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I decided to check my analytics with Twitter one day and wanted to see which tweets were doing better than others. Imagine my shock and dismay when it turned out that my last several tweets were advertising RoundTeam and not my stories. I don’t mind advertising for RoundTeam, but looking at the Tweets page on Twitter Analytics made me realize just how little I was tweeting. My Impressions over a monthly period were usually quite low, somewhere between 2 – 6k impressions.

Taking Control

I decided that it was time to take control. I already had an account setup with HootSuite. I like them better than TweetDeck, but use your preferred platform. I created some snazzy images to go here on the blog for different types of posts. You’ll see images that are representing Between the Stories, Sharing is Caring, and Sizzling Nibbles. I wanted something to go along with the posts for second and third reminder tweets to catch the attention of people who missed the original tweet when the post was published.

I also created images for my current series with the book descriptions so that people wouldn’t have to click on the link in order to view that information. Once all of these images were created, it was time to get down to work!

Down and Dirty with the Birdie

I went into my HootSuite account and started creating tweets containing lines from the story, questions that relate to the story, and other types of little tidbits to get people interested. I also included a link to either the books page here on the blog, the excerpts page if I mentioned them, or some other relevant link. On top of that, I also used a hashtag for a retweet group or two in order to get them out there. Since other people I follow, who also follow me, use the same retweet group hashtags, it means they’ll get more impressions that way.

I cycled through the stories, the excerpts, the sizzling section, back to the stories. I threw out posts that had been around for a little while. Every tweet has at least one hashtag for a retweet group or some other hashtag related item, a link, and an image. I created enough scheduled tweets to get me through March 2nd. HootSuite schedules them every 3 hours, give or take. Plus, the RoundTeam tweets are still in there (with them still coming two in a row on occasion) but they are still mixed in with the retweets that RoundTeam is doing on my behalf (using the free package).

Climactic Analytics

After a couple of days, I went from 2 – 6000 impressions to over 36,000. That’s 6 times what I was originally getting and it’s been getting steadily higher each day. I also plan to start writing the Sizzling Nibbles entries and scheduling them randomly, with hashtags and blurbs, to get them out there into the world.

Also, just because I have tweeting covered until March doesn’t mean I’ve stopped adding tweets to be scheduled, or tweeting on my own either. I still do a random tweet, usually a #Tip tweet if I see something that doesn’t make any sense to me. I also retweet as well, even though RoundTeam is taking care of quite a few of those for me.

Show Us Your Tricks

Do you have ways of increasing  your engagements for Twitter? Share your tidbits in the comments, or leave a link to your own post featuring the details.


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