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techblather-flatI see a lot of people sharing their work on Twitter and Facebook that aren’t getting the reach they could. Some of these people use some hashtags that are genre-based or none at all. Let me tell you, if you use the ReTweet Group hashtags you will get more retweets because that’s what the groups are for. Not only will you reach your own readers, you’ll also reach their readers.

I know what you’re thinking: Why would they want to retweet you to their readers if you’re the competition? Well, because you’re going to do the same thing. You’re going to promote their work as well when you retweet them.

Let’s talk a little about hashtags and what they mean:

#ssrtg – This hashtag means Smart Smut (every one has RTG which stands for Retweet Group). According to the TWUBS website, this is what it’s used for: Intelligent smut, cerebral erotica, literary porn – the new wave in intellectual and explicit literature is here.

#eartg – Erotic Author – If you’re writing erotica this is a hashtag that will reach other erotica authors. They’ll retweet what you share using this tag and it’ll rocket off to other erotica authors and their readers.

#iartg – Indie Author – Self-published? This is the hashtag for you. Use this for anything that you’re publishing independently to get the word out. Share other indie-authors tweets because the more you promote others, the more you’ll be promoted.

#lprtg – Literary Porn – Another erotica-related hashtag.

There are plenty of other hashtags. Is your book on Kindle? Use #Kindle. If you are offering your book for free, then using the hashtag #free (or #freebie) along with where it’s free at (kindle, smashwords, nook, etc) and a genre-related retweet group tag, will definitely launch it out there.

What’s your favorite hashtag? Share your findings in the comments with using hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and more!

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