Aug 07

Mischa Eliot

Technical Blather: Losses and Gains

Welcome, friends. I implore you to take some time out of your super busy day/night/life to visit my dear friend Dr. J.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been pouring over the internet for fixes and help, but when it came down to it, the easiest thing to do was to rebuild almost from scratch. It’s hard enough when you lose files due to a hard drive crash (been there, done that, twice… it really sucks) but it’s hell when you lose your webby home and can’t back anything up.

I’m not a master, but I’m good enough when it comes down to it and I did what I could to help. I downloaded every page and image. I installed WordPress. I created a header (which may or may not change). I copied and pasted each post starting with the oldest post, even though they’d have appeared in the proper order since in WordPress you can change the posting date.

So, now you know why I’ve been fairly quiet all week and all weekend. Researching, scouring the web, adding on the WordPress forums to input. It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend, though, and it’s fairly close to done.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t save the comments, so if you’ve commented in the past at Dr. J’s blog, please stop by over there and look around. You may have a link going to one or more of her posts that may be broken now. Apologies for that, even if I could have done an import, they’d have probably been broken anyway.

However, she has used links in the past, so those will go to the new site and most likely give the visitor a list of items they may be trying to get to. With luck, we won’t have any issues in the future. Also, she’s on WordPress now, so you can like her posts and follow her blog using the Reader.

Forgive us as we continue to tweak it to her preferences! And thanks for being an amazing bunch of writers and readers and supporters of the incredible Dr. J!

Aug 01

Mischa Eliot

Excerpt: Knead

Well hello there! This is a story near and dear to my heart. I actually chatted with someone who regularly makes homemade pizza – so yeah, actual research – for this story. It was originally shorter for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Between the Sheets class. I hope you enjoy the longer, naughtier version.

Zane turned around, laughter bubbling up and out of him, then gone as he pointed at me. “Now you look like a baker.” 

“What does that mean?” I could feel my forehead scrunch in confusion as I looked at him in confusion. 

“Oh, nothing. Just some flour on your face. It looks good on you.” He rejoined me behind the island, but beside me to chop vegetables. I bit back a sigh of regret that he didn’t stand directly behind me again, but I knew we had to get things done. 

“I think this dough is ready, but I’m not sure.” I’d watched him chop peppers and mushrooms. He was about to grate cheese when I spoke up. 

“Okay, switch me, and I’ll shape it.” I didn’t mind going back to grating cheese. Shaping the dough, getting the thickness just right, and then forming the crust were still beyond me. I hoped the dough was elastic and not too dry. 

I munched on a slice of green pepper as I watched him work. “You will grate some cheese, right? I need it before the vegetables.” He winked at me when I stared at him, my eyes almost popping out of my head. 

“Yes, sorry, I wanted to watch,” I shrugged a little, “and nibble.” Zane’s smile eased my mind and I grabbed the block of cheese to grate. 

“No worries. Feed me a pepper, would you? I am getting hungry, all this pizza and ingredients lying around.” He leaned into my space and I froze. 

“Uh, yeah, okay.” Giddiness filled my head as I grabbed a green pepper and held it out. He chopped them long and fine. Zane opened his mouth to take it from me, his lips grazing the tips of my fingers when he pulls away. 

Knead went on sale TODAY! It’s currently available at Amazon. Get your copy today!

Jul 28

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Tease – Part Six

In case you missed it, I placed a poll on Twitter asking people if they wanted Tease Part Six NOW or LATER. Now won, so here you go! I almost feel bad for those of you that voted yes… but you get what you asked for. I have a feeling John Brownstone (@SouthernSirsPl) will be quite proud of me.

“Do you want to be hog-tied and blindfolded and left untouched for an hour?” Mack’s fingers pressed into my crack over my skirt. “You would look delectable tied up like that.” My hips lifted to his touch. 

“No, Sir, please. Touch me, use me, make me yours.” The words escaped before I knew what I was saying. I froze, a chill running through me as I panicked.

Miss Something?

