No More Excuses

Are you forgetting ideas because you had an epiphany while driving? Are you falling asleep in bed and the ideas are flooding you and you’ll tell yourself you remember them in the morning, but then when the morning comes, poof, no ideas? First, if you haven’t seen it yet, run over to and watch this: Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating. This TED Talk is absolutely amazing and I wish I had seen it when it was first added to their library.

I absolutely loved how she explains how her ideas come to other artists and herself. I can completely relate. Someone says something and the next thing they know is I’m staring off into space frozen as all these ideas are flowing through me. I also relate to losing ideas because you’re totally in the middle of something else and can’t write them down. In today’s technical age we don’t have that issue so much. Almost everyone has a smart phone and if you do not have a smart phone, and you’re a writer, and you aren’t carrying a notebook, then losing those ideas is 100% completely on you.

If you have a smart phone, then I recommend that you download Evernote. I also use OneNote from Microsoft, too, however, Evernote takes dictation. If you are driving, at the beach without a notebook (what writer goes to the beach without a notebook and pen?) or unable to stop what you are doing, you can take 10 seconds to open Evernote and have it take dictation.

I recommend having a headset of some kind. I use a simple pair of earbuds that come with a microphone that has a button I can use to quietly dictate to Evernote my thoughts. If you haven’t learned how to speak to a smart phone in a way that it can take dictation, I recommend practicing.

I’ve also finally stopped procrastinating and started listening to Writing Excuses, a podcast by a group of authors that is short and funny and full of unending amazing advice. There’s only so many episodes available through iTunes and my Windows Phone Podcast app, so I started looking online for the entire list of episodes. They also take questions from listeners and the questions are amazingly helpful because sometimes they will either be something you were pondering on or something you didn’t even think to ask.

So, things to do: Create an Evernote account (they have a free version) if you haven’t already and practice with their handy dandy dictation taking. Listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk, and check out the Writing Excuses Podcast, which is totally awesome.


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