Check What’s Up: So many ideas

News going on this week (and next)

I’m stuck at the front desk this week, and next. It tends to make me grumpy and I probably end up being a little more rough on my characters than they actually deserve. Hopefully they (and you) will be kind enough to understand we all have these moments and these two weeks are going to be full of mine. When you have the same people calling in over and over and over again – and then again – to the same people (and these people have direct lines and their calls from these people do not have to come through the desk) you tend to get a little stabby. Or at least, I do.

I’m doing my best to work through the stress by typing as fast as I can on my lunch break – because what doesn’t help but writing when you’re stressed to the max? And, on top of all that stress my muse is throwing ideas out at me at the velocity of the comet we’ll be (possibly) viewing (depending on cloud cover) Friday night/Saturday morning.

I feel bad because, once again, I haven’t touched Flashed on Friday. It’s more than half done. I’m happy with what I have, so I don’t think there will be too much edit/revision, other than to verify that it reads smoothly. Now, the mus wants me to write a Sex in Suburbia type of short story collection or novella. I love the idea, I truly do, but holy crap, it’s going to have to be put on the way back burner because I have a story I need (want) to write for the Big Book of Submission (if you didn’t see, they pushed back their deadline to the 15th of this month and I decided to write a second story for consideration).

And that’s not all

I’m also taking Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Between the Sheets class for the next four weeks. That started on the 7th. I wanted to go on an overnight trip with my best friend on the 25th, but due to funds and time, I don’t think it will happen. Perhaps she’ll love me enough to just scale it back to dinner and drinks. I’ve also taken some time to schedule a refresher facial with my favorite day spa on Saturday. That is some pampering I sorely need with this ridiculous weather – one day snow – the next fifty degrees – yo-yo game Mother Nature is playing.

Lots going on in the background and lots going on here at the blog. I’m trying to be more consistent, more real, to you my lovely readers. I hope things are going well in your corner of the world. Please do share your successes and stresses in the comments. I’ll be happy to share the weight with you.

Technical Blather: I think I broke it.

Did I break it? You decide.

The other day I was messaging back and forth via Twitter direct messages with Dr. J. At some point, Twitter went down into a fiery grave of “We’ve encountered an error. Thanks for letting us know. Try again in a few minutes.”

What was odd about this is that I could direct message her on the twitter app. So, did I break it partially? It was about ten minutes before I could get on Twitter-Proper again. I found it odd and I have no idea if anyone else experienced it because there weren’t a whole bunch of ‘what just happened’ tweets.


I had OneDrive open earlier and was typing along just fine in a Word document. I’m on break now and go to open that word document. Instead I find ‘We’re experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again in a few minutes.” Strange. I didn’t bother trying to access it on my phone because, why?

I could get into OneDrive just fine, but the Word Document encountered the error. I’m trying to load it again, but it’s just circling the drain, round and round it goes – will it open? No one knows.


I swear I have an extra strong electromagnetic field. I shock everything and everyone (and even the poor kitty). I can’t touch a light switch to save my life. It doesn’t even matter that I’m wearing boots. If I touch something that transfers electricity, I’m getting shocked. Sometimes, there’s even a bright spark of static to brighten my day.

I wish I could break that. It doesn’t matter if I add humidity to the house using a vaporizer – I will still get shocked.

What else have I broken?

The day is young. Anything could get knocked out at any moment. It took me five minutes to access the work email on my phone because someone needed to see some photos that had been emailed to me. That’s kind of crazy right? It wasn’t broken, and I had entered the proper url to get to the email, it just didn’t want to work.

What kinds of weird things happen to you that make you ask yourself: Did I break it?

Masturbation Monday: Exquisite Torture – Part Two

Good evening! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day and if not, I hope Exquisite Torture – Part Two will help make it all that much better. If you haven’t read Part One, please go there first.

Confiscated from Pinterest

Drawers opened and shut. The cabinet squeaked. I winced. I was supposed to oil the hinges yesterday, but my time had run short. Something soft and fluffy touched me, tickling my more sensitive areas. I twitched. Clamping my mouth shut tight would hopefully prevent any laughter from escaping. Sebastian was punishing me for the hinges, I knew right away, because I hated tickling. It wasn’t a hard line for me, but sometimes I wanted to add it there.

The feather drew down my thigh, slow and light, almost tender. It didn’t tickle and I felt something different. Something new. The feather had never enticed me before, but the way he traced along the lines of strained muscles made me loosen back up.

Catching my breath, I focused on other things. The way he smelled of shampoo and soap. The light scent of sandalwood and something I couldn’t identify wafted from the candle warmer.  Shifting caused the chains on my cuffs to rattle. My ass ached and not in the way I wanted. Sebastian pressed himself between my legs, rubbed his rigid hard-on along my thighs. The feather slid down my spine when his arms caged me. I wanted to wrap my arms around him. My shoulders ached and my fingers twitched, wanting to run along the lines of his body, feeling the hair on his chest and legs.