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“That’s what I wanted to hear, pet.” Teeth nipped at my thigh before I realized he’d kneeled down in front of me. Guiding my legs, Mack spread me open and went straight for gold. Sucking on my clit caused my knees to turn to water, but he held me below while the ropes held me above. 

Within a few moments, my thighs were slick. I couldn’t help but gush with the way he worked his tongue and lips around my nub. The echoes of my moans reverberated off the metal doors and concrete walls. Without time to recover, Mack slid up my body, popping buttons open on my blouse. Teeth and tongue marked my skin and I pressed into each nip. 

Mack nuzzled my neck and nibbled my ear. “Do you want my cock, pet? Do you want me to ride you like a rock star? How about a rodeo cowboy? Fast and out of control?” Lips wrapped around my nipple and he sucked my breast into his mouth until he couldn’t take any more. I knew I’d have teeth marks and didn’t care. I wanted more. I wanted him. 

“Please, Sir.” I dared to glance up into his eyes. Mack’s stubbly chin glistened with my juices, the smirk on his face held a wicked edge that matched the glint in his eyes. I knew that glint, that smirk. It had appeared many times in my dreams last night. 

Unzipping his pants, Mack pressed himself against me. He held himself with a rigid hand, controlling every dip into my slick lips. He leaned close to my face and smeared his chin against my lips. I licked with the tip of my tongue, the taste of myself exploded in my mouth. I darted forward and licked more off of him. 

“See, you hit the nail on the head there. I will use you as I see fit.”

“You’re a daring pet.” His voice had lost its edge. I could tell he wanted to lose control, but all he kept doing was dragging the head of his cock back and forth over my opening, occasionally dipping just inside, only to pull back out. 

Deciding bold was the way to go, I moved my hips back and forth and lowered myself when he dipped inside, matching his movements with my own. Mack grabbed me by the hips, fingers splayed and pressed hard into me. “Naughty pet. We have plenty of time to play. There’s no need to rush to the end. If all you want is a hard fuck and forgotten, then you shouldn’t be here with me.” 

“No, I just want you to use me as you see fit. Fuck me, Mack. I know you want to. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Please.” I bit my lip, remembering where I was, in the position I had chosen. “Sir, fuck me.” 

“See, you hit the nail on the head there. I will use you as I see fit.” Mack sank his length into me, pulling me down onto him. Every nerve-ending lit up like flipping on light switches. Then he stopped, holding me there in place with those strong hands. 

Unmoving. Unmovable. Mack prevented me from rocking against him and held us in place like statues trapped in an eternal pause. “Oh, Piper. You may have bitten off more than you can chew.” He licked my lips, then kissed me hard. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, hoping the simulation of sex would force him to give in, but all he did was pull back and laugh. 

“Nice try, but my control is outstanding.” Mack removed his cock from me and I whimpered. “No, wait, I need-“ 

Mack placed two fingers on my lips. “I will dictate what you need.” He zipped himself away and reached up to untie the ropes that bound my wrists. He rubbed them gently, turning them over in his hands, checking my reflexes. “Any pain? Or numbness?” 

I shook my head no, to devastated to speak. I swallowed back the tears stinging my eyes. I couldn’t figure out what game he was playing with me. 

“Look, Piper, I do want you. But I have specific needs. I think if you’re willing, you’ll meet every single one of them and we’ll have some explosive sex. Go home.” He kissed me on the cheek and grabbed me by the back of the neck to whisper in my ear. “No masturbation tonight. You signed the contract. Be a good pet.” Mack turned me towards the door and slapped me on the ass. When I looked over my shoulder, he was cleaning up the mess I’d made on the floor and putting the rope into a bucket. 

Emotions warred within me, but I decided he had to be worth the wait. Just feeling him inside me had made me have a minor orgasm. I wanted to know what it would feel like going all the way and fucking like animals with him. Not masturbating tonight was going to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

Oh Dear… what I have done? Yes… I’ve made you wait, yet again, at the edge, this time with no release. Tsk… 

Check out Part Seven – From Mack’s mind to your … libido.

