Mar 29

Mischa Eliot

Wicked Wednesday: Lies

Wicked Wedneday is here again! This week’s prompt is “Recollection”.

Sitting up in bed, I grumbled to myself, and the cat, about being unable to fall asleep. I looked straight at the empty side of the bed and clenched my jaw. What’s done is done. There’s no turning back.

With a sigh, I grab the unused pillow and drag it under the covers with me. Yanking on the covers to tuck them under my knee, propping up my hip, I rub my face against the pillow the way I used to nuzzle your chest. Forget it. Forget him. Forgive everyone.

I reach for my phone before settling completely into the pillow and blankets to turn on some nature sounds. I just take a deep breath, then let it out. I do it again, then one more time. My heartbeat slows and I close my eyes, hoping that tonight I won’t dream of him.

Dreaming of his touch, his voice, the way he smelled like sex and masculinity, the taste of his lips and cock was too much for me. When he’d run his fingers down my skin, something inside me would open up to him. It felt natural to be with him, like we were supposed to be together. Forever, baby. We’ll be together forever. You’re the only one.

Lies rolled off his luscious lips so easily, so simple. The light in his eyes when we’d come together was intended to be for me, only me. Instead, I lay here alone, with the cat, curled up with a pillow and blankets tucked just so to mimic the position we used to sleep in. The only reason it’s better is the softness of the pillow, no bones to poke me in the ribs, but then there are no boners to wake up to either.

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Mar 28

Mischa Eliot

Adventures in Writing: Social Media Abusers

Are you an abuser of Social Media? Here’s how to tell…

Death to the Auto DM 

Confiscated via Giphy

I get that authors are supposed to be writing non-stop like a bullet train speeding to the next stop at… well the speed of a bullet. On top of that, they might have a day job, kids or parents (or both) to take care of, animals to feed and love, books to read, movies to watch, after school games or events to support their kids at, and more. There’s always more. Writers carve out time in between all the moments of their life to get as many words down as they can. Many use automatic programs to help their social media platforms become golden.

In order to save time, many  authors employ (usually free because many of us are starving artists) an automatic platform like Crowdfire or RoundTeam to retweet or send direct messages for them.  Even if we do have a day job and/or working spouse, spending money on something like an auto-retweeter or auto-dm platform tends to be an expense in the luxury column. You can tell RoundTeam to retweet certain people and hashtags, and it will up to a point. The freebie version will tweet adverts for their service into your timeline and it limits your retweeting potential. Sometimes, there will be 2 or 3 advertising tweets in a row.

CrowdFire… I’ve followed authors and immediately received an automated direct message thanking me for the follow and asking me to buy their book or to download a free one. I delete them immediately. I also get auto direct messages a few hours after I follow someone. I’ve never used CrowdFire or anything like it, so I don’t know if you can schedule such a thing. But, it’s so easy to see that they are using it when the link for the service is included. It’s rude. It’s like cold-calling me when I’m just sitting down to eat dinner.

Direct Messages, whether instant or not, are simply ridiculous. I much prefer someone replying to a tweet or tweeting something to me that starts a conversation. We’re not shy on Twitter, my author friends, my reader friends, my Tribe as I call them, will happily respond to an actual person. They enjoy getting to know people that also write or love to read and just have a conversation about life itself. As long as you aren’t cruel or hurtful, we’d happily respond to an inquiry.

Death to the 1 Billion Replies 

Something I see often as I scroll through Twitter are people who will post an advertisement for a book or a review of a book. It might be their own or another author. And, that’s not the issue I have. It’s great to advertise for yourself and others – in fact, I wholeheartedly promote my fellow authors in my own and genres that I don’t write in.

However, the issue that I do have are those tweeters who will reply to their own tweet – not to continue a conversation they started, but to put up the same exact ad. Once upon a time, the Twitter Stream was non-collapsible and non-mutable. Now, you can mute someone that does this, as opposed to unfollowing them altogether. They’ll see your tweets if they follow you, but you’ll not be bombarded by their ridiculousness any longer.

On top of that, Twitter designed this handy-dandy line when there are several replies to a single tweet. After a certain number of replies, the thread will collapse and a line, sometimes with a bunch of dots between the replies that get shown, will appear. You can click to expand the conversation to see what’s in the thread. But when someone replies 70 or 100 times with the same exact tweet over and over again, you might feel a wee bit miffed.

I personally mute these authors for months at a time. Occasionally, I’ll unmute them to see if they’ve learned the error of their ways. If they haven’t, I usually remute them. I do have one currently unmuted that will post and then reply 2 or 3 times with the same tweet. It’s absolutely ludacris. All this does is show people who do follow you, and don’t mute you, that you are desperate or have no inkling in how to utilize social media.

If you want to have the same tweet go out, use HootSuite or TweetDeck or some other scheduling program and schedule them to go out through the day – 1 at a time. With all the time zones around the world, and different hours that people keep, you’ll easily pick up more fans and followers because they see that you aren’t spamming the entire digital world of Twitter.

Death to the No-Context Link 

Let me explain this one, since it might not be obvious what I’m talking about here. These are the tweets that simply have a link to somewhere – but no image, no text, no hashtags to tell you what is contained behind the link. It could be an innocent link with the FB ShortLink Code and leads you to a long, thoughtful, well written post. However, it could also be something you really shouldn’t click on, that might take you somewhere you didn’t mean to go. It could either be not safe for work or malicious in some way.

I never click on them. Okay… Never is a lie. Never say never! I’ve clicked on one once or twice in the past several years, but not anytime in the past year. Twitter accounts can be hacked and that means they can compromise your trusted readers and author friends. It’s awesome being able to link Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus and Instagram and LinkedIn to post the same thing all over the place so you reach people who may not be on all of the other platforms. However, if it’s just showing a link and nothing to tell people what that link contains, they most likely will not click through.

