bet his ears burn and he has sneezing fits (probably right now…) all the time because of me.

2. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

A perfect day for me would be filled with laughter, sarcasm, coffee, and good friends, perhaps dinner and drinks out. A Skype or phone call with a favorite writer friend. Getting a lot of GOOD words down, you know the ones I mean, the kind that you read them a few days later and are amazed that they don’t need any (or much) editing.

3. How much do you like your personality?
(pick just one)

a. A lot.
b. A little.
c. It needs work.
d. I am annoying sometimes.
e. I am difficult, and people have told me so.

I am definitely right in the middle – C. I’m always trying to be a better person and yet I fail at that on a regular basis. I’m a terrible friend in the real world. I don’t call family, I don’t keep in touch. I figure if someone needs me, they know how to find me.

4. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

Mind. My memory is already terrible at 40. My body is doing pretty good. I will never look my age. Thank you, genetics.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any ability, what would it be?

OMG, best question ever. I want to be able to teleport, but in a way that’s not dangerous. Like, I want to be able to see where I’m going as I teleport so I don’t end up in a wall or stuck inside a mountain. So yeah, teleportation without all that nasty side effects that usually come along with it. If I have to have the side effects, then I’d find a way to teleport safely, but fuck… give me teleportation!

Bonus: How do you think you will die?

Most likely a heart attack. Both parents died of a heart attack and I don’t exercise enough or eat well enough and will most likely suffer the same fate. There’s hope, though. I might get lucky and go in my sleep or taking out the latest person who has irked my inner demon.

This has been TMI Tuesday brought to you by the TMI Tuesday Blog! Hop over there to see what others answered about these truly intrusive questions. Don’t be shy! Just be yourself.

Jun 05

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Skinny Dipping

A little skinny dipping is exactly what Elle needs to get herself back on track, luckily Owen can read her like a book and amps up the pleasure.

Confiscated from Pinterest

The water sluiced down my skin as he lifted me above him. The sun warmed my as the water chilled me, goosebumps popped up all over my flesh and a shiver caused Owen to tighten his hold.

“You okay, Elle?” Droplets glistened on our skin like diamonds in the setting sunlight, the heat of the day slowly waned. The last thing I ever expected from this bad boy that healed abused animals of all sizes and restored antiques like a pro was to  heal me, too. Everything he touched turned to gold, the way the sunset bathed us in its golden glow.

I could feel the flush as it heated my face, love overflowing from my heart as it rebuilt my faith and trust whenever I spent time alone with Owen or his family. “I’m more than okay.” The whisper left my lips and I placed my forehead against his, my hair hiding us even though there was no one around to see.

We clung to each other, kissing and nibbling, as we connected together in a way we hadn’t before. Our hearts became linked. Chains wrapped around me, through me, linking me to him. In the past, I’d have felt trapped, weighed down, broken. But entangled with Owen, all I felt was freedom and joy.

“Oh, that’s it, right there… don’t stop.” I pressed my face against his shoulder, nails biting into his muscled flesh. Bruises would blossom on my ass from how tight he held me, but I didn’t care. I would proudly bear those marks of passion.

Kisses rained over my face, neck, and shoulders. Across my collarbone. Back to my lips, he nipped with his teeth. “See, I had a feeling a swim would help you get back on even footing.”

“Yes, exactly what I needed was a swim. Skinny dipping with you was a bonus.” We pulled apart reluctantly, heading back to our clothes and the bike before anyone caught us trespassing. We still had a long ride ahead of us, but the journey was definitely worth traveling.

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Jun 03

Mischa Eliot

Sizzling Nibbles: Pay Up, Boy

Oh, here we go again, back in that silly park, except this naughty public display takes place way outside the park. 

The early morning fog hovered thick around us at the park. The neighborhood cookout would be gearing up this afternoon and there was a lot to do. The fog was actually a pleasant surprise. We’d have a little shelter and cool damp air to work in rather than a burning morning sun. Shoveling mulch into wheelbarrow tended to be messier the hotter it was, so the fog was exactly what I wanted.

The owner’s nephew Blaine was on the other side of the truck, shoveling as well. He kept looking at me and the scowl on my face continued to deepen every time he did. We were polar opposites. I had some serious prison time, tattoos and all, under my belt, while he had never known what a hard day’s labor was… until I had been named his new supervisor.

When I told his uncle that I wouldn’t allow excuses from his nephew, he grinned. “That’s exactly what I want from you Shawn. I want you to bust his ass, his balls, break his fucking back. I need someone like yourself to keep him on the straight and narrow path.” When his eyes shifted, mine widened. I understood. His entitled nephew was getting into trouble and he wanted me, a former convict, to make sure it stopped.

Growing up on the streets, I did whatever I needed to in order to survive. I paid for every one of those sins, some more than once. Some sins I paid for others, but now I was out from under that dark cloud. I never planned to end up there again. I was thankful that Zeke had taken me on. Grateful to have this job, to be trusted. I still had a lot of life left to live as well.

“What the fuck are you doing, Blaine? Quit looking at me and watch where you’re aiming that shovel.” My voice, rough and growly made him freeze like an animal when it realizes it’s being stalked.