You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

Link: Masturbation Monday

Link: Kayla Lords

Jul 24

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Tease Part Five

Welcome to another installment of Tease. Does Piper have any clue as to what she’s getting herself into with Mack? Will Mack be able to control himself – and if not, will Piper be able to handle him?

The entire day at work, I was a mess. I tripped twice, dropped two folders full of paperwork – which I then had to sort and put back together – and screamed when Mack walked up behind me ninja quiet to get a fresh cup of coffee. By the time the day was over, everyone had given me side-eye at least twice. And I may have given whiplash to two people. I was sure to be recommended for drug testing.

Folded and stuffed into an envelope that I tucked under my keyboard was the contract filled out and signed. I had circled a few items and had put red x’s next to the ones that were an absolute hard limit. The ones I didn’t have time to research this morning were simply crossed-out, to be researched some other time.

Did you miss a part?

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Everyone was gone by six. Except Mack and myself. I took a deep breath and pulled the envelope with his name scrawled onto the front.

“Please tell me that isn’t your resignation. I really can’t afford to lose you and you know I can barely afford you.” The warmth of his breath tickled the back of my neck. I swallowed hard and gasped for air.

“No, it’s um,” I licked my lips, “it’s the contract. Signed, sealed, and delivered.” I handed him the envelope. I felt the flush moving up my skin, but didn’t care. Let him see the desire and embarrassment it caused.

Mack opened the envelope, looked over the pages, then folded everything back up and tucked it into his jacket pocket. “Is this the reason you’ve been on edge all day?” He slid his fingers along my jaw, towards my ear, then into my hair. “Why don’t I help you relax a little?”

Husky voice, eyes lit up, a smile spreading across his kissable lips. He kneaded the back of my neck with his strong fingers. So gentle, squeezing and releasing, helping the tension melt from my body. “Yes, that’s nice.” I couldn’t help my eyes sliding closed, a sigh escaping my lips as I leaned into his touch.

“Sweet Piper, I had so much trouble sleeping last night. I wanted to call you. I wanted to order you to come to me and get on your knees. I wanted to fuck you until I couldn’t move.” He splayed his fingers and pressed his hand into my upper back. I was breathless.

“I would have, Mack.” Slipping his hand down my spine, Mack lifted my skirt. My eyes had closed and I didn’t have the urge to open them and look at him, but I imagined his naughty smirk when he found that I wasn’t wearing anything beneath it.

“Oh yes, please.” I received another smack.

Instead, I got a hard smack, bringing me out of the pleasant feeling and into an adrenaline rush. “You.” Another hard smack. “Will address me.” I didn’t flinch this time when he spanked me again. “As Sir.” I prepared for another, but instead received a warm hand rubbing my sore ass cheek. It melted into a desire that rivaled how I felt yesterday.

“My apologies, Sir.” I shifted my gaze down, even though all I wanted was to see approval in his eyes. I took a slow deep breath, then let it out even slower than I had taken it in. All that yoga taught me breathing was essential to many things in life and I figured it wouldn’t hurt jumping into something completely alien to me.

“Come with me.” Mack, Sir, took my hand and led me out of the offices and into the garage. He positioned me under one of the lifts. “Stay.” Pulling out his keys, he unlocked the bottom drawer on his personal tool chest. He pulled out rope and walked back over.

Binding my wrists, he looped the rope over a left of the lift. He didn’t even try to suspend me, just hold me in place. “For simplicity, I stick to basic safe words. Red means stop. Green means keep going. Yellow means you need a moment.” His hands rested on my hips, teeth nipped the back of my bare neck. Wearing my hair in a bun had been an excellent decision.

I pressed my hips back into him, wanting him to do something to me. Anything. Tongue, fingers, cock. I didn’t care, I wanted him to take me. “Oh yes, please.” I received another smack. “Sir, please, I beg you.”

“Beg me for what, Piper? Do you even know what you want? Do you want spanked?” Three more smacks rang through the garage. The feel of his palm rubbing the hot skin to sooth the ache caused my heart to race faster than the smacks. It was that touch that caused me to sizzle.

What choices will Mack offer Piper and which one will she choose?

You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

Link: Masturbation Monday

Link: Kayla Lords

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