Jan 09

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Stolen Moments

Dedicated to mommas that take a few moments for themselves when they need it most.

Fingers gliding, slippery and sliding, I press harder, tilting my hips up. A rush sizzles through me as the sultry voice in my earbuds urges me further. I bite my lower lip to keep from making too much noise. It was rare I had a quiet moment alone and I needed this. I earned this.

Delving down, fingers pushing passed the folds into warm, sticky depths. My free hand roams the rest of my body from the hips up. Light touches along my ribs, nails sinking into my side, pinching nipples at just the right moment.

Clenching and gaping, my fingers cocooned in damp silk, hips thrusting faster, harder, a gasp leaves my lips as they open in a silent scream.

I pant, eyes closed, allowing the flutters of release extend to the rest of me. To all of me. My racing heart calms its frantic pitter-patter. My overheated skin starts to cool. I blow out a breath between my lips and laugh oh so quietly behind my hand.

I stood on shaky legs to pull my panties and yoga pants back on just in time as elephants come barreling down the hallway yelling, “mom” at the top of their lungs. The kids were up from their nap and I had promised we’d go out and build a snowman.

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You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

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Jan 05

Mischa Eliot

Adventures in Writing: Better, Longer, Deeper!

I know, that title, right?

I’ve been looking over the site and thought about all the Masturbation Monday Posts and Sizzling Nibbles that I’ve written that started out earlier or had more details than what I allowed to be published. I mean, Porked in the Park is fully fleshed out in Public Affairs, but then you also have Swinging in the Park, Banged on the Bench, and Fucked by the Fire that go along with the original Sizzling Nibble. I’ve actually been thinking of starting a series based on those Nibbles and Shorts.

Then you have Flipping the Switch, which was doled out tauntingly over 6 weeks for Masturbation Monday. I don’t feel bad about that by the way. I loved the fact that you kept coming back to find out what happened next. I love that people continue to read that story here, even though you can get it free from Amazon and through Smashwords. Knowing you come here to read in order to fill yourself with sexy desires and ideas, gives me a warm feeling of my own.

These short little windows into another world are just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes there are paragraphs or pages of story that don’t get posted. Some of them are rushed because I only have a few moments to get the idea fleshed out into words and posted and do other things that are on the schedule for that day. Silly me tends to push boundaries and will wait until I get home on Monday to write my short. Flipping the Switch was completed by the second post, but I purposefully broke it up into parts in order to take a little tiny breather from writing a new short every single week. (It can be daunting. I know I don’t have to participate every single week, but I love doing so.) I love pushing myself, my skills, my desires. I want to push your buttons, in a very good way, and telling me which is your favorite will help me do just that.

So, here’s a list of all the Masturbation Monday posts and Sizzling Nibbles that are here (and not fleshed out or might become something more such as the Park series) and I’d love for you to comment which one you’d love to see written better, longer, deeper about the characters there.

Masturbation Monday List

Repairman and the Peach

Crash and Spark

Sweet Awakening

Dead B.O.B.


Known Stranger / Renewed Connection

Bound to be Teased (Part One, Part Two)

Demonically Desired

Birthday Surprise

Retrieval Mishap (Which can definitely be fleshed into something better, longer, deeper!)

Orgasmic Awakening

Full Holiday House

Memories of You

Naughty Hottie for Christmas

Secret Santa


Sizzling Nibbles Posts

Indiscriminate Hookup


Desires and Daydreams

Forbidden Strokes (Did he get punished? If so, how did Leasa find out he yanked off?)

Banging the Contractor


Beloved Pet

Hidden Pleasure

Black-Hearted Thieves

Punished by the Boss

Fit to be Yule-Tied

The Rules (Because, why not)

The rule is you can choose one from each list, but you can only vote once. So, if you have a choice from both MM and SN, post them in the comments at the same time (two choices, one comment). There’s no rush on this either. Take your time to read through them to refresh your memory so that you can vote honestly. I’ll tally up the votes and post which one from each list won and possibly have a face/off.