Sebastian, my bear, my Dom. Master of my physical form. The man who pulled me out of hell and helped me find heaven. Taught me that I was worthy of him, of his lips on mine, of his time and even his most precious commodity; his heart.


“Master.” The word escaped me came out rough. The harshest sand paper you’ve ever heard. It had been pulled out of me when I felt his cock dribble over my skin, then he spread the sticky liquid around. He rubbed the head of him up and down my own length, coating it as well.

“Say it.” The words were like a caress. Whispered against my lips, barely heard over our panting, over our heart beats as they raced.

I clenched my teeth again. Sebastian didn’t give up though. He released one nipple from its clamp and my mouth dropped open as feeling rushed into the sensitized nerve-endings. Air and groans of pain laced with desire raced out of my lungs, up my throat, and out my mouth.

“Please,” I whispered, once I regained myself. “Please.” Louder, stronger before he could request a repeat.

“Good slave.” Sebastian petted me with his hands, kissed the silk binding over my eyes. He touched the tip of his tongue to my nipple and I felt as though my balls might empty out and spray him all over. They didn’t. I was a good slave. I wouldn’t spew my seed unless he allowed it.

Sebastian removed the other clamp. Instead of letting me linger in pain and need, he wrapped his lips around the nipple and sucked, circled with his tongue, and moaned against the tortured flesh. I writhed on the table, held in place by the cuffs attached to the table I sat upon. Convulsing with the way lust lanced through my body as though struck.

Feeling as though I couldn’t go any further, I bent my head to Sebastian’s shoulder, whimpers and twitches fighting for dominance of my responses. “Please.”

If you’ve enjoyed Part Two of Exquisite Torture, please stop by next Monday to see what happens next. Will Vaughn beg? Will Sebastian give in and allow him release?

You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

Link: Masturbation Monday

Link: Kayla Lords

Sizzling Nibbles: Given to the Boss’s Husband

This is part three of Sizzling Nibbles: Punished by the Boss. Due to some behind the scenes support, I’ve continued writing this story. I certainly hope that you enjoy how it’s unfolding.

“Hey baby, what are you doing here?” Morgan pretended to be all shy and innocent, even though her fingers disappeared into her, then slid back out, only to start all over again.

I stood frozen in between them, eyes fixated on a stupid, probably outdated, poster about something that didn’t register. Inside, I was freaking out. Trapped. I couldn’t get past him, not with how small the office was. It felt claustrophobic in here now that he took up most of the space.

Miss a segment? Punished by the Boss | Rewarded by the Boss

“I got done a little earlier than I expected, so I came to pick you up. When you didn’t answer my texts, I thought I’d come in and see what you were doing.”

Morgan’s eyes pierced me with something I’d never seen before. It was as though she’d purposefully gotten us caught. The big man behind me had taken a step forward, the heat from his body enveloped me. I took a shaky breath and ran my fingers through my hair.

“I should get going,” I cleared my throat and went to move, but her husband stepped closer. His chest pressed against my shoulders.

“Aw, c’mon. Stay.”

I felt the heat of his breath on the back of my neck and wasn’t sure what to do. Morgan’s husband shifted from side to side, something hard pressing against my ass as he moved. I felt a huge hand slip around me and his hand pressed against my chest. His other arm followed suit from the other direction, but his hand landed on my stomach. Lips touched the back of my neck and my breathing escalated. I felt like my heart might rip itself out of my chest. And my cock wanted to be wrapped in his fist.

Never in my life had I been attracted to men. I watched porn with two guys and a girl occasionally, but nothing homosexual. Nothing where the guys were touching or sucking. So why the fuck did I want to feel this guy’s huge cock slipping passed my lips?

“Oh, I think he likes me touching him, love. What should I do now?”

Giggles erupted from Morgan as she played with herself, sloppy sloshing sounds as she spread herself wide and finger-fucked herself harder, deeper than before. “You should see the face on him, Xavier. Like a deer caught, knowing its cornered, but still looking for an exit.”

Xavier took a deep breath, I could hear it as he smelled the back of my neck. The hand he’d placed on my stomach slid lower. As my heart pounded faster in my chest, blood flowed south.

Morgan bit her lower lip while she watched. My pants grew tighter as my cock stood out against the barrier of my jeans. “Lower, baby. Move your hand lower.” Her voice was breathy as she issued commands.

I wasn’t prepared for his huge hand to engulf my cock. I wasn’t able to stop myself from groaning in delight. He moved his hand down and back up, making sure to touch every inch. I panted, leaned against his rock-hard chest for support as he moved back down and cupped my balls.

“Oh, I think he likes me touching him, love. What should I do now?” Xavier’s voice had deepened, a slight growl enticing me to give in and enjoy what was happening. I pushed my hips out, thrusting into his hand.

