Fix-It Fast Series

Update: The Fix-It Fast Series issue has been fixed. Thanks to Jeff and Maggie at Amazon! Woot Woot! Thanks!

FYI, if you have any issues finding the Fix-It Fast stories on Amazon, it’s because they have them listed as ‘Editions’ instead of “Volumes”. Even though I put the volume numbers in (and not edition numbers), they’ve listed them incorrectly.

I’ve contacted them and they told me it was because they weren’t listed in order. I had to change Fix-It Fast 4 and 5 to be 3 and 4 in the book details. I did that, but did not change the covers or descriptions, because they are not technically supposed to go in that order.

I then replied to the email to let them know I made the change and asked them to put in a support ticket to have someone correct the ‘editions’ to volumes. I haven’t heard back yet, but they have gone live again.

I’ll probably have to put in yet another help ticket asking them to correct them now that I’ve done my part, along with the ASIN numbers for them. This is one of the reasons I dislike Amazon. It’s so hard to get a hold of someone to do something ¬†you ask. Yes, I know they are a monster-size company, but still, if I tell you the issue, and then I follow-through with my side of the fix, why can’t they also follow-through with their side of the fix?

If you follow the links on the Fix-It Fast book page, you’ll find them easily. Thanks for your patience in this ongoing issue.

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