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First if you didn’t notice, we have a new header image. I created it for Twitter and liked it so much I thought, why not? So, there it is. Enjoy the new header because I DO.

Apparently, I’ve been on a graphic creation streak. I made new covers for Bad, Lucky, and Caught Supervisor. Again, I couldn’t help myself. I thought new, exciting covers would stand out better. I haven’t put them up on Smashwords yet, but they’ll be up on Amazon once it goes through their crazy process. Lucky you, I’m going to show them right here!











It would be awesome if you posted your thoughts in the comments on the new covers. Please be nice. Constructive criticism is helpful, rudeness is hurtful.


Oh names.. what’s in a name? The web url is, the Twitter handle is Mischa_Eliot, and yet I keep publishing using the name M. J. Spencer. I sidelined the Mischa Eliot name for a lighter, not so smutty, but definitely something to make you melt, romance. And, while I do have a couple of those in the works, I want them to be novel-length works of gold. I totally enjoy writing smut and end up working more on the Supervisor Sexcapades saga. And then there’s the plan to do a spinoff for the club mentioned, possession. So, that means more smut, more naughty, tie me up and spank me, bdsm writing as well. I find it entertaining to write and so, I write.

I’ve even gone so far as to start creating covers for the Possession series, which spurred my urges to create a new set of covers for the Supervisor saga. Once the graphic bug bites me, it’s hard to shake. I do hope you like the new covers compared to the old. If you want to see the old ones, I’ll keep them available on the Books page until the coming weekend. Feel free to let me know which ones you prefer. I want something that stands out and the new ones do that in a world of white backgrounds. I also think the font for the titles and name needed cleaning up to be more readable. Well, there you go.

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have something new in writing or graphics you’d like to boast about? Leave it in the comments! I’ll be happy to share it (if it’s not spam, of course).

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