“Shove your hand down his pants.” Morgan spoke with absolute authority. At this point, if she told me to bend over and take her husband’s giant cock up my ass, I would.

Using the hand that held me steady against him, Xavier unbuttoned my pants. Instead of shifting his hand back, he slid it up under my shirt.

“Oh, fuck…” I gasped as Xavier’s hand slithered down my waistband and wrapped his fingers around me. The head of my cock peeked out, drops of glistening pearls appearing and then vanishing as he wiped them away.

“Milk that trouser snake, baby boy. That’s it. You know what momma likes.” Morgan was pinching her nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit as high-speed while her husband played with me. Her mouth fell open and she sang out as the climax rumbled through her quaking body. Thick, shiny liquid pooled at her opening as her pussy clenched, trying to grab something that wasn’t there.

While he moved his hand up and down my length, Xavier rubbed my chest, his rough fingertips grazed against my nipples. I hadn’t noticed I was clenching my teeth until then, my jaw ached. Lips pressed against my neck, hot air engulfed me as he exhaled. Swallowing hard, I felt like I might explode again, covering his hand in sticky semen, but he didn’t move fast enough, wasn’t squeezing me hard enough.

As he ground his hips against my backside, he matched the rhythm of his stroking. Wet warmth slid along my neck and I realized Xavier had just licked me.

“I licked him. That makes him mine, right?” The short laugh that followed sent chills down my spine and heat shot up through my cock in spurts.

I love writing these short, super hot stories. Yes, it’s probably more porny than erotic, but it’s fun to write. There’s always more behind the story than what’s seen here, though! Keep your eyes open.

A Penny for your Thoughts: Book Marketing Chat

Every Wednesday Rachel and Melissa host a TwitterChat called Book Marketing Chat. (You can join on Wednesdays 9pm Eastern by searching for #bookmarketingchat).

You can also follow @BadRedheadMedia and @MelissaFlicks (and @RachelintheOC) for notifications on when the book marketing chat is, where the chats are stored online, and to keep an eye on the next topic each week.

Last Wednesday we chatted about reviews and how to go about getting them in an ethical, polite way instead of banging down the digital doors of book reviews, begging (or telling) them to review your title. (Begging and Telling are not the ways to go about it, FYI.)

Book Reviews

The best way to go about it is to make sure the book reviewer does read your genre/sub-genre. Then make sure they are still open to taking on titles to review. Reviewers are people, people. Even if they can read at lightning speed, it doesn’t mean they can give a decent review if they don’t take the time to feel the book. There are book reviews who are months or years behind on reading and reviewing. They have lives and life happens, so don’t be crazed if they aren’t taking on new titles.

You want to write a polite email asking if they’d be interested in reviewing your title. Then you want to include your elevator pitch or a short synopsis giving them the background on the title. You want to include a copy of the book in a readable format that’s comfortable for the reviewer (everyone has different tastes). Don’t say “Please review my book about a woman who befriends a stray dog and falls in love when she meets its owner” and then include a buy link to your book (or any type of review request that includes a buy link to your book). Book reviewers are rarely paid. They love books, so they review them. Some make money off of ads, some are paid to do professional reviews, but most do them for free. Either way, be kind.

Blog Tours

We also discussed Blog Tours. I love and hate blog tours. They are a great way to get the title, cover, blurb, excerpt and your name into the brains of readers. My issue is that I follow a lot of blogs. Reviewing blogs, writing blogs, erotica and romance author blogs. Lots of these blogs do blog tours. Lots of them do them on the same day – usually (most likely) the day before/of/after the title goes live online. I scroll through my wordpress reader and see the same graphics (banner, book cover), the same exact titles and hashtags, and the same details. They are using the same excerpt more often than not. I scroll passed each and every one, sometimes two or three right in a row.

The reader in me skips it all. The reader in me doesn’t want the same title shoved into my face over and over and over. If I see it once, I take note. If I see it twice I look a little deeper. If I see it half a dozen times, I never want to see it again. It’s kind of like the radio. Every station is playing the same damn song. You switch stations and find another song, only to have the popular song come on as soon as that one is over. (And unless you love that song, you come to hate the radio.)

My Thoughts

I’ve never done a blog tour, but if I did, I would have one or two places do it a week before the book went live. Kind of like a headsup “hey, this will be available on this day” and then two days later, have another blog or two do it again, with a different banner, that has a different excerpt. And on the day of, one or two more blogs showing off a third set of graphics and sample. Now, obviously, this is my opinion, and not something I’ve ever experienced. I just know that when I see the same title and graphics, literally three or four times in a row in my reader, it’s crazy.

What are your thoughts on blog tours? Should things get switched up? Have you done one and did it help you when it was on several blogs at one or do you feel you’d have done better if it had been rolled out over a period of a week or two?