“Sorry, sir. I’m a little hungover. I forgot we were working this morning.” A flush filled his cheeks. Before he’d started working for his uncle months ago, he’d been pale. Now he was tan from working under the sun. The skinny arms and legs had gained muscle. And when he lifted his shirt the other day to wipe the sweat from his face, my cock almost jumped out of my pants. I wanted to lick every muscle, taste every drop of saltiness.

“Don’t call me sir,” I growled. I kept shoveling, this time a little rougher. “You need to learn to be more responsible. You were also ten minutes late this morning. I clocked you in. You owe me.” Ideas of how he could repay me ran through my filthy mind. He had an excellent set of dick sucking lips.

“Oh, fuck boy, where the hell did you learn that.”

Confiscated from Pinterest

“Yes, s-Shawn. I’m sorry. I’ll repay you however you see fit.” Blaine struggled reaching for another shovel of mulch. Then gave me an excellent view of his ass when he hopped into the back of the truck to start shifting the load forward.

Looking at him from the side, I watched the muscles of his arms and legs as he worked. I wanted to see more. The fog hadn’t burned all the way off yet, but I decided to remove my shirt anyway. Wiping my face, I tucked it into my belt. It wasn’t long before he followed suit and I could watch his core flex as he moved mulch from the back to the front of the bed.

By the time lunch rolled around my balls were ready to burst and my cock ached. “Let’s go to lunch, boy.” I put as much snark and sarcasm as I could into calling Blaine ‘boy’. He was only a couple of years younger than me. Thanks to most of my illegal activities being done before I was legal, I spent more time in juvie than prison paying all those sins.

“Okay. Should we get the others?” He looked around, the fog gone, the sun high in the clear sky. No one could be found. The park was big and they all had their assignments to get things done.

“Nah, they have to finish putting down the last of the mulch before they go, but our job here is done.” I put my shirt back on and tossed my shovel into the back of the truck. Blaine laid his down next to mine and hopped down. We got into the truck and headed out.

Blaine made a face when I passed all the fast food joints to pull into a place that offered fast but healthy meals that were also organic and locally sourced. “Quit making that face and eat like an adult. You’ve got to feed your body good food or exercise won’t do jack for you.”

“Alright. I’ll give it a try.”

We ordered food and I drove around to the shady side of the parking lot. We ate in silence and watched people as they came and went. A couple of sweet rides passed by and I motioned for him to look. A hum of appreciation at the lines and customizations emerged.

“How do you plan to repay me for that ten minutes?” I wiped my face and hands, then tossed the napkin into the bag. Turning towards him, I couldn’t help the smirk that took over my mouth.

Blaine took a long drink of his tea and disposed of his trash like I had. “I’m not sure.” He coughed, clearing the sliver of fear in his voice. “What do you want me to do?”

Ever since I caught Blaine sneaking peeks at me from his first day working, I had a feeling he might be just my type. At least, in the sack. And I couldn’t help myself, dreams of his lips wrapped around my length continued to plague my sleep. “Suck my cock.”

Reaching over, I ran my thumb across his bottom lip. “You’ve got a perfect mouth for sucking cock. I have a feeling you’ve heard that before.” Before I could pull back, he bit my thumb, but not hard enough to cause any discomfort. I grunted as my cock filled close to bursting all over again. Wanking had not cured my need to have him.

Wet and hot, the tip of his tongue touched my thumb and then he let me go. He looked around the parking lot, the people coming and going. Just because we were on the far side didn’t guarantee our privacy.

“You taste fantastic.”

As he turned back, his eyes widened in shock as I stroked myself in front of him. “You owe me ten minutes. Make it up to me, boy.” I couldn’t help the growl in my voice. And I had no idea what I would do if all of my instincts were horribly wrong and he ran to his uncle.

“Yes, Sir.” Blaine lowered his eyes to stare at my hand as I moved up and down the shaft. One more glance at the parking lot, then he bent over and licked the shiny spot from the head of my cock.

Clenching my teeth and opening my pants a little more kept me from grabbing him by his hair and forcing him all the way down. Shock and tremors ran through me as Blaine didn’t just lick and tease, but swallowed me down like a pro.

“Oh, fuck boy, where the hell did you learn that.” For a moment, I thought he was going to stop to answer me, but instead teased me another way – by riding my length with his mouth. I pushed my feet into the floor, straining as he sucked me off like he’d been doing it his whole life. I could feel him working his tongue and taunting me with his teeth.

Without realizing it, I grabbed the ‘oh shit’ handle as I came so hard and so much down his throat, I thought I’d hurt or drown him. Blaine didn’t stop until every drop emptied from my balls. Then he took his time cleaning me up, causing me to twitch and groan.

I slumped against the seat, my junk on display for anyone to see if they happened to walk over. Sweat covered me as though I’d been working out in the hot sun for days and my muscles were like water. Blaine sat quiet in the passenger seat as I fought to regain my composure.

“My secret ex-boyfriend. We broke up when summer break started. You remind me of him.” His eyes shifted to my cock, the tattoos on my arms, and then away. “You taste fantastic.” I watched as he licked his lips.

“I honestly wasn’t sure if you’d do it. But fuck, you’re welcome to be ten minutes late any day of the week if you repay me with another blow like that.” I put my clothing right, started the truck and drove us back to work.

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