Masturbation Monday: Slide and Squeeze

Writing for Masturbation Monday is a happy time every week. I wonder what kinky inspiration Kayla will post and the many naughty, smutty, stories that will come from so many brilliantly perverse minds. I hope you enjoy this week’s story!

I’m sliding my fingers up and down, with that little squeeze to the head he enjoys so much. I randomize that little squeeze so he doesn’t know it’s coming, which makes him gasp and growl in a sexy, manly way. The ball gag didn’t even muffle it as much as I feared it would. Having him cuffed to the bed and blindfolded helps, too. He can beg and plead all he wants, but I take my time. It’s my night to be in charge.

Licking his nipple makes him twitch like he touched a live wire. He’s so sensitive like that. His balls, his nipples, his inner left thigh. I breathe out, covering the sloppy wet nipple with cool air. It peaks and hardens, goosebumps appear around it and I giggle softly as he writhes against the sheets. His fists clench then open, straining as I graze my teeth down his chest.

As he started showing signs of climax, I slowed down, and moved my hand down his leg to throw him off. Changing position, I settled myself between his legs and spread them far apart. Kisses and licks, nibbles and bites. I teased and taunted his body, which was so flush with desire he could’ve glowed in the dark.

Like a cat lapping milk, I licked his length from balls to head, then sucked him into my mouth. The groan of happiness leaving his chest made my heart speed up. After lubing him up with my tongue, I slid up his body and mounted him as if he were my prize steed.

We met in the middle, him lifting and pumping as I drove myself down on to his hard staff. Slow, at first, then faster, speeding ourselves to absolute bliss. Connecting with him while I’m in control is such a rush and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me the next time we get together.

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  1. Whew! Is it hot in here? I think you just made my screen melt. And I might just have to try this technique one day… 😉

    1. I hope you do! I bet the story it inspires will soak many pairs of panties. ?

    2. I like getting you all hot and bothered. You’re glowing. 😉

      1. You do SUCH a good job of it, too!

        1. Thank you. That means so much to me!

  2. Oh God, I’m so hard now. I want to be there. glowed in the dark… perfect description, I know that feeling.

    1. Excellent! I am so glad you enjoyed it. ?

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