Figuring Things Out: KDP Related

techblather-flatI finally got it right!

And that is extremely exciting for me. When previewing the files I uploaded to Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing I was heartbroken to see that images weren’t working. I like putting an image of the next cover at the end with a short description of what might happen. Even though the images were broken, I’ve left them up. It’s been a thorn in my side for a while but finally my searching has led me to answers.

Even after following one set of instructions “save your file in this format, zip it this way, then upload it” didn’t quite work. Something still wasn’t working. I started searching for answers again yesterday and stumbled upon this thread over in the community forums detailing what I was doing wrong.

I turns out that I was copying and pasting my images (though I do believe I did try the insert picture detailed in these instructions and still had issues). However, when I did use the insert picture instead, I may not have saved it as a webpage, filtered file. 

Anyway, if you’ve been having issues with images not appearing in your final kindle file, look at the instructions and see if there is a step you’re missing. It definitely helped me out. Now I just hope that the copies already out there will update. (I’m still waiting for a cover update on both of the Supervisor stories and those have been uploaded repeatedly but my copies have not updated in any of my kindle apps….)

Have you figured out some tips or tricks working with KDP (or other digital publishing sites)? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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