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I’m a fan of the show Dead Like Me and if you’ve ever watched it you’ll remember that George and Reggie’s mother hated the word moist. Hated it. Was disgusted by it to such a limit that she would flip out upon hearing it. If you dislike the word moist, (or any other words like panties or creamy) I’m going to tell you how to get over it.

Moist Defined

  1. slightly wet; damp or humid.
    “the air was moist and heavy”
    1. (of the eyes) wet with tears.
      “her brother’s eyes became moist”
      synonyms: tearful, watery, misty, dewy

      “her eyes grew moist”
    2. (of a climate) rainy.
      synonyms: damp, dampish, steamy, humid, muggy, clammy, dank, wet, wettish, soggy, sweaty,sticky

      “the air was moist”


    Okay, now if you hate the word Moist you probably hate me right now, too. I apologize for that. Truly, I do. The best way to learn about a word is to learn it’s definition, it’s history, and so forth. Today, let’s just learn the definition. Moist can be used in many connotations, however, some people automatically think SEXUAL meanings when it comes to the word moist. Why? It probably has to do with romance books. I honestly can’t tell you if any of the romance books I read once upon a time ever described a woman’s sexual bits as being ‘moist’ but I wouldn’t doubt it if they did.

    Today people are rude and crude and mean. Of course, we’ve always been that way, we’re just more open about it. You probably have had family and friends torment you by saying words you hate, like moist. They probably cackle and rock back and forth with gales of laughter when you sit there twitching in disgust or whatever emotion the word evokes. Until you flip the fuck out. Then they try to calm you down and apologize, then two weeks later they are starting the torment all over again.

    How to get over a word that makes you squicky inside? Torment yourself until the word loses it’s power over you. Seriously, you gave your power, your self-control, to a WORD. When people use this word and find out it’s your Kyrptonite, sometimes they’ll regale in using this weakness against you.

    First, I want you to write the word on a post-it note. Stick it somewhere in your peripheral vision. If you do this at work and it’s considered a swear word, I’m not taking responsibility if you get into trouble, FYI.

    Second, every time you ‘accidentally’ see the word and feel that twitch of disgust rise up inside, remember it’s just a WORD. It only has power because YOU GAVE IT POWER. Spell the word out loud (under your breath if you work in CubeLand). Then go back to whatever you were doing.

    Do this every time you glimpse the post-it note with the word. You can even go so far as to tormenting yourself with the word by setting an alarm on your phone being named the word. When my NCIS & Supernatural alarm goes off for Tuesday and Wednesday it comes up in big print with the title of the alarm. That gets me excited for my shows. You can use the same method to help beat your weakness over a word into the ground.

    Take your time doing this. If you’re seeing the word too much, move the post-it note every time you see it so that you won’t be tempted to look at it again on purpose. You are a strong, powerful person. Don’t give your power away to a word or another person. Words are a beautiful thing, without them we wouldn’t be able to describe the things we do, see, and love.

    Now, go out there and have a Moist Smutty Day!


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  1. I love words. All words. I’m just a fan of words in general.

    I love “moist”, especially as it forms the basis of “moisten”, which I think sounds lovely and very suggestive. “She moistened her lips.” Phew, I’m getting a bit excited.

    How do people feel about “cunt”? I used to have a bit of a problem with it, used to avoid it, but I’ve mellowed. Used as an insult I think it’s a bit double edged. It’s usually used against men: “he’s an absolute cunt”, which since it refers to a vagina I think it’s also insulting to women in general. But used as a name for a vagina… it can be a useful part of vocabulary. A bit more coarse than “vagina”, not as sweet as “pussy”, more animal somehow.

    Those are my thoughts!

    1. Mary McCarthy came up with Thundercunt and Cuntasaurus Rex in her trilogy. I laugh and laugh when I read them or look at someone and decide they are worthy of the title thundercunt.

      I try my damnedest not to let things offend me. If something offends or upsets or disgusts me I try to get to the bottom of why I feel that way. Sometimes I figure it out, sometimes not. Either way I find a way to move on. It’s like people fearing the number 13 or 666 because of the connotations they’ve been given. They’re allowing a number to have power. If they take back their power, then they gain strength and confidence. A couple of very good words to feel.
      {edited for typos!}

      1. Haha, either you were tired, replying on your phone keyboard or typing one handed… there are far more typos there than I would normally expect from you 😛

        I don’t have a problem with numbers. A few years back they found out that 666 was the wrong interpretation and that the number of the beast should actually be 616. That was unfortunate for one particular bus route which had been number 666, but after a public outcry had changed to number 616, lol. True story.

        1. OMG. I’m going to have to fix those! LOL. (Which I’ll do here shortly. How embarrassing.) I believe I was on my phone and I could’ve sworn that I corrected them.

          Yeah, it kills me how many people freak out over something like words and numbers.

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