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flippingtheswitch_8x5_flatI wanted to wait until Amazon price matched Smashwords before posting this, but it’s already out there on social media and waiting is silly. I’ll post both links, just know that if you go to Amazon and you see that it’s 99cents FREE!, you don’t have to pay for it. Just go over to Smashwords and get it there for free, or contact Amazon to say “hey, this is supposed to be free”.

(Want to read it here with the super hot gif? Here’s the page with all the links: Flipping the Switch: Kitten Gets Her Claws (Parts 1 – 6))

I was encouraged to release an ebook version by my lovely friend Nicci Haydon. You should definitely check out her site and her catalog. She’s an amazing writer and a wonderful person. We have a lot in common when it comes to writing. We love having happy characters who enjoy sex and each other.

Feel free to share this with your smut-loving bdsm-intrigued friends. Have your partner read it to you in a sultry, sexy voice. Play out the scene (with caution, of course). I was told by one friend that she came pretty hard when she read this and that the story fucking rocks. I hope that you and those you share it with feel the same way.

Flipping the Switch will remain here on the blog, of course. I still cannot get enough of that gif. Kayla Lords has excellent inspirational posts on her Masturbation Monday site. Want to participate? Visit the site and find out more.

Smashwords | Amazon

Amazon has finally made this FREE after I pointed out that it was free on Smashwords, which means it’s free on Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and more. I feel bad. I understand they want to make money, they’re in the business of making money, but I will put out more stories as Mischa Eliot that will (hopefully) make some change for them. Enjoy this perma-free title!

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