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Did You Know? Of course not. That’s why I’m here to tell you!

There are several erotica authors out there that regularly give away free erotica stories. Sometimes, it’s directly through their blog, other times it’s directly through the websites they publish on. Why don’t you know about this? Well, maybe you’re not looking in the right places.

voices_of_lustNicci Haydon

If you aren’t reading Nicci, you’re truly missing out on some sultry words that will have you naked and panting in a short amount of time. This woman has an amazing way with words.

She’ll steal your breath and make you beg for more. Visit her blog for details on her books: Voices of Lust (free!) and Girl Next Door. You can also find stories on her blog that are free and feature characters from Girl Next Door.

She’s also been kind enough to contribute to Sizzling Nibbles here! You’ll find her on FrolicMe and featured many other places online. She’s definitely worth every penny if you buy her book.

Nicci is one of the best and brightest. Take a chance and read her books. You won’t regret it, not one tiny bit, and neither will your naughty bits. They’ll be thanking you over and over again with every twitch, quiver, and orgasm caused by her delectable stories.

mplogoMintie Price

Oh, there are so many good things I can say about Mintie – she writes in a way that you don’t see very often. She writes bold and with balls. She’ll grab yours if you have them and roll them around in her hand while you wriggle reading her stories. The free ones on her blog are just as incredible as the stories she has for sale on Amazon and through Smashwords.

You’ll not regret spending your hard-earned wages on her because she’ll make you forget everything going on at your day job as the words she chooses caress all your cares away. She will not just toe the taboo line, no, Mintie doesn’t toe anything. She will grab you and march you across it on your tip-toes, daring you to look and then tossing you over the edge into a kind of bliss you didn’t know existed.

Fix-It-Hailey_8x5-PromoMyself as M. J. Spencer

How could I not tell you about my own freebie deals? Did you know that you can still get Ms. Fix-It: Hailey and Her Dirty Secret for free? Well, you can. Send me a note through the contact form and I’ll send you a Coupon Code to get it 100% free from Smashwords. (I’ll need your email, but your privacy is protected.)

No gimmicks, no selling your soul – I wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. You’ll just have to step up and actually follow through. A little bit of work for something free, people, it really isn’t much to ask, right?

You’ll also find the freebies in Sizzling Nibbles, Masturbation Monday, and Between the Stories. You can read Excerpts from all of my published stories to try before you buy. Eat your heart out.. or rather, read until you can’t stand the feeling of those constricting pants and need to remove them so that you are swinging freely in the wind from your ceiling fan.

What are you waiting for? Why are you still here? You should be contacting me, visiting Nicci, and Mintie to read all that free, enticing, temptation-filled smut. And when you’re done there, swing by Kayla Lords for Masturbation Monday to find even more (if you can handle it after the three of us) to get really worked over.

{Images for Voices of Lust and Mintie Price Logo belong to their respective owners. I confiscated them for my own personal needs, but hey, it was worth it. XoXo}


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