It’s 3:15 a.m. – Do you know where your muse is?

I do! I know! As of this morning, waking me up and telling me that when I start the spinoff from Supervisor Sexcapades that it should be in first person pov even though I prefer writing in third. Arguing with my muse tends to be futile. (Resistance is Futile!) My muse pummeled me and said “no no no! FPOV!” and then proceeded to show me why.

I hate it when my drunken whore of a muse is right. It’s not that I haven’t written in first person pov. I know people who enjoy my writing in both first and third. In fact, I’m currently working on some short stories that will be published together in first person. It’s much more intimate being inside someone’s head.

What do you do when your muse wakes you up in the middle of the night? During the week, if it’s some new idea, then I’ll write myself a quick note using OneDrive on my phone and then roll over to (try) to go back to sleep. If it’s during the weekend, then I might type out a few sentences or a paragraph. This morning, since the thought process has already been happening, I didn’t bother making any notes. The idea will stick with me for quite some time (I think there’s a metaphorical post-it-note stapled to my forehead.)

This post has been brought to by My Drunken Whore of a Muse. (Don’t worry, it does not upset my muse in the slightest to be called this, I think it just gets it all excited.)

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