Your better option is to use a platform like HootSuite to post to all of those places for you. I  would even recommend staggering the scheduled posts so they aren’t hitting all at once. That way you hit people with varied schedules at varied times. Not everyone has time to scroll and some social media websites like to fuck up your timeline to whatever they feel like showing you. Who has time to organize the people they are friends with, the pages they follow, the groups they belong to, into sub-timelines to browse at their leisure? I miss the old days of newest on top.

Want to learn more about marketing and  proper social media use? Join in to #BookMarketingChat via Twitter on Wednesday Night. Follow @BadRedHeadMedia and @MelissaFlicks for more details.

Mar 27

Mischa Eliot

Masturbation Monday: Slide and Squeeze

Writing for Masturbation Monday is a happy time every week. I wonder what kinky inspiration Kayla will post and the many naughty, smutty, stories that will come from so many brilliantly perverse minds. I hope you enjoy this week’s story!

I’m sliding my fingers up and down, with that little squeeze to the head he enjoys so much. I randomize that little squeeze so he doesn’t know it’s coming, which makes him gasp and growl in a sexy, manly way. The ball gag didn’t even muffle it as much as I feared it would. Having him cuffed to the bed and blindfolded helps, too. He can beg and plead all he wants, but I take my time. It’s my night to be in charge.

Licking his nipple makes him twitch like he touched a live wire. He’s so sensitive like that. His balls, his nipples, his inner left thigh. I breathe out, covering the sloppy wet nipple with cool air. It peaks and hardens, goosebumps appear around it and I giggle softly as he writhes against the sheets. His fists clench then open, straining as I graze my teeth down his chest.

As he started showing signs of climax, I slowed down, and moved my hand down his leg to throw him off. Changing position, I settled myself between his legs and spread them far apart. Kisses and licks, nibbles and bites. I teased and taunted his body, which was so flush with desire he could’ve glowed in the dark.

Like a cat lapping milk, I licked his length from balls to head, then sucked him into my mouth. The groan of happiness leaving his chest made my heart speed up. After lubing him up with my tongue, I slid up his body and mounted him as if he were my prize steed.

We met in the middle, him lifting and pumping as I drove myself down on to his hard staff. Slow, at first, then faster, speeding ourselves to absolute bliss. Connecting with him while I’m in control is such a rush and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me the next time we get together.

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Mar 24

Mischa Eliot

A Penny for your Thoughts: Why You Should Be Writing

Why Everyone Should Write

Eliza David (@ElizaDWrites) said it best on twitter when she sent out to the world: “I want every woman to pick up a pen & write. A novel, an essay, a blogpost, a poem, a sentence. Your words deserve a voice. #FridayFeeling

I’d like to add to this though. Not just women need to write, men do as well. Yes, we are bombarded with male author names on the physical and digital shelves of the world, but I’m not talking about writing for publication. I’m talking about writing to help yourself (and in turn, helping others). If writing isn’t your thing, then perhaps sketching, painting, or welding together bits and bobs could be your form of expression.

Many people are told in counseling that they need a way to express their emotions in a way that is safe and healthy. And, more often than not, I see people who are stuck in an 8 – 5 day job, unhappy, miserable, both at work and in their personal life, unable to avoid the downward spiral that has become their reality. A lot of times it means forcing others to take care of themselves instead of you taking care of them. (Obviously, this doesn’t work if you have toddlers and elementary age children at home, but is your spouse or teenager pulling their full weight?)

Writing, or some form of creative pursuit, is cheaper than therapy.

Eliza continued this line of thought with the following tweet: “People who know me IRL will tell you: anytime they vent to me, I say to them, “Girl, write that shit down.” LOL!” Which is excellent. Who wants to be Whiny McVentyPants all the time? Not you. Constantly being miserable and venting to people gets old and tired, not just for you, but also for them. So, write it down. Why are you feeling this way? Who caused you to feel this way? And the big question: why are you allowing them to make you feel this way? Sometimes writing can give answers you didn’t even know were available.

There are so many people in this world who complain about ridiculous things, usually followed up with a remark or hashtag of “First World Problems”. While it doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to complain, it does remind us that things could always be worse. Everyone should write. Children should be encouraged to keep daily journals at a young age. As soon as they are able to form paragraphs, they should be keeping a diary. Even if it only has what they ate for lunch or how well/terrible they played at kick ball during recess.

There are safe places, like 750Words that can lock up your thoughts.

The safest place to express emotions first is in private writing. Have you been hurt by someone? Have you done something you aren’t proud of? Write it down, type it out, lock it away. Get the words out of your head and onto the page. If it’s too much to keep around, burn it and allow it to no longer burden your mind. As someone who spent many years not writing the things she truly loved to write, I can attest to just how much misery I wallowed in during that time period. It’s one of my biggest regrets. I’ll never get those years back and I spend each writing session trying to catch up. It’ll never happen. Not when I have a full-time job and chores and the occasional second shift. I have to eat and sleep and have downtime and mental health binge-watching time.

I remember having to keep a daily journal in school. I honestly wish I had done better. I wish I had cultivated that habit and kept writing during the summer. All the things that I have forgotten from my childhood could be recalled by simply opening a notebook. I urge everyone to write or paint or sculpt or garden. Do something to help your thoughts stop getting muddled in your brain. Keep yourself from exploding over your loved ones when you can’t take it any longer. Even if you only work on the project for 5 or 15 minutes each day, something is better than nothing.

Make sure you stop by and visit Eliza David on Twitter and her Blog because I said so.

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