Masturbation Monday: Possession – Episode One

Good evening, folks. I am (kind of) cheating this week. I am so far behind in my writing, it’s ridiculous. And I’m hungry. A starving artist is just that – hungry for actual food.

“Kendrick, this is Maryann over at Possession. We’d like to discuss your starting date and a time to fill out employee paperwork. Please give me a call back. You have our number.” I looked at my phone, mouth open, eyes wide. I’d just gotten out of class and saw the blinking light that I had a notification. Thrill ran through me. I got the job!

“Hey man, are you okay?” Todd smacked me hard on the shoulder and my expression changed from one of shock and happiness to pain. I clenched my jaw but my grunt of agony could still be heard. White spots clouded my vision and when the pain subsided, Todd’s voice rang in my ears. “Oh hell, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’ll make sure my physical therapist knows you’re abusing me more than she is.” Surgery had waylaid me from athletics. My scholarship went shortly after. My part-time job didn’t pay enough to cover my expenses, so instead of packing up and running home, I decided to do my damnedest to make ends meet. When I saw the job for a bartender making twice an hour what I currently pulled in, I couldn’t resist.

“Um, so what was that all about? Did something happen?” Todd’s eyes roved, leering a little at some of the hot girls on campus. Todd could be such a dog and the girls fell all over him.

“That job, I got it. I’ll be bartending every night for a few hours and making double what I’m making at the construction gig. They cut my hours and changed me to light duty after my injury, plus I was off all that time without any pay. I can’t ask my parents for more money since insurance isn’t covering some of my hospital bills.” I pulled the handle up on my roller-backpack, which was an embarrassment all on its own. Even though I still wore a sling occasionally, people still asked me about the damn thing. I liked it though.

“Wait, the job at the club in the middle of nowhere? What was the name again?” Todd’s eyes had widened and he’d stopped staring at girls to look hard at me. Nothing made Todd stop checking out girls, so I knew something had truly concerned him.

“Possession. Yeah, the one in the middle of nowhere. Why? What have you heard?” When he started snickering like a ten-year-old boy, I rolled my eyes. “Okay, don’t tell me then.” I started to walk away.

“Dude, it’s a sex club.” Todd was almost rolling on the ground laughing. Tears leaked from his eyes. People stopped to stare at him. Todd did his best to get himself back together, but still burst out laughing a couple of moments later.

“No freaking way. Nothing about the place says sex club. It’s just another place for the rich to throw their money away and I plan to rake up a hell of a lot in tips.” I shook my head and continued my way. I was using my other hand to go to my recent calls so I could schedule a meeting with Maryann about paperwork.

“No, really. I know some people who went there. It’s totally a sex club. They whip people there, man.” Todd pulled out his own phone, but I ignored what he was doing.

When I got her voicemail, I cringed. I didn’t have an excuse to walk away from Todd and his crazy notions. “Good afternoon, Maryann. This is Kendrick. I am available all afternoon tomorrow to fill out paperwork. Sorry to have missed your call. Let me know the best time for you. Thank you for this opportunity.” I clicked end call and pocketed my phone, only to look over and see Todd hitting play on a video of someone dressed in heavy leather spanking a woman who was tied down.

“See? This is what they do there. I swear. I’ll call the guy who sent me this and you can talk to him if you want.” Todd’s voice faded away as I watched the video. It was on a loop and kept repeating the same minute. The woman had mascara tracks down her cheeks and was looking over her shoulder at this big brute as he spanked her, telling her she was a bad girl and needed punished.

“I don’t care what your friend sent you. There’s no way they are a sex club. I did my research.” Deep down I was a little shocked, but not at the woman being tied down and spanked, not at finding out Possession was a sex club, but of the raging hardon hiding behind my untucked button-down shirt.

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  1. Oh YES, I think I’m going to like this one…and so will Kendrick. 😉

    1. Oh yeah… Poor guy, I already feel so bad for him. I’ve technically written 7 episodes (working on episode 8 tonight). This is the sneak peek. The first 3 are free on Radish, but it’s a premium story.

  2. That young lad is in for the education of his life. Now where is this club LOL

    1. If I had the money I’d build it and you’d have lifetime memberships. ?

      1. WoooHoooo!

    • Kitt Woldlf on October 12, 2017 at 10:20 am
    • Reply

    Sex club!!! Oooooh yeah!!! Kitty likes those!

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