Frightening Things about E-Publishers

Research Sucks

I have been researching, off and on, publishers of electronic books interested in short erotic stories. There are a few out there. My problem is that the information from authors who have utilized these e-publishers are ages old. And the reviews are terrible, ranging from owners abusing funds to authors/editors/cover designers not receiving payment, to having a story rejected and then seeing a story published later on by a well-known author of the house. 

The information that I have found is from years ago. And not like 2 or 3 years ago where it still may apply, but information from 2006. You would think with the internet as gigantic as it is there would be a place for authors to go and vent about things, like their publishers or agents, etc. Unfortunately, there really isn’t one. I have read how authors are afraid to speak out about any atrocities happening to them due to so many reasons. Some are afraid of being sued, even if they speak the truth, some are afraid that the publisher will yank their books or ruin their future chances with other publishers. 

One thing that I have learned with everything that I have read is never have all your eggs in one basket. Put several books with several publishing companies so that if something happens to one, you have income and so forth elsewhere. Yes, this is eggcellent advice. (Punny, no?) It’s also obvious advice. However, I am new to the game and every time I find something, even when it’s 8 years old (which is like a century old on the world wide web) that says this publisher sucks nasty monster balls, I refuse to even look at their site ever again.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Sometimes quicker than you think!)

I reached out to a well-known author via email and got an immediate reply, of course, I gave him a shout-out on Twitter, because well. AWESOME. When an author I admire replies to anything I send it’s like ‘holy crap, they really really do love their fans’ and my innards get all tingly, warm, and gooey like fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Mr. Chuck Wendig of pointed me to Writer Beware Victoria Strauss. They have resources that list publishers, agents, and all kinds of information regarding the industry. I haven’t really gone over everything included at this point in time, but I do plan to later. I am hoping that it will help me in my search for a potential publishing place that won’t screw me out of my hard-written words.

I wish more authors had the courage to speak up about being mistreated, having their work stolen, their integrity ruined, or even better, about the good places that they have found a home. However, I don’t think either one will happen in the near future. Mainly because for the first one, authors are scared and for the second one it will create more competition for them in the future. So, until I find my place in the sunbeam that is trapped behind wintry clouds, I will continue to self-publish, yes, with Amazon because … well, they are Amazon so why not? 

I would also like to look at agents. I just haven’t figured out where to start yet with that bag of snakes. If anyone has recommendations, please feel free to comment. If you don’t want to leave the agent’s information in the comments, then just leave a comment on how I can contact you. Now, go get some writing done.



    • Roger Byrum on December 29, 2014 at 8:02 pm
    • Reply

    To find a reputable agent, I would suggest checking with the Association of Authors’ Representatives:

    1. Thanks, Roger! I’ll definitely look at that site.

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