Jan 04

Mischa Eliot

A Penny for your Thoughts: Oh, the Feels!

I read this article by Mary McCarthy over at SpliceToday.Com and the first thing I thought of was how I do things in my life. I do things that make me happy and if something doesn’t make me happy, I think about how to do it in a way that will make it fun for me. Going to the day job means I can pay bills and put food in the fridge. And while I do enjoy my job for the most part, I’d rather be writing. So, I make it fun for me. I try to be witty and there’s always a high level of sarcasm – however, I’m also capable when it comes to what I do. I do my job, I do it to the best of my ability. It’s not often that I disappoint, but when I do, it usually ends up being because I didn’t speak up for one reason or another.

I wanted to take number 2 (Don’t take anything personally.) to another level, though. I feel that there are so many people out there incapable of deciding what to do next. Or what to do now. Or what to have for lunch. In other words, they wait for someone to tell them ‘do this next, do this now, eat that for lunch’. BUT, (there’s always a but) it ends up rubbing them the wrong way. Instead of deciding ‘maybe I should make my own choices’ they complain about the options they’ve been given.

People do take things so personally! I tilt my head at them and wonder ‘why do you care?’ because if they didn’t like something you did, that doesn’t take any of your skill away. It can actually add to your skill level. Every time I fail at picking a lock on Skyrim, I get more experience than if I get it on the first try. (And when you have over 600 lockpicks, who cares how many break?)

Just looking back over 2016, I feel like I have written a lot of good stories. I think if someone came up to me and told me to stop, I’d laugh in their face. I wouldn’t take it personally. If someone ripped apart one of my stories where other people loved it, I would take what I could out of the ‘bad’ review to help me write better the next time around.

We need to take back our personal power over our lives. Waiting for a sign and living on a prayer are all well and good, but perhaps the divinity you follow is rolling their eyes wondering why you’re sitting there doing nothing when you should be doing something! You’ve been given a life, you’ve learned skills, you might be special enough to have a talent. Don’t waste it.

Stop looking to other people to tell you how to feel, what to eat, what to do with your life. You need to find your path to happiness (as long as it doesn’t harm others. I’m not saying become a serial killer or anything, okay?).



Jan 03

Mischa Eliot

Adventures in Writing: Project 7 Days of Sins

Wow, the holiday season has officially ended, but the hangover is still … well, hanging around. I tweeted some before and after photos over the weekend to show how much snow we’d received overnight and the driveway I shoveled clean… only to have all of the snow gone within two days.

I’ve been a bad girl and there’s no one here to spank me for it… I didn’t write much over the holidays as I wanted to do. There’s no one else to blame but myself. Instead of writing, I was catching up on movies and tv shows and cleaning. The cleaning will never be done, {Buy my books so I can afford a maid someday, eh? Just kidding…} it’s a never-ending story, there. It didn’t mean I didn’t have time to write.

Procrastination is not your friend unless you’re procrastination is also writing related.

So yes, no one else to blame, no one to punish me except me. I did start off the new year with some new posts and new words to focus on and help me get ahead. Since the current project I only have going on right now is the 7 days of sin series, I’m going to focus on finishing that up. I’m working on Flashed On Friday and it’s going to be so much fun to write. I already know what image I plan to use for the cover, which is a bonus for me. Usually, I search through the hundreds of stock images hoping I have a good one. This time, I know for sure.

If you haven’t read the other titles in the series, you can find excerpts on the blog and links to where they’re available as well. Steamy Saturday Night is light-hearted and a one-night stand. Mistaken Monday is a fmf delight where Shane is accosted by his sister-in-law and her best friend. Tied-Up Tuesday is about a girl who needs to pay some bills and in order to do so, she places a bet she can’t afford to lose.

Check them out and if you enjoy them, leave a review, comment here on the blog, or feel free to send me an email. Happy New Year! I hope you’re living it up already! Have a Smutty day.

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