Now Available: Supervisor’s Submissive

Stand Alone for the Bonus Story

I decided to release Supervisor’s Submissive as a Stand Alone because I haven’t really done a lot with the Supervisor Sexcapades Saga at this time and I thought people might like a little sneak peek into Landon’s life. The poor guy has to sneak around in order to get laid by someone other than his immediate boss, Breanna. She keeps a tight leash on him, and while he doesn’t mind, it makes him a little stir crazy when she’s out of town.

You can find an excerpt from Supervisor’s Submissive already on the blog as a Between the Stories here. It’s definitely worth checking out. I really hope you like the story. All of my stories are my babies. I work so hard to bring them into the world for people to read and enjoy… and to spark some desire to try something a little different, a little new, a little fiery.

Link: Supervisor’s Submissive



  1. Love the redesign of the site and OMG how cute is the girl on the cover? Jaw dropping!

    1. Right? I looove her. She has so many amazing stock photos. I’ve downloaded a few different ones and plan various uses for them. She’s so gorgeous.

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