Masturbation Monday: Wrong Number – Part Two

If you’ve missed Wrong Number – Part One, please read that first. Otherwise, enjoy the sexy phone call between two strangers. (Pssst, if you enjoy seeing a guy tied-up and blindfolded, check out the inspiration gif for this week at Masturbation Monday!

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“Yes. I want to be a good girl. So good.” I wonder if he can hear me writhing against the bed, if he can hear the need to touch myself between my legs in my voice.

“Tell me what you want to do, good girl.” I hear noises over on his side of the phone that sound like he’s trying to hold back grunts as we torment ourselves and each other.

“I want to run my fingers down your body, touch every inch of you.” Growing bolder as the conversation when on, I still hide what I really want.

“Mmm, I’m running my hands down my chest, tracing along my ribs, my abs, to my hips and thighs.” I wished my hands were able to follow his, my tongue.

“What do you want me to do, naughty boy?” Hoping naughty boy sounded sexy and not silly, I held my breath for a few moments, waiting, heart pounding.

“I think you should tell me if you’re wet. Run your fingers between those luscious thighs. If you’re fingers come back wet, I want you to tell me how taste.” I swear I can hear his fingers moving up and down his skin, tracing the path up and down over himself.

“I’m soaked. My thighs are sticky.” I part my lower lips and slide my fingers between them, delving deep. “It smells like sex in here.”

“And how do you taste, good girl?” His breathing had quickened again and I wondered if his heart pounded like mine.

“Salty and sweet. Like salted honey.” I made sure he could hear me licking my fingers over the phone. I’d never tasted myself before.

“Will you stroke yourself with me, naughty boy?”

“Good God, that sounds delicious. Keep touching yourself. Stroke your pussy from bottom to top and back again.” He shifted something over on his side of the line.

“Fuck, that’s so good. I’ve never been so … turned on before.” I gasp every time my fingertips graze my clit. “Will you stroke yourself with me, naughty boy?”

“That I can do for you, good girl. I’m sliding my hand up and down my cock with a loose grip. Just a slow, lazy stroke, up over the head and back down the shaft.” I could hear him holding back, as if he were waiting for me to catch up.

“Will you taste yourself for me? How ready to go are you, naughty boy?” I can hear the lust in my voice for this man and it’s so new and strange to me. He groans on the other side in a way that I feel phantom vibrations down my spine.

I hear him suck his fingers. “Salty and the smell in here is quite heady. I wish your scent was mixed in with mine. I’m going to stroke myself now. I think you should sink some fingers into yourself and wiggle them around for me.”

His breathing on the line sped up and I imagined faceless porn of a guy stroking himself, slow and steady. The strong, masculine hand would tighten and loosen, squeezing his cock at certain spots while moving up and down, perhaps sliding over the sensitive head.

I moaned into the phone, my eyes had closed as I let my imagination wander. I listened to this stranger on the line and slid three fingers as deep as they would go. “Oh, yeah. That’s the spot.” I wiggle them against the spot, causing my nerves to jangle like the bells on a shop door.

“God you sound sexy the way you moan. Talk to me, tell me what you’re doing.” While his voice sounded clear and strong, I could tell he was fighting to keep it that way. I could hear the undertones of his desire in the hint of a growl, the urgent request.

If you’ve enjoyed Part Two of Wrong Number, please continue to Part Three! 

You can find more delicious naughty stories over at Masturbation Monday hosted by the lovely Kayla Lords. If you haven’t submitted your own story as well, and write romance, erotica, or some combination of the genres and sub-genres, please consider doing so.

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  1. I’m loving the little breakout quotes that you’re doing in your stories. Nice idea!

    This is hot, the setup is fantastic with just a “chance encounter” but moving it to a phone call. Mmm.

    1. It’s been so much fun writing this one!

  2. Goddamn it, I could use a dirty phone call with a complete stranger right now.

    1. I’m about to post Part Three, my dearest baby girl. XoXo

      1. And I loved